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  1. aphrael, thanks for posting the link ^^ This vid is rather old, but it was nice to Sukkie and the content included what I haven’t known before watching it. This vid was introduced by cri-J. I promised her to subtitle it about 3 months ago… I hope she can watch it and also she is safe now…

      • Farina , I have been thinking of E-mailing you for a while now.
        want to share a lot of things with you. When I’m better you will all see me commenting non-stop ^0^!
        the most important thing is that my country Syria is now in much better state. I still own my life to Allah and the police men who saved me. I’m praying for them everyday specially the one that died while saving me. Even If you don’t know him I wish we can all pray for his soul to rest in peace. May your soul rest in peace Mr.Muhammad Alshami.

      • Cri-j, please do email me anytime. From the looks of it, your experience was very traumatic. Al-Fatiha for Mr Muhammad Alshami…may he be placed among the blessed, ameen..

    • Tenshi-san! My beloved friend ^_^ I haven’t seen the video yet but I’m just touched. I am safe now and in Kuwait but I’m still recovering that’s why I’m not commenting much but I’m always visiting and wishing I can comment more.
      My hand has been damaged quite badly (Doctors are not sure if it can ever be the same again) so it’s hard to use the key-bored.
      I’ve been dying to be here with you again. All of you have given me precious words the last time I commented and I haven’t been able to replay , but please be sure that I am really grateful and each word you shared had been carved in my memory forever.

      • Dear cri-J, I’m so happy to hear that you’re safe and recuperating well. Thanks for all your efforts to respond to Eels’ inquiry about you here. Just drop messages here once in a while would be great so that we know you are safe, OK. We care and miss you very much that all.

      • cri-J!!!!!!!!!! I’m really really happy to hear from you that you’re safe now. Honestly I didn’t expect your reply so soon, but now I understand your situation that your injured arm makes you difficult type… But I’m rather relieved that you can often browse this blog. Now I can feel you through the screen ^^ So don’t overwork your arm, right? I hope you’re getting recovered little by little.

      • Cri-J, thank GOD that you are safe and sound. Sorry that I did not really know what happen to your country and you have injured…..
        Dun worry, your hand will be recovered soon. But not to stress your hand too much OK
        Remember we, eels here will always give you mentally support where ever you need
        Stay healthy ….. Fighting Cri !!

      • Cri-J, Thank God that you are ok~!!.. You better take care of your hand. Make sure it recover properly. 🙂 As long we know that you are ok that will be good enuff~!

      • Cri-J… so sorry that I didn’t know you injured your hands actually.. please be brave & think of bright side ok.. do take care and we will pray for you to recover soon…

      • Cri J, miss u and I pray that your hand will get better soon EnShaa Allah. May God bless Mr. Mohamed soul and place him with AlShohadaa al Abrar Allahom Amin. (AlFateha).
        Pls. take care of your health and always remember we are all here for u.

    • Kaori-chan, really appreciate for translating this to share with many eels as I saw this vid early this year w/o sub but I was hoping someone can translate this as this vid is good to share with new eels as it has “JKS dictionary” & really focus on the charm of Sukkie to eels.. we can see that Sukkie is the unique “odd one out” from the “Ikemen” list as he is put in a corner at the the bottom of the box all by himself…so lonely ^_^.. when I first saw this vid, I realise then he is the only Kdrama actor (and child actor) and the rest are from Kpop groups…and amazingly he really achieved well in many other areas like singing,MC, DJ & dancing

  2. Wow!!! Thanks tenshi-chan for subbing this video. First time watching this video too. This video is one of the most positive and uplifting stories about our Sukkie. The eel’s dictionary is very useful, especially for the new Eels. I totally agree with the “secret” charms of JKS. Any information related to JKS is never too old for me to learn about him. I was introduced (or rather seduced) to JKS by his acting skills and images in YAB, but his personality and real life story totally captured my heart.

    Being an eel is very interesting experiences for me….hahh…….like riding a roller-coaster ride, feeling extremely high and happy, and at the same time suffering painful withdrawal of him too once the ride is over. And not to mention, developed very defensive feelings when someone said bad things about him. Thought, I’m learning every day not to drill too much into negative news and comments about my idol. As long as Sukkie stays true to himself and always honest to his Eels, that’s all that matter to me. I’ll always love and support him forever.

  3. Cri-J, glad to hear from you, please stay strong and feel better soon!

    Thanks for posting this video! KaileyCA have said everything i wanna say lol..
    so yeah, thanks so much again!

    Aphrael, your blog never fails to make me feel good..thanks again 🙂

    • Oh no…………… I’m not a fan of idol singers. I read somewhere that her acting is not that good.. 🙁
      JKS owns my heart and soul so I’m going to watch everything he does regardless, but I really hope it’s not her….. (no offense to her fans).

      • Tam, actually I also haven’t watched her acting before, so I don’t know how well she is. I heard that she won some award about acting, so I hope she’ll play well if she is officially selected as an actress.

      • Me neither but I’m willing to give her a chance. I’m sure PD Yoon must hv given her much consideration & he’s been known to bring out the best of his cast. I’m sure too Sukkie will guide her well. At least she’s pretty 😉

      • Tam.. I’m not a fan of idol singers as well but I guess like what Farina has said, we trust the decision of PD as I read that Yoona is picked also because she can portray both cute & matured image like Sukkie & also her acting is not bad as new comer.. also trust Sukkie that he will guide & give his support to his lead actress like before.. don’t worry, they will do well in the new drama ^_^

      • I’ve never seen her either, so I’m going to just wait and see what happens… I do wish that it was Han Hyo Joo, though… 🙁

  4. Salam Cri J – eventhough we do not know each other personally but I’m very glad to know that you are safe in Kuwait. Thanks to Allah The Most Gracious for protecting you and pray for your safety and speedy recovery.
    May Allah blessed the soul of Mr Muhammad Alshami and placed him amongst
    the Syuhada. Al Fatheha – Ameen.

    Aphrael, Tenshi and Farina thanks for sharing and all your hard works.
    JSK will be glad to know he has such a great eels like all of you.


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