[News] “Love Rain”: JKS and Yoona’s first script rehearsal meeting

Recently, production company yoonscolor organised a script practice rehearsal, and in attendance were director Yoon Seok-ho, scriptwriter Oh Soo-yeon, Jang Keun Suk, Yoona, Kim Sihoo, Song Eun-rui, Hwang Bora, Seo In Guk. Director Yoon provided detailed guidance, and JKS and Yoona practised their lines seriously as if for actual shooting.

Acting both roles of a faithful artistic apprentice Seo In-sia in the 1970s and a photographer Seo Jun free-spirited in career and love, JKS expressed that “The first time I saw the script, my tears flowed. At that time, I had a compulsion to convey both characters’ and my own emotions through Love Rain. I believe, in many areas that I’ve not experienced, the director and scriptwriter will give me lots of help.”

Admired for his experienced acting and complete absorption, JKS also said, “I’m that kind of person used to enlivening the atmosphere; and I’m not used to act this kind of character who is almost wearing a mask.”

And Yoona who is acting two contrasting roles of an innocent university student Kim Yoon-shi in the 1970s and a cheerful, lively girl Yuri in 2012 said, “It’s a big burden to act two such contrasting characters. After the rehearsal with the other actors, I feel more assured. I’ll work hard with a learning attitude.”

This drama will be filmed in September and is scheduled to air in the first half of 2012.

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  1. Both JGS and Yoona are pretty, like flowers. Looking forward for JGS’s next drama and as always he will perform his best for his fans.

  2. IM YOONA the Actress is back from hiatus!!! So much anticipation from this collaboration, and i know that this tandem will prove non-believers like always WRONG & to BELIEVE!!!

  3. When Sukkie mentioned his tears flowed seeing the script.. I think the roles he is going to play will be very different from him in real life and I got a feeling one of the roles may be someone who is an introvert & may “bleed” in the heart most of the time… eels must really prepare for tissues… remind me of Prince Changhui (but Prince Changhui still express by crying out..this one may just cry in the heart….oh dear.. really challenging for an actor as all the emotion must show on the face…)
    Remember this unforgettable scene in HGD, Prince Changhui has to let go the girl he loves…I admired his acting with eyes here showing a few emotions in this scene.. disappointment/angry..turn to sad..then turn to hatred.. very impressive acting.. the tears just flow so naturally..

    • My biggest fear is he’s gonna die in the end…. or…. go blind??? Lol!!! I’m only watching PD Yoon’s second drama just for Sukkie’s sake. The other was Winter Sonata. If Sukkie’s been crying just by reading the script, we are goners for sure…. must spare me some leave days just in case my eyes are swollen or my boss will think I have routine weekly quarrels with my hubby…lol!

      • Farina..LOL!!! me too! I must also take leave as my eyes will be swollen.. I always wonder why Sukkie can cry so beautifully and yet stay so beautiful after crying so much ^_^

      • must be not,i want a happy ending dear..sukkie will do great, remember the scene from he’s beautiful ( jks & mother confrontation) the passion is there,you can see in his eye’s the love to his craft.

    • read somewhere that the 1970s love story has a tragic ending, i.e. lead characters die? ….. makes sense to have the 1970s love story an unfulfilled love, while the modern love story will end happily?

      … ooh, challenging for both JKS and Yoona….

      • This reminds me of the movie Love Story in the 70’s starring Ryan O’ Neil and Ali Mcgraw. Ali, the lead actress died of cancer at the end of the story.

  4. Girls, it’s monsoon season (lots and lots of tears!!!) for sure at least for the first part of the story – imagine Keun Suk (father) is NOT going to be in the same time period as Keun Suk (son). What does that mean? Of course it indicates that the father character will die young!!! Plus the father is NOT going to be with the girl that he loves. I am bracing myself to “cry me a river” and it’s totally going to break my heart to watch his father character die. Looking at some of Keun Suk’s expressions of pain and angst in his various previous dramas is already enough to predict what he is going to do to us on an emotional level.

    I have hope however, that the second part of the drama – Keun Suk the son will have more fun, joy and eventually lead to a happy ending. So for the fragile hearted (like myself), we just have to quickly GET OVER part 1 and quickly GET INTO part 2. This is my plan for I am still definately watching the drama despite the odds.

    • I’m still ok as long as it is happy ending in the final end as I really can’t take sad ending.. sad in the middle still bearable.. actually, I guess it should be one role having sad ending & the other happy ending… BUT the first half going to be really tough for eels..

  5. No matter – whether sad or happy ending—he’s going to perform above par…anyways, his other films/dramas before yab and m3 showed us that he never got the girl/s(beethoven virus and hong gil dong) but he had sure firepower in the acting department that more than compensates that area (no leading lady)…Now, my wish is in his next movie/drama it will be with yoon eun hye…thanks for the updates and videos that the eels have shared! God bless everyone!

  6. Actually, I don’t like watching dramas with tragic endings as they tend to make me feel too emotional and miserable … but for this drama, i am going to make an exception all because of Sukkie … here’s wishing Sukkie, Yoona and the cast success for Love Rain!

  7. OMO…OMO….This drama surely will wreck me emotionally and physically. I’m a person that could cry for almost every little sad thing. For sure, my poor eyes will be swollen and red while watching this drama….heheheh….need to stock more tissue boxes. Cannot wait for next year to com…

    Please Drama God makes this drama have high rating and a great success for JKS’ shake. Fighting…Fighting….

  8. Yoona looks like just any other ordinary Korean ladies……. not unique at all…..so boring they choose her even Yoon Eun Hye would be better …


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