[Download] Kneedrop Guru

Dear friends,

First, many many thanks to shiro401 who kindly allowed me to upload the subtitled videos to her Megaupload account for your downloading and storage for personal viewing.

As good things don’t last forever (i.e. account expiry or video deletion in future), you may wish to click on the links below to download it now. Hope there’s no problem in downloading!

Also, these links have also been posted on the “Video Links” page (under the blog banner).

[7 Sep 2011] Kneedrop Guru – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4

[14 Sep 2011] Kneedrop Guru – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4


20 thoughts on “[Download] Kneedrop Guru”

  1. Lucky i’ve downloaded all parts earlier because i am afraid it will be blocked later. Yeah, true! here i can’t even see it, blocked already..

  2. Aphrael & Shiro, thx for yr both effort….but I can’t see too….
    seems megaupload was blocked in Msia 🙁

    Ren121, anyway yr downloaded Youtube version can be shared?

    • hi carol, i’ve converted it into real player and the capacity of each vid is more than 25MB, so i can’t send it, have to divide by two parts might be, but i don’t familiar to cut into two parts.. really want to share the vids with u, so might be other gals can help u or me either?..

      • ren121, tq for your offer but I dun know the way either. I will try out Sapphre’s way whether can download after she reply me

      • Girls, if you have iPhone and willing to spend USD1.99 for the application, I can assist. Btw, I havent heard from crazyoverjks for a long time…. where is she?

        Cri-j, if you’re reading this, I emailed you some time ago. Did u receive it? Hope you’re recuperating well 🙂

    • TQ, peaches …..trying to download using your links
      Did part 1 of Sept 14 last nite….. will do more from now
      Hope it wont block again

  3. big hug to aphrael & shiro….. i just finished downloading part 1…it’s very very high quality…..i love it very much!
    if you don’t mind, could you upload the smapxsmap too? that also my favorite show….but it’s okay if you won’t, i know that file is extremely big…

    • At the top of this webpage and under my banner, there is a “Video” tab.
      You can download all the parts from Mediafire.


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