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The situation this morning, darling, give me alcohol-relieving wine …. headache … * cry cry * darling = eel
今天早上的状况 亲爱的 给我解解酒…..嘤 头痛…..呜呜……亲爱的=鳗鱼

wanted to tweet but my eyes are so tired… yesterday on the way back to Seoul I had strong inspiration and so in the car I wrote my homework, a script, in my notebook…. the result…. I used my brain too much and became tired…. unbelievable… a man who plays when it’s playing time!!
想再刷个屏的 眼睛好累不行了..昨天回首尔途中灵感很强~~烈 就在车里用笔记本做课题写剧本…结果…用脑过度体力反转….无法相信啊…玩的时候就玩的男人!!

Third heart-pounding news: looking at the third heart-pounding news, it’s been over for 2 months. Why so busy during this period, keke. Now “Marry me Mary” has started, turn our brains again….keke, M3…
噗通噗通心跳新闻第三条:噗通噗通心跳新闻第三条看来,已经过去2个月了。这期间为什么这么忙呢 呵呵 现在玛丽外宿中的电视剧也开始了 再次转动脑筋吧 呵呵 玛丽..

Really, no lunchtime break at all in Monday’s timetable…. ah …but at one o’clock, my lesson is in the same building as the dance class, oh haha!!

Me the man who’s presenting….
我 发表中的男人…

ya, look at this!!! Hallyu star student’s special presentation!!! The listeners ……………………………………… 5 people doing this subject …….
呀 看看这个吧!!!韩流明星学生的特讲!!!聆听者……………………………………….我们科 5个人………

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  1. I wonder if the prof was impressed with his presentation…wow, 7 people all in all… reminds me of my class where 12 of us students were kept on our toes with too many questions/essays, etc. from our professors (our class was composed of aussies, filipinos, fijis, africans, malaysians, bangladeshis, etc.) Here, jks seems so cool and breezed through his presentation…

  2. Welcome to twitter and weibo era, eels. With this, we can follow our Prince so closely. hahaha, he is “talktive” on twitter for sure. I’m amazed by eels power that tons of his Korean twitters were translated immediately for other countries eels to follow him. Here including you Aphrael. Great work!

    I have kind of a bit mixed feeling about twitter and weibo, I mean I love to follow my star, but personally I don’t like to retwitt or reply of them. 1 it is very time consuming. 2 still lots of twitts, especially the ones he twitts between his friends sort of personal. 3. Sometimes, these things can get personal too, like previously mentioned about some fans tease him by twitter, or some sent unfriendly message to him etc.. I take twitter as a screen, like I see my star but I still have distance with him. I don’t want to involve to his personal life, because I respect for that.

    Right now, social networking is everywhere, it changes people’s relationship, it changes people too. We love twitter, weibo and facebook, or maybe google+ as new trends, but all these things can become sensitive I believe Sukkie’s know that of course, but sometime it’s hard to take when is get personal.

    No matter what, I love him, I support him. I love his craziness too. Also I want him to be happy and as a fan, I would like to protect him.

    Here is a good place for eels to social and I see most of us have the same feeling here for our Star, that is, we truly truly love him with our hearts.

  3. I think his back to school was for this drama, to become a college student like the role in the drama. He really enjoy it and he really fits it. Yes, why not, he is at that age. He will do good in the drama. I believe my Sukkie, because he is the best.

    • but JKS’ hairstyle in the pic is slicked back. if it’s for the drama, it will be his mushroom hairstyle, right?
      his image in the classroom doesn’t look like 1970s….

      • Yes, but I think that some preparation for the drama that he lives a life as a student for shooting the drama. Lots of actors before they shoot the drama they would do some preparation for the role they will play to live the life as the “role” for sometime. Well, he is actually still a student for the Hanyang University. I mean he could be just back to his student role as his own, but I think to have a student life back is the preparation and “help” for him to portrait role in “love rain”. Yes I wish I could be his classmate so I can see him a lot. hahahaha, well I guess in that case, I will do very bad for my school study. mmm, dangerous Sukkie, dangerous!

      • I happened to come across a thread in BaiduSukbar which a Chinese eel fan is studying in the same course as Sukkie in the Hanyang University now.. like what SukkiefanNC has shared, she also does not want to affect Sukkie’s private life as a student & does not disclose in campus she is an eel.. but she shares that Sukkie is actually having good grades & this year is his 4th year (graduation year).. whenever Sukkie is in presentation or study group, most likely he will be the team leader (or director)… Looking at Sukkie’s leadership (as manager) in LoungeH at Hanyang University, I think Sukkie can be a good director/producer in future too…

    • i wish i’m his classmate at Hanyang! -_-..although it would be hard to play the part considering that i’m an eel..hehe.!

      ..and what’s the news about M3? i noticed that it was dated around November 10, 2010..that was the show’s first week of airing, right? or is it about JKS-MGY..hmm..actually..i’m not into their tandem..

  4. whatever thousand hundreds or millions of fans he had, in that class was an ordinary situation and environment in college or university, less than 10 are very relax or more than 100 students still can relax, but can’t imagine whether the lecturers can cope or so happy or truely get more challenge because they have a student which is so enthusiastic and very2 good looking like him! What a lucky profs!

  5. Don’t get a day dreaming prof! yeah, your student is a hallyu star! OMG again prof, so lucky you are! and his classmates too! but sorry,he looked so selfcentered, hehe, but can’t help to still admiring him!

    • Lol. He is a little self-centered, but he so adorable and honest about it that I don’t mind it. Part of his charm. I think it hilarious that he is wearing the shirt with stars all over.
      Number 1 Hallyu star. Lmao. He so cute!

    • Actually.. I don’t think the pictures made him look self-centered during the presentation. I mean we’ve all given presentations before and it probably is part of this grade. I do get a kick out of how into himself he is. But I too appreciate the fact that he’s honest about it. At least he’s not a primadonna about it. Now that would be horrible. I don’t think I would follow him if I heard he treated people like crap.

      • Oh I don’t think he looks self-centered in the pics up above. I was talking more about his personality. He makes up for being a little self-centered with kindness, respect, consideration, sweet and just being nice.
        Gotta love him.

      • He is not primadonna definitely. A year ago when he was in Taiwan in a program, the MC asked him which sentence he remember the most. He answered: Never look down to anyone! I was really impressed to his answer. He said everyone is special, we should always respect to other people no matter what. He can be goofy sometimes, funny sometimes, but he is serious about his work, he is serious for treating people well. On the Drop Guru program when he talked about comparison with senior actor Bae Yong Joon, who was also very popular in Japan. He was very humble and made very fair comment about it. He knows who he is.

      • I wonder how many eels are in North America. I’m in the Washington DC area and I feel so alone in my adoration. I need to find other Korean drama enthusiasts around here cause no one understands what I’m talking about. LOL.. even my own family thinks I’m nuts.

      • Hi Andrea, I’m not very faraway from you, I’m in NC. I used to live in DC for a little while. I have a couple of friends like Korean drama, we like a club, meet sometime to talk about it, but I’m the only one eel here as I know. Is ok, I can find lots of eels on line, like here to talk to. I have watched lots of Korean Dramas, so if you like to talk about that, that’s fine with me. You can send an email to me springyq@hotmail.com to tell me which way you like to talk. We can talk on line sometime. 🙂

  6. He is soo adorable. It’s quite nice that he gets to enjoy being a student. A bit of normality I should say… although for sure he still gets a special treatment at school haha! All the best for LOVE RAIN 😀

  7. i like his style in the classroom… if i were to listen to his presentation… i’ll be all eyes and ears….hahahah….a bit frustrated cause wasn’t able to understand what the news article about…..

  8. JKS is adorable as always, and yes, he is self-centered, but he knows who he is and is very respectful to others and care about people.
    He is a Haliu star and has a talent to be loved by millions of people, even they are not official eels.
    Andrea! I am from San Diego, and feel your pain to feel lonely in your adoration to JKS!
    That’s why I am particularly thankful to Aphrael for this blog, where we can virtually meet! 🙂
    I love sukkiefanNC comments about twitter etc…. It’s like reading my own thoughts.

  9. Hi ladies from the US! As my namesake states, I’m from Boston, MA. But over here, Korean drama and music is very popular. My mom and me are eels and my sister is a vip, lol. But Lee Min-Ho is the most popular star around here. I tried following him…he is kinda boring, lmao. Everyone is into City Hunter right now. That’s why I wished Sukkie do more drama…=(

    • Hi Chica, I’m from NC. You know what, you’re exactly right, there are so many Hallyu stars out there. Only Sukkie strikes me. I like Lee Min Ho too, but you’re right, on one is like Sukkie, “boring” maybe is the right now word to say it. I mean only Sukkie can be so dynamic, so much fun, so much inspirations.

  10. Just responding to alot in one message LOL… I found EELSUSA on Facebook and will explore when on the PC again. I’m going to California for 10 days in November flying to Sacramento and driving down the coast and leaving from San Diego (staying in San Diego for 3 of them) because I was inspired by the drama One Fine Day (long explanation so not going into it). I wish I knew people in the Washington DC area that was into dramas and music. As it is I listen in my car stuff I ripped from OST cds and the internet. I love Lee Min Ho and find him beautiful plus I find his walk endearing knowing thats its a miracle he can actually walk. Also really love Jung Il Woo (if you saw 49days you would understand) and Kim Hyun Joong (now that he’s matured). I think its established I love Gong Yoo.

    But Jang Keun Suk is the only one who’s picture I have cropped for his eyes, printed out and stuck on my cubicle at work and pretend he is staring at me.

    • @Andrea: hi! this is ione from the philippines. =) actually, that was what i felt early last year when i was instantly hooked by You’re Beautiful – I felt so alone because I was the only one that was hooked that time..i mean, my friends in FB even told me that they can’t understand my status messages because they’re only about JKS and they don’t know who JKS is! (-_-).

      But now, I’m glad because he is now the most popular Korean star here and there are a lot of filipino fan pages dedicated to him. =)

      BTW, I also like Jung Il Woo through “My Fair Lady”. =)

      But JKS is the first ever Korean star that stole my heart and I will be forever loyal to him. =)

      Enjoy your trip. =)

  11. Ohh my good Lord!! I was in the same boat like many eels here. I must admit that I did not like JKS at the beginning in YAB, but somehow, don’t know when I became a “goner”, totally hooked on him. After finishing watch YAB (in 2 days straight), I started to look him up on the Internet. I was roaming from websites to another websites, reading anything and everything about him. The more I learned about him thru fans accounts, interviews and articles, etc…..the more I become hook. Lo and behold, I found this Aphrael77 blog and JKS SOOMPI by Shiro401 where I read his earlier years projects, I’d become totally addicted, obsessed, or trapped in the “pond of eels” by him. JKS is the first STAR I love and follow ever in my life.

    I cannot explain why I love him, coz I’m not sure why myself. His character in YAB demanded my attention, but the REAL JKS with his many flaws, craziness and all that totally captured my heart. There are so many good stars in this world who are equally talented and handsome (in different ways), I choose to be his eel. By far, JKS is not the perfect specimen, like many eels had mentioned before, he is self-centered, crazy, girlie, and too frank to the point of being rude sometimes and his fashion styles sometimes made me cringe…..omo…omo…thinking please…please… don’t let the Anti-JKS people have a field day with this and sure enough it was on news. Yeah…does it make sense that I still love and royal only to him.

    PS. Hi cri~eels from US. I’m from California, Bay Area, and have experienced the loneliness of my love and admiration for Sukkie, too. I’m the only one in my immediate family crazy about him, which in a weird way, make me love him more.

  12. Sukkie should really aim for that ‘World Prince’ title and not only Asia as most of you who commented are from the US….dont you guys think? 😉

    • i think Sukkie may not have any idea of his popularity in the US… hard to tell, right, with so many other Korean star fans too….

      so he’s starting off from a small base, Asia, first…. then gradually building up his popularity level…. if he calls himself world star right from the start, he’ll be accused of being boastful again ….


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