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Ah, who am I, and where is this place?


Oh~ I’m on television!!! Going to fall into my trap again … but on another channel is a special feature on the artistes in “Love Village” …. want to go attend <짝> [variety show] … new trap …
哦- 我上电视了!!!又要掉进我的陷阱里了。。但是另一个频道有爱情村的艺人特辑哎。。好想去参加《짝》(综艺节目的名字)。。新的陷阱。。


kevinra (JKS’ friend) to Rain: We are eating crushed ice dessert, envious?? It’s milk crushed ice~~
【110917根硕友人kevinra推特更新】@29rain 我们正在吃刨冰哦,嫉妒吧??是牛奶刨冰哦~~(PS:此条是kevinra推给rain的推特)


Together with him, two of us eating crushed ice will make people feel envious, right~~ what am I doing this weekend!!

I kept searching Twitter until my phone ran out of battery. Cannot get in contact with the small team I often go out with. I’m eating crushed ice with a guy and a 5 year-old child recognised me. I said, shall I take a picture for you? That little kid said, no need, and went away. Don’t know what to do from now on… at that time, I had not washed my face yet
一直搜索推特,手机都没电了,跟经常去玩的小组也联系不上,我和一男的坐着一起吃刨冰,一个5岁的小鬼认出我来了,哥哥我给你拍张照好吗?那小鬼说了声不用了,就走掉了,从现在起不知道该干什么….到现在的状况是还没洗漱 扑哧

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  1. aphrael, jksjapan staff translated the last part you couldn’t translate. The translation is as follows: At that time I haven’t washed my face yet…

  2. Hi gals, do you enjoy following his tweets? Honestly, I’m overwhelmed by them… 🙁
    I don’t tweet myself. I just opened my twitter account because of JKS. So I’m still not used to Twitter at all. Maybe Twitter is a mere tool to tweet for ourselves what we’re thinking right now. So I think it’s not suitable to retrace what they tweeted previously. And we shouldn’t expect JKS’ messages to eels at twitter. It’s just tweets for himself. As all you know, he likes (can’t stop!) checking his articles on the Internet, so for him Twitter is the best tool to check his latest topic.
    Besides, I heard that his Korean is quite unique and even Korean people can’t understand the exact meaning. So it’s very hard for me to follow his all tweets… 🙁 I’m gonna check them at leisure from now on … 🙂

    • haha, tenshi dear, I’m overwhelmed too~! good business for my blog but tiring to keep up with him. he is young, remember? and I’m not young anymore, haha~~

      However, I think it’s ok for eels to follow JKS’ comments on Twitter – after all, JKS knows that most of his followers are eels! so he knows that anything he tweets is public and open to eels…. should be fine…..

      and yes, the Chinese translators always complain about JKS’ tendency to use his own, fashionable, non-standard Korea language which makes translation hard XD
      what to do? that’s our dear Sukkie ^^

      • aphrael.. I’m worried as I may not be able to sleep well as like you said, we are not as young as him & can’t keep up with his “energy” hahaha….I can understand why he is on Twitter now as what CuteCute mentioned, after he has revealed all & clarified so many things in the Knee-Drop Guru show, it is like a heavy burden being dropped from his mind after 4 long years & he can continue to share with his eels his daily happening…
        Btw, thanks for translating all his twitters & weibo messages so promptly ^_^

  3. mee too…I join twitter because of JKS…but I am still very weak with twitter tool….I still prefer and comfirtable here…I will continues to get update from Aphrael77..oh by the way..whose is that guy he is eating the crushed ice with…anyone know?

  4. Thanks for the translations.. been following on twitter too lately because of JKS but google translate is no good for this. I figured fast he’s using a lot of slang so its not translating… still love it and appreciate the updates here.


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