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Resting time…. My roman …. Secretly watching…., kekeke [JKS is looking into the ballet hall]
休息时间…我的roman……偷看中…….啪嗒啪嗒 ,呵呵呵(他偷看的是芭蕾hall)

I have determinedly guaranteed not to take the car in the school. Although it only takes 4 mins’ drive, no choice. Hanyang premises in Seoul to the art university … ha …and also my timetable … only have lunchtime …. xi ….
我坚决保证过 不再在学校里坐车 虽然只要开4分钟 没办法 汉阳大首尔校区人文大到艺术大…哈….还有我的时间表……..只有午饭时间…xi….

I’m not looking into the changing room, just the ballet hall, why do I look like a pervert!! One year ago I learned ballet because of “You’re my Pet” and have watched dance performances…!!!!!! I’m not looking at girls, I’m looking at performance…..
我不是在偷看更衣室 看芭蕾hall怎么像变态了!!我也1年前因为宠物情人学过舞蹈 观赏过舞蹈作品….!!!!!!!!不是在看女生 是在看作品……

Ah, battery couldn’t last 5 hours and it’s dead. Tried to turn on my phone to post a photo….?
啊 电池熬不到5小时就死了 勉强开起来发个照片吗….?


While you all are replying on twitter, I am cutting my hair, kekeke. Curious? Curious? Kekekeke hahaha
你们在回复推特的时候 我在剪头发 呵呵呵 好奇吧 好奇吧 呵呵呵呵 呀哈哈

Jung Ji-hoon has lost a coffee-brown wallet. The person who returns it can get a Rain’s concert ticket and the Prince of Asia, Jang Keun Suk’s telephone number. Endless gratitude
郑智薰现在丢了一个咖啡色钱包 捡到送回的人可以得到rain演唱会门票和亚洲王子张根硕的电话号码 无限感激

To the person who returns Jung Ji-hoon’s wallet, the Asia Prince JKS will personally appoint her the Asia Princess. She can also choose to have a free photography voucher at crushed ice shop, kogi kogi. Rain says he will reveal the telephone number of Lim Soo-jung in exchange for his wallet, ah ah
对于找回郑智薰钱包的人,亚洲王子张根硕会亲自授予亚洲公主的爵位。还可以选择在刨冰kogi kogi白佳哥的免费照相券。郑智薰说找到钱包的话会说出林秀京的电话号码,啊 啊

Bestiz ah beti seems to have become the paradise for eels… during a period, I watched many Japanese music videos there
bestiz 啊 beti..好像成了鳗鱼的天堂。。一段时期在那看了很多日本的music video。

Dyeing my hair, so sleepy … twitter is not moving, sleepy…. Might as well turn into a carnivore man at the salon before going out …. hu

Fans of Girls’ Generation … if you keep posting negative comments under “Love Rain”, I’ll not give you any bait … initially I wanted to take many pics of the scene to show to you… I wish to co-exist harmoniously with you all. Eels, protect me ah ㅠㅠ cry cry, let’s unite~
少女时代的粉丝们..老是在爱情雨下面回复差评的话不给你们鱼饵了..本来想拍很多现场照片给你们看的..我想跟你们和平相处 鳗鱼们啊 保护我啊 ㅠㅠ呜呜 团结相处吧~

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  1. the 1st pic is hilarious …. Sukkie dear, what are you doing?
    I’m sure you can walk in and watch … XD

    …. i must be so busy that I’m outdated… what’s that last tweet about living harmoniously with SNSD’s fans? …. they don’t like their Yoona to act with JKS??

    • Aphrael77, many fans (including me) was hoping they will choose someone with more recognized acting skill to match KJS’s tremendous acting skill. In this kind of drama, the chemistry between the leads is very important and the gap between the leads’s acting skills could cause awkwardness..
      I love JKs and I really hope this drama will be a big success . I hope Yoona will prove me wrong, I hope she will delivery great acting and has great chemistry with JKS.

    • About Yoona’s fans, I think they should be happy that she has a chance to work with a great and experienced actor like JKS , or maybe they are scared that she will fall into his trap (his charm)??? 🙂

  2. aphrael, I think many eels are expecting the lady lead to be someone else & I heard many “antis” of both are creating trouble again.. those who gave negative comments may not be real eels…. for eels, I believe we can think about what Sukkie has been through when he was first casted in Huang Jin Yi & the objections he faced as lead role but he was then given a chance to prove himself with wide acceptance.. so I believe eels will give chance for young & new actress to prove herself too, moreover, with Sukkie around, sure the junior will be taken care with good working chemistry, I’m sure Love Rain will be a great success!!! ^_^ From my understanding, Yoona has actually won acting awards & I believe the PD has good reason to pick her.

  3. Ha….hopefully SNSD’s fans will support their Yoona to act by the side of JKS.
    We eels will support her in return – hopefully both of them will do great and
    Rain Love will be a great success.

  4. Ya agree with you QQeyes007.. i also heard there are rumours out there… i think that one is the anti of him.. so eels should not be bother about it.. Love rain is going to be a success movie.. Like winter sonata and autumn tale…~!!

  5. Aww! I’ts not eun hye…anyways, hoping love rain will be a success…and the lead actress be inspired with jks’s acting prowess…break a leg!

  6. He looks hilarious on the first pic 🙂

    Eels must unite to protect him from antis! I know SNSD has a solid fanbase, I hope they stop all the bashing.. not that I actually see any bashing about Love Rain as of now.. I am outdated I think. Most comments I read were about them being shocked about the casting because they were expecting an actress like HHJ not an idol. To be honest, I am not that thrilled about Yoona as well but I support Love Rain all the way!!! And I know that even if Yoona is still not that experienced when it comes to acting, Suk will help her and they will create lovely chemistry together 😀

    • I saw a few comments bashing Sukkie but not too many. Fans of Yoona shouldn’t be looking down on Sukkie. She acting in a drama with best of the best in the industry. What more do they want? ……maybe because he is prettier then her? I kid.
      I hope all the fans will settle down and see that this is good news.

  7. Sukkie has new hairstyle cut for new drama, Love Rain ^o^
    I wish someone can tell me why out of sudden Sukkie is going back to study since he is having a new drama ?

  8. oh. this is already for the drama! can’t wait.

    guys, what again exactly is the vanilla scent he is using from bath and body works? it seems like there are many versions. 🙂 vanilla mist?

  9. Sukkie tweeted he would reveal his new hairstyle in advance only for iPhone app users. After his tweet, the app hasn’t worked well because of many hungry eels rushing to the app. About a few hours later, the app became available, but there were no pics… (T_T) Did he fail to upload the pics or was it his trap????? I can’t stop thinking his new hairstyle… can’t sleep tonight… Instead he is sleeping with Suni now…

    • Kaori-chan, Sukkie has been teasing his eels very often recently with his tweets.. recently, he even teased in one message “when I twit many, u said I twit too much… if I don’t twit, u say what happened to me… what do u want me to do? better sleep now.. ” ^_^ I think he saw the recent eels’ comments on his frequent twitting & he made such remarks… I’m wondering if Sukkie is reading the blog here really…

      • I really hope he does. ..:/
        It makes us eels feel closer to him and the feeling that we are able to send him these messages so personally in a way is such a great feeling. (although I hope i don’t have to translate it with google). I also hope that he gets to reply to at least 1 or 5 eels a day, even just a hi. haha. that would be very very cool! 😀

  10. OMG! suddenly i :'( when watching kneedrop guru ep 2 14 sep, very poor and pity our prince during his past time life.. but he still could recover with his sweet and free laugh, what a young guy.. and begin more and more to miss you little boy because he can still climb the wall to see what happen inside at that pic above, what a cute spy! Get tougher with new hairstyle!

  11. Really miss him. i want to see his new hairstyle. I heard he is having concert in Japan in Oct, have they started selling the tics? Feel like flying to Japan to see him. Need to check if i can apply leave.

  12. I don’t like Yoona, but will give her a chance… just because it’s JKS’ drama. She is not an actress. My mom said her acting was very bad in Cinderella Man, has anyone watched her acting? I hope she will not make JKS’ drama looking bad :-(((

    • Hi iceprincess, I am afraid I agree with your mom coz I too watched Cindrella man. That’s why I was disappointed for choosing her. On the other hand I keep saying to myself may be they saw something in her that suits the role in Love rain, and may be with good guiding she will improve. sometimes even if the actor is not naturally talented, his acting talents develop by time and practice. It also seems that she has her own fans who r fond of her. Now I just wish her best of luck and I support her for the sake of JKS and Love rain.

  13. I can’t wait to see his new haircut. Its long overdue! Even though I love him with long or short. Doesn’t matter, underneath is still our adorable Sukkie. Teehee.
    I’m not a big fan of Yoona, but there got to be something in her credentials to act side by side him.
    If he gave the thumbs up for her, who am I to argue? Lol.
    Excited! ^0^

  14. Ummmm. I don’t know where to ask this, so I’m going to ask this here…
    Did Sukkie just tweeted the President of the US…or my eyes playing tricks on me….and in Korean too…..nah…my eyes is just blurry….lol

    • I’m new here so please forgive me. But yeah, I saw that too and brought it to google translate (but didn’t do a very good job because of the creative writing LOL). By the way, the message is gone now. But I think JKS is upset about something regarding the arms agreement between US and Taiwan. Not sure what it was but I felt some sarcasm. I’m a fairly new fan (I’m drawn to him like I’ve never been drawn to anyone before) so I don’t know if he’s political or not. So again, forgive me.

      • When I saw the tweet, I noticed he lost about 10 followers that instant. *facepalm*…..never ever talk about politics and religion. Too many passionate opinions….let’s agree to dissagree is always the best obtion.

  15. shocks! what’s the new hairstyle keun suk??! hehe..I agree with you all re: Yoona..I mean SNSD’s fans should be very excited because Yoona’s the one to act with Keun Suk, it’s such an opportunity not only to be recognized more (hehe..) but also to learn acting skills in a much deeper way (that’s what he did to PSH, right?). Actually, I was quite expecting Han Yoo Joo will really make the cut or more dreamily, Yoon Eun Hye.

    Anyways, I suppose that this will be a sure hit, specially in Japan because Keun Suk and SNSD are the top 2 Hallyu stars there.

    Keun Suk, expect that we, eels, will behave, just as our Prince is. =)

    Love Rain..go-go-ssi!

  16. P.S. I only thought, do SNSD’s fans really post negative comments?..I think they should remember that Keun Suk’s the first actor to be included in the line up of the drama and not Yoona. hehe!..(behave..behave..-_-).

  17. err…kinda left behind lately… better catch up…
    Yoona SNDN : i hope and i know she’ll give her best and let’s give her a chance ( both of them actually!) to prove themself….
    haircut : will be waiting patiently..and know it will look marvelous
    US twitter: err…. really? *confused*
    anyway….let’s unite to support our prince eels…!!!!

  18. Say it that I’m old. For me is hard to follow his twitter, because he twitts tons of it. hahahaha 🙂 I wish I could see his English twitts, but I understand that he uses a language he feels most comfortable. And also lots of them are reply to someone else twitts or retwitt between his friends. So sometimes I do feel, I don’t want to get into come conversation he has with his friends or I would say, it is too hard to get into some talk that you absolutely has no idea what they are talking about. 🙂 I do like he posted cute pictures and glad that he is in good mood and enjoy his life.

    And also, never trust google translate, I would rather to learn Korean myself which maybe take million years for me which I can twitt in Korean as well. kkkkkkk!

    Again, this blog is a fun place for eels to communicate.

    I just came back from vacation, I was trying to catch up his twitts, then I give up. kkkkk.

    I will give all my support to all the cast of Love Rain. Fighting Sukkie, you can do it. Looking forward to your next drama, no matter what in my eyes, you’re the best!

  19. err…kinda left behind lately… better catch up…
    Yoona SNDN : i hope and i know she’ll give her best and let’s give her a chance (both of them actually!) to prove themselves….
    haircut : will be waiting patiently..and know it will look marvelous
    US twitter: err…. really? *confused*
    anyway….let’s unite to support our prince eels…!!!!

  20. Hi eels, I really fond this web, and I begin to check your web every day, to see sukkie’s update, thanks for the awesome and interesting, thanks to admin. O yeah, I am agree with some of you about Yoona, instead of choosing yoona, I think PD Yoon can choose someone better, who EQUAL and COMPATIBLE with sukkie in talent, like EunHye or HYJ, and who are real ‘actress’ not an idol or dancer, but no matter I will support jks to do his job, though I still pray he will not end up with Yoona, -Hahaha, I’m a little scare, he will fall in love with her- I think he suits someone unique such as GeunYoung or PSH-, but I do hope the drama will give other success for sukkie.

  21. Hello….yes I really think the director or producer of Love Rain has really made a big mistake. Yoona and JKS …..we will see whether they have chemistry. What I can see is that JKS has started to become a hit in Asia because of “Mary Stayed Out All Night”. They should let JKS pair with Moon (MGY) again in Love Rain. If they choose MGY , I am confident Love Rain will be hit …… I have watched JKS in “Bethooven Virus” before Mary Stayed….. but then I have no interest in him only after watching him in Mary that I have started following his news. Well just my honest opinion.

  22. same here i’m not too excited with yoona as lead actress but just want to give her a chance maybe the character of the lead actress may suits her..

    i want to see keun suk new hairstyle!! Gosh, when will it come out?! I can’t wait.. 🙂


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