[19.9.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

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Eels’ era! The first bait!!! Yoona’s dinner today~~ lick all you want!! Hahaha but while eating eel, the JKS who has finished cutting his hair has uploaded it to the app, not letting you all see, hahaha. Eels’ era~ let us be together harmoniously
鳗鱼时代们啊!第一个鱼饵!!!今天允儿的晚饭~~尽情舔吧!!哈哈哈 不过在吃鳗鱼 还有剪完头发的张根硕上传到app了 不给你们看 呀哈哈 鳗鱼时代们~我们好好相处吧


Another funny thing is … drinking until late at night and going straight to the filming venue is originally not a problem, but going to school today to attend two lessons and coming back, I’ve run out of energy cri… I’m sleeping with Suni….kekeke You all need to treat Suni better, her temper is not good
又笑惨了的事是…..喝酒喝到凌晨直接去拍摄现场 本来体力是没问题的 但是今天去学校听了两节课回来 体力消耗掉了cri…我跟小纯一起睡…喀喀喀-你们也得对小纯好点 它脾气可不好…

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  1. wow hahah he really loves to twitter. i feel likes he’s like a little kid with a new toy XD. i hope its just that and that he’s not depressed how some people are thinking 🙁


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