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Finished my meal, should I go in or not (?) … who am I, what is this place


Hong-ki: Want to leave but also want to work hard, want freedom, don’t want to be constrained by anything … don’t know, my heart is very lonely ….
JKS: Drink some wine~ no woman~ recommend one to me~
弘基:想要离开 也想要努力工作 想要自由 不想被任何东西束缚…不知道 我的心很寂寞吧…】【推神:喝点酒吧~没女人~给我介绍一个吧~】

Park Shin-hye who has not followed me is back again. Need to tweet more… Shin-hye ah…sorry, I love you ….. Fingers itchy
没有关注我的朴信惠又回来了 得刷刷屏啊…..信惠啊….对不起 我爱你….手指发痒了

Go Mi-nam!!!! Please allow me to tweet more!!!!! Tweeting is very fun!!!!
高美男!!!!请允许我 刷屏!!!!!刷屏很好玩!!!!

Hong-ki: Want to go drink a mug of beer, but too much scary work, too dangerous. Going to Malaysia very soon, first time in transit… a little worried….
JKS: Transit is a little troublesome but it is cheap … you’ll be dead if you don’t laugh …
弘基:想去喝一杯啤酒的,但这周围可怕的事务太多了,太危险。马上要去马来西亚啊,转机还是第一次呢。。有点担心。。 suk:转机是有点麻烦但是价格便宜啊。。不笑的话你就死定了。。


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ding ding. For overseas eels who are using translators ……. Even if you talk about some trivial stuff, I’ll still feel the closeness and friendliness
啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊 叮叮 为了正在使用翻译器的海外鳗鱼们。。。。就算是在说些无聊的事情,也会感觉很亲切啊

8 thoughts on “[23.9.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Sukkie, you dun simply say “Shin Hye, I love You” coz I will take as it meant hahaha I like it
    Wow ! I like the big Combine Codes advertisement ….. so huge

    Hong Ki, welcome to Malaysia ….. your show together with others korean group will be tomoro ….
    Dun worry, Malaysian is “hot” as Sukkie said

    • maybe he thinks that, everybody that follow him is an eel, and he loves eels….hahaha… go min nam, i allow you to be my fans, shinye, i allow you to be my eel….

  2. Welcome to Malaysia, dont worry, Malaysian are friendly and fun..also hope Hong-Ki manage to try the all the local food, then he can convey the experience to JKS….

  3. the food looks so delicious! hahaha, he is too naughty, so as I understand, because he is too “twittertive”, PSH just unfollow him and now she is back to follow him? that’s too funny. I bet to be friends with him would be so much fun. I couldn’t help laughing so hard when I see these twitts. Oh my!

  4. His tweets always makes me smile 🙂

    And that’s a huge advertisement for Codes Combine. i wonder what branch that is….
    i want a poster as big as that, i can make it a wallpaper for my room haha


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