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Class ends … ah… the ballet hall is empty… why is my luck so bad …I discarded my scarf and leather jacket …no!! By the way, amongst the 13 students in the movie course, 12 are guys and only one is a girl, isn’t this ridiculous?? Ha….
下课…啊…芭蕾hall人空了….我运气怎么那么不好..围巾跟皮衣都扔了…不是!!顺便说一下电影部系听课的13人中 12个是男生 只有一个女生 像话吗??哈…..

Want to go to the prok noodle restaurant … me, big brother, curry bread man (manager), friends, 5 people … it’s a place that gives the 3rd ramen free for every 2 customers, so will the ahjumma give me 2 ramen for free …. Interesting …
想去猪肉面食店..有我 big brother 咖喱面包男(经纪人)吴正焕 徐洙锡(06同期)5人..到底来三个就免费送一碗拉面的地方 大妈会不会送给我两碗呢..有趣啦..

JKS dragging big brother, the creative director of Team H who will be debutting in China …

The number 5 written in pen makes my heart ache… in the midst of self-reflection and regret … after school, meat-eating man gogo, kekeke
用笔写的数字5让我心痛…教诲中…..放学后肉食男gogo 喀喀喀

The result is, dong dong…!! 2 bowls of ramen free!! The msg vapour that comes out from the mouth…!!! But.. The menu increased by 500 won… next week, I can only occasionally order this …

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  1. Boy, if u always count your money, then the money will easily rise! you are already more than rich, so just buy the food, you need food to make you healthy and get the ideal weight, and more HANDSOME, OMG!

    • Suk contando dinheiro, tá pegando a mania do Kim Hyun Joong, de dinheirista?? Fala sério, Suk você tem muitas qualidades boas, não precisa dessa uhaushaushaushau

      Ah, to ansiosa para ver seu novo cabelo, porque tanto suspense? Suas fãs estão loucas para ver o novo visual.
      Espero que ele não precise deixar o cabelo curto novamente, adoro seus penteados.

  2. Wrong typooo! Boy, if u always count your money, then the money will not easily rise!.. actually my brain run faster than my finger..hehe

  3. New hair color on the first picture. hmm, he is really doing a great job being the ambassador for Seoul. 🙂 He is funny of joking the food increase price. Well, I thought with his charm he always can get free good. hahahaha! Enjoy the school life. Sukkie!

    • Sukkiefan, i’ve really experienced with this. It happened when i went to shop with my handsome friend. Even he’s not an artiste (but his brother did..), sudddenly almost all ahjummas at the shops and stalls gave us free goods and free food too! What a lucky gal of me that time! A million3 thanks to him! and JKS which is always has a credits sweets: smile, polite, funny, friendly etc etc, for sure he will always get more than that! All over is free! 😀

      • haha, ren121, can I borrow your handsome friend next time if I go to Seoul? jkg! Yeah, I fully buy that. I just hope I could have the good luck as you did. Sukkie, that sweet boy, that face, that smile, that voice, anything for free, because everyone just go “mero mero” with him. He is a good kid too, so we allow to spoil him. 🙂

      • Mindy, thanks for the sharing….
        wow..Kaori-chan, Thanks a lot for the fast translation.. it is out just today right? ^_^
        I’m actually also quite surprised to see Sukkie speaking Japanese throughout & very naturally like his own language.. Kaori-chan, just to hear from you how would you rate Sukkie’s spoken Japanese? on a scale of 1 to 10 (best), how would you assess him not as a fan but like a language teacher? I’m just curious.. ^_^

      • Bad news… 🙁 I finished to translate the interview about the vid Mindy introduced, but the vid was prohibited to upload and put the subtitles… So I asked aphrael to put the translation this blog. Wait for a while.

      • Thanks for translating.

        I know he can speak Japanese but to see him speak Japanese throughout the whole interview was really surprising. Although i can’t understand everything, I really admire him for putting in the effort to learn the language. Some Korean stars started learning Japanese because their companies want them to learn but he learns it because he really likes it.

        I am happy that he is doing well in Japan but i cannot help but notice that every time i search his youtube videos, i notice a lot of dislikes and a lot of antis. I hope that people who dislike Koreans do not choose him as a target. Those who have youtube account, please do press the like button and leave some good comments.

        Btw, can anyone tell me when are they selling the tickets for his arena concert in Japan?

      • QQ, I scored 7 on his Japanese speaking skill. It’s great and I’m really proud of his effort to master Japanese. I think Sukkie has a good ear to distinguish the unfamiliar sound (word) and can pronounce it at once. I think Sukkie is free from bias, so the personality is useful to learn foreign languages. I haven’t started to study Korean yet… this year I have to concentrate on English, but next year I’m gonna start to study. I promise!!

      • Mindy, his arena tour ticket will be on sale from 24 September… BUT, it’ll be very very difficult to get them. We JKS Japan Official Fan Club members had several chances to pre-order them, but so many members couldn’t get even one ticket… because the winner was selected by lot… Fortunately, I got one ticket on 26 October.

        I don’t know how to order the ticket from overseas. Is there any agent to get them on behalf of you??

      • tenshi, congrats on getting the ticket! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the concert. I hope there’ll be a DVD of his Arena tour, which I will definitely get!

  4. ren121, isn’t Sukkie just like most students when he is back to school..seem to be saving on daily allowance? lol…but someone who is so rich & yet complaining about the digit 5 hundred for won! I’m laughing at this as mentioned by aphrael before, he argued with Manager Kim on paying small amount for car washing service.. and yet he is generous on other people or things, very like some of the funny men I know in my life.. including my dad & brother ^_^

  5. OMG! Yoona is the actress in you are my destiny? and she will be with JKS? ahh,, so jealous! I think this girl is really pretty and cries easily. They can be a good match for this, but so jealous about this. huhu

  6. Lol every night i always look at sukie tweet and i see him post up picture of food it make me hungry and my stomach growl …… Lol….

    Wahh the food is expensive….

    No matter if your rich/ have lot of money you still have to manage your money …. You will never know what will happen…..

  7. haha..seems like keun suk is quite thrifty when it comes to cash. =) and it’s amazing that someone as capable as him prefers simple dine outs for lunch or after school snacks. =) as long as he wants to eat the food (given discounts..hehe!), no problem for him.

    on the other hand..i noticed that there’s not much change in his haircut..i was quite expecting a much more different style (>_<), but it's okay..he can pull off different haircuts anyways. =)

  8. LOL, Hi everybody!
    I think he is talking from his new character ( Love Rain), who is a student in the art school in 197?…
    All food was probably cheaper then. And it looks like his new haircut is something our boys-classmates were wearing in 70’s.


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