[22.9.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter & Weibo

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You all tell me not to spam tweet, not to be so talkative, to stay quiet for a while! You all are teasing me for being so free! Will be releasing my official album in Japan very soon, in the midst of choosing song, wait and see!! I’m the best Asian artiste who even attends to this personally!!! A man serious in his career, keke
你们叫我不要刷屏 不要唧唧喳喳 安静地待会儿!你们总是笑我闲!马上就要在日本出的正式专辑 正在选曲中 等着吧!!我是连这个都亲自去做的亚洲最棒的艺人!!!做事业的男人 呵呵

hey, master me am coming very soon…. wait quietly if you don’t want to become grilled eel..!

Later I’m going to China Weibo!!! Going to do something!! huh… kakaka eels, do you know what this means? kaka, now is the era of eels!!! hurrah lala
我等下要去中国的微博!!! 要做点什么了麽!!哼哼…卡卡卡 鳗鱼们,知道这话是什么意思咩?卡卡 现在 是鳗鱼时代!!!呼啦啦啦



Ah!! I haven’t been to Weibo recently, eels who have run over to Lee Min-ho!!! Where are you!!!!! Let’s go together!!!~ hahahaha
张根硕:ㄴ ㅑ!!! 나 웨이보 요즘 안왔다고 이민호 씨에게 가버린 장어들!!!! 어디있냐!!!!!!!!!!!!! … …. … …. 같이가자~~~~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ



I want to find back my eels
내 장어를…..되찾고 말겠어…..!!!!!!



I must get my eels back~!ah~~Sorry~
一定要(找回)我的鳗鱼!!!啊 对不起~~~
내 장어를 기필코!!!!!!!!!! 아 미 미안 ㅡ.,ㅡ



no matter what… while I’m talking nicely, you all better come back…. if fans exceed one million, will give you all bait every day!! I want to catch a big fish
여하튼…좋은 말 할때 돌아오도록…100만 팔로워 넘으면 하우에 떡밥 매일주도록 하지 냐하!!!! 월척을 낚이보세!!!

Ah, 5 mins later, I want to book a tennis court, but I haven’t finished doing my hair. Weibo, click click. Really, don’t know how to convert music files at all…. no matter what, because I’m not in form so I cannot do it… twitter ….close…
啊,5分钟后开始 想预约网球场,但是 头发还没做完…微博 击击(敲打的声音)推特 击击 说真的,音乐文件转换,一点都不会…不管怎么样 因为没有状态做不成啊….推特…合上…

maybe…. this is the last tweet in my life… really very curious, but I’m not Philips Hilton. If I wear the same clothes twice, why say I’m very calculating? When you buy clothes, do you wear once and then throw it away? And, who came up with these words “dense armpit hair”?!!!
也许。。是我人生中最后一条推特了。。。真的很好奇 但是 我也不是什么菲利斯 希尔顿。一样的衣服穿个2次的话 为什么说我很精打细算呢?你们买衣服只穿一次就扔掉吗?还有哦,茂密的腋毛 这样的单词 到底是谁创造的啊?!!!


Ah ah, you all are hooked. kakaka, now I am going to play. bye bye cri~ ah, and my opponent is Sihoo (Love Rain’s 2nd male lead)
啊啊,你们上钩啦。卡卡卡 我现在去游戏啦。拜拜cri~啊 还有 我的对手是时厚( 爱情雨里的男2)


On an autumn night, Keun-suk is playing tennis happily. Eels, do exercise more this autumn


Ah, a very happy night… good people…. good actors… good friends…. and good marriage …………. no, no women indeed. really…. shit!!!!!! no matter what, Love Rain, fighting
啊 心情很好的夜晚….好的人……好的演员们…..好的朋友们….还有好的姻缘……….没有 果然没有女人 真是。。。。shit!!!!!!不管怎样 爱情雨 加油

19 thoughts on “[22.9.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter & Weibo”

  1. Guess why Sukkie is sending these messages? I understand from Weibo many Chinese eels are “complaining” Sukkie is spending less time at Weibo since he has his own Twitter account, so some of the eels teased him in Weibo and saying they’re “migrating” to LMH’s Weibo… so now Sukkie said he is coming back to catch his eels back..LOL.. I can’t stop laughing at this as the eels are teasing Sukkie as he has been teasing them recently (e.g. keeping them suspense of this new hairstyle by uploading picture with only lower part of this face or back view etc..) Sukkie & eels really have a funny relationship & I think it is a unique one!

  2. I really like his youthful spirit and his killing smile.. Though his new hair xut looks prettier than girls, but what ever style he picks, it suits him well! I just wonder why some people said he looks disgusting, just because his new hair style like ahjumma? Whether he looks beautiful like girls, we can’t ignore the fact that he’s still a man right? It just the appearance, don’t be foolished.

    • adhot, just ignore those negative feedback as I believe it is from antis again.. in fact, when Sukkie first kept long hair last year for MMM & YMP, there are many who made the same comments about the ahjumma look .. but once you see him in the drama or movie, somehow more will grow to like his hairstyles as it seems so perfect & natural for the roles.. ^_^ anyway, we are know Sukkie is a good chameleon actor & he will change his hairstyle every now & then for his roles in dramas or movies, I somehow look forward for his change as he never fails to give pleasant & refreshing surprise in his drama/movie…

  3. Personally I think he looks really cute with the haircut. Well, he looks cute in everything so its not much of a stretch, lol. His looks are very interchangeable.
    He is releasing an album in Japan soon? I wonder why he doesn’t release one in Korea? Is it because he isn’t very popular there?
    Damn, even his friends are cute. ^^

  4. Gosh he is so cute … I love reading his weibo and twitter… I love it how he reply back to his eels hhehe…. Love him and he do look like he’s in his teen hehe..

  5. Okay, who is Philips Hilton? Does he mean Paris Hilton? The American socialite fame-whore? I hope nobody is comparing him to her…she got famous for being in a her “own” porno video. Disgusting……

    • lol he was only saying that he’s not paris hilton that wears clothes only once.. i think somebody pointed out one outfit he’s wearing that he was seen before… and that armpit comment super LOL ,, i was laughing sooo hard!

      • Lol. I laughed at that too. That dense armpit comment was a lil too much. Somebody really have an eye for details. Jeeze.
        I know he knows how to speak english, does he know how to read it? I notice there is a ton of tweets for him in it…..including me …teehee XD

      • i guess he reads it, after all he studied in new zealand…

        but he never replies to english tweets as noticed in his tweets…im not sure but i get this feeling that he’s not comfortable to reply yet in english… most koreans would prefer to write in their own language to express how they feel..i guess Sukkie does feel the same way…

        i am sending messages to him too in english but never got a reply… now translating it to korean hahaha! but i dont know if the translation is right though…

      • @ zailaine… I like to put what I want to say in the translater and then copy/paste it back in reverse translate to see if it makes sense. I’ve had mixed results but than I just simplify what I say. Its tedious but its worth a try.

  6. He’s too cute in that mushroom haircut 🙂 Very 70s indeed. I wish him well on his upcoming drama filming. I am glad they are not gonna be that stressed cause they are filming a part of it prior to its broadcast.

    His pics playing tennis makes me wanna go back playing that sport again 🙂

  7. he looks cute…. a bit too much i think…. how can he ever pass through the cute detector machine….??? guess it’ll be screaming cuteness overload…(hahahahahahhaah) btw..is Love in the Rain filming will bedone episode per episode as like the Heartstrings did??? or months of shooting like YMP before they air it ?just curious…..

    • I’m betting they are filming a lot in advance since the 2 mains are playing 2 characters. Makes sense since they will have to be more careful in the settings to avoid anachronisms on the older generation.


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