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Thanks to tenshi_akuma for the subtitles and translation for another video interview below.



Jang Keun Suk appeared on CF, portal site “Shufoo!” of the electronic fliers.
The CF is full of JKS’ mischievous side, one of his charm.
The CF was shot in Korea. JKS thanked the staff coming to Korea for him.
All the lines were Japanese, but he smiled us and said “I’m OK because I’ve practiced them a lot.”
The new CF has three versions and will be on the air from 24 September.

—Tha’s all. Thank you so much.

–I really appreciate your coming to Korea from Japan.
–If I had enough time, I would introduce Korean charm and culture.
–I hope you’ll have a chance to visit Korea near future.

–“Shufoo!” Fighting

<<"Introduction" version>>

–This is a new style fliers.

Smart fliers “Shufoo!”

<<"Don't mistake" version>>

–With your lips…

–Oops, I’ve mistook!

–With your finger… Download the app.

Smart fliers “Shufoo!”

–Don’t mistake.

<<"It's a secret" version>>

–If you live in Narimasu, Tokyo…

“Shufoo!” will deliver the fliers of Narimasu area.

–If you live in Hirakata, Osaka…

“Shufoo!” will deliver the fliers of Hirakata area.

–What? Where do I live?

Smart fliers “Shufoo!”

–It’s a secret.


Q1:How do you like the shooting?

A1:At the beginning, I was a little nervous because I was the only cast to appear on CF. But after the shooting, I enjoyed it a lot. It was fun to read the lines for the camera because I stared it as if it were my lover.

Q2:What is the main feature of CF?

A2:I like showing my mischevious acts. Especially about “introduction” version, I took a covert glance to the camera.
It was like a child ^^

Q3:What is the most difficult line for you?

A3:Nothing. I practiced hard to pronounce and read the lines. It was fun.

Q4:What is your favorite Japanese word?

A4:I like the word “Mero-Mero (I’m head over heels in love).” I learned it from my fans, I like this sound, too. And I learned a new word in Japan. It sounds similar to “Mero-Mero.” It’s “Bero-Bero(stinking drunk).” While drinking together, Japanese staff told me that I was Bero-Bero at night.

Q5:Which area of Japan do you like?

A5:Let me see… I’ve been to Japan about 20 times. For example, I’ve been to Jiyugaoka and Shimokitazawa a several years before. I have some places where I want to visit. About Osaka, it’s Shinsaibashi. I like there. There are many young people and very lively.

Q6:How about Korea?

A6:It’s a tough question to answer… First of all, my home. LOL. When my friends visit Korea, I’ll invite them my house and entertain them with my handmade cooking. Probably I’ll cook Korean traditional dishes. My mother and I like cooking. We often cook together. So I want to cook them Korean traditional dishes and introduce them Korean culture.

Apart from this, I recommend Hongik which was the shooting spot for “Marry me, Mary!” There are nice shops and restaurants and you can come into contact with Koren culture there.

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  1. Nice! Job well done, as usual.
    Anybody notice the comments? One says “UGLY KOREAN”. How ignorant can a person be? I thought the lines was blurred with predjudice and racism. It 2011 for goodness sake. How can ppl still be narrow-minded in this century. I’m very upset about this. I hate, absolutely dispise this kind of thinking.
    Keep on fighting Sukkie! We will always behind you!

    • oh.. I didn’t read the comments but he’s so beautiful! I don’t know how a man so beautiful can be so masculine at the same time. Just floors me. My heart stops everytime he smiles. I love that he looks into the camera as if it were his lover. I just love his accent when he speaks Japanese. Am I gushing too much?

  2. Obrigada por postarem a entrevista por extenso. Assim posso traduzir e acompanhar as notícias do Suk. Com a matéria traduzida em texto faço uso do tradutor.
    Aqui no Brasil temos poucas matĂ©rias e videos traduzidos em portuguĂȘs.
    Fiquei muito feliz quando vi anuncio do jangkeunsukforever no site do Alkkpop, agora entro todos os dias para ver as novidades do Suk.
    Obrigada pessoal.


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