[19.9.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

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The first lesson… but …. This is men’s paradise………..learn well…. Patriotic Hanyang!

Kwung-soo chasing after me – want to put photo? Who am I, and where am I…
光秀追着我不放-要放照片吗 我是谁 这里又是哪里。。

Am going to a place called school…wah, today I’m dressed totally like a university student, kekekekeke but none of my friends are in school… patriotic Hanyang, long time no see … do you want to see their photos … kekeke
正在去一个叫学校的地方..哇 我今天完全是大学生打扮 呵呵呵呵呵 但是学校里一个朋友都不在..爱国汉阳 好久不见…想看他们的照片吗..呵呵呵


Er… it’s break time … become smoking pal with a Chinese guy born in 89. He looks older than me … need to go somewhere for lunch …
呃…到休息时间了…和中国男生89年的成了烟友 外貌看起来比我老成 呀..啧 得去哪里吃个午饭啊….

10 thoughts on “[19.9.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. I’ve been a twitter user for two years now and I must admit he’s totally raping my feed since I followed him! This is borderline spamming… Maybe I’d say differently if I understood his tweets but he isn’t supposed to bypass the targeted “@” reply mode to make all of his answers tweeting to his followers (people interested in his replies can go directly on his page). I love him and I don’t want to unfollow him for that reason so I hope he’ll soon get the gist of it. ^^;

    • Sandy, I agree with you. I can’t even read tweets from those I follow.
      I’m having thoughts on unfollowing JKS. His tweets, retweets,etc are sooo spamming 🙁 Maybe I should just rely on Aphrael’s postings… I still love him, worry for him,etc. I hope his continuous tweeting isn’t a sign of his depression.

      • He tweets a lot and too bad that I can’t understand anything.. I’ll just rely on this page for his tweets and its in English!

      • After watching the Knee-drop guru show, the vibe I felt from him wasn’t depression but a sort of loneliness, as person and as a star. Also, the clear behaviour of an only child. Boy this guy lacks patience (c.f. the story of the phone interaction with Lee Min Ho)! XD If I can be honest, I think he’s trying too hard to prove himself to the world and to his peers. He’s still very young and rose to the top so fast he doesn’t seem to realize that himself. To me, he doesn’t need lobbying to rise to an even greater fame. He got more than 100,000 followers in Twitter in less than 3 days. If it ain’t a proof of his fame already, I don’t know what that is. JKS, let your talent speaks for itself. Eels love you the way you are!

  2. one thing i can say…keun-suk’s non-stop tweeting and re-tweeting made my day! haha. he’s online almost the whole day today, eh..(hehe..even during lunch at school). ^_^


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