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End of tweeting, ah, too sleepy to tweet. See you on the way to school… ㅠㅠ TTT terribly sleepy ㅠ
刷屏结束 啊 到底是太困了刷不了了 see you in上学路上..ㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜ困死了 ㅠ


On the way to school.. Ah… my mouth seems to be crooked since this morning … everyone writes to be careful of being monitored … that will not be like me …eels … I’m sleepy and cold … today I also need to learn well~~ to be more awake, send a tweet first….
上学中.. 啊..早晨开始嘴巴就好像歪了一样..大家都写小心监视~~~的话 那样就不像我了..鳗鱼们啊 又困又冷..今天也好好学习~~为了清醒一点先刷个屏咩..

Reached school!!! Late 20 mins cri… ah… completely … nearly stopped breathing … today lunch break is 3 hours…ho ho wait and see~ now is ~~~ eels’ era!!!
到达学校!!!迟到了20分钟cri..啊 完全..差点断气…今天午休有三小时-吼吼 等着看吧~现在是~~~鳗鱼时代!!!

@key_486: @yu__jini @Eun_Messi : Mm, Chinese kids say everywhere “I love you, Jang Keun Suk”. Love is also JKS! Love you, JKS, kekekeke, Lee Hong-ki also has many fans, kekeke
JKS: Are you throwing your weight around or an eel? Reply
嗯 中国孩子们都到处说“我爱你,张根硕”。爱也是张根硕!爱你,张根硕,呵呵呵呵 李弘基的粉丝也多 呵呵呵 ” 】【推神回复:你是耍大牌还是鳗鱼?回答呀】

Ah… now I’m going for my lesson … recommend this seafood salad restaurant to Hanyang freshmen… a shop near Shi-li… near Shi-li, there is a shop called “Pork Noodle”. Third person eats for free. I often went there when I started at university… no free promotion for 2 people… but I can get it for free…. Because ahjumma knows me, keke
啊..现在要回去上课了..一个海鲜沙拉店.推荐给汉阳大新生 在往十里附近的好吃的店..往十里有个叫猪肉面食的店 去三位的话 一位免费..我刚上大学那会儿经常去..两个人的话没有免费的。但是我可以免费..因为大妈认识我 呵呵


Lunch today … under the warm sunlight… no…. No -_- eating “under the sea” salad on the warm balcony …. Ah … attend lesson … attend lesson… attend lesson… meeting big brother in school kekeke
今天的午饭..在温暖的阳光下..不 不是-_-在温暖的阳台上吃着叫under the sea的沙拉..啊..上课..上课..上课..跟big brother在学校里见面 呵呵呵

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  1. from the 1st photo, hmmm…looks like JKS trim and color his hair…but not sure did he do anything with his fringe tho….hmmm..he like to keep the suprise and excitment with his eels…

  2. OmG! Someone can seriously make money out of JKS’s tweets.! 50 cents per english translation since there are SOOO many it’s hard to keep up to translate all his tweeting.lol but i love how he takes pictures all the time. My back up from not understanding korean. Haha Is he seriously going to school????? such timing since his like shooting his new drama on the 24th… Stay healthy oppa!

  3. I wonder what exactly they do to his hair….looks like he got a reddish highlight and a trim but that it. Aww man. I was hoping for something more drastic.

    • Not sure if this is true from sharing by eel from BaiduSukbar.. since Sukkie is playing 2 roles in Love Rain, the dad will have long hair (in the 70s, can imagine the fashion then..) and the son will have short hair (in the 90s), so most likely Sukkie will cut the hair only next year after shooting 2 seasons on daddy Suk.. then may be another 2 seasons on son Suk..

  4. Farina, oh I miss this on Arirang TV! Thanks for sharing this as it has many scenes in his childhood drama which I have not seen before ^_^ really comprehensive… eels must see this vid!


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