[16.9.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter and Weibo

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Hong-star, there are lots of precious materials inside Keun-chan’s mobile phone, please don’t be naughty. Choi Jong-hoon, Lee Hong-ki, don’t be naughty!! You want to be out!! kekeke
弘明星 根酱手机里有很多珍贵的资料 别捣蛋 崔钟勋 李弘基 别捣蛋!!想出局吗!!呵呵呵


This should be the last tweet today .. becoming a carnivorous man … on Friday night…. exactly what kind of night will the Asia Prince lead … dong dong, first, go to the salon to do my hair, keke
应该是今天最后一条推特..变成肉食男吧…星期五晚上..到底亚洲王子会过一个怎样的夜晚..咚咚 首先去理发店吹头发 呵呵

Chance…!! Mum has gone over to Aunt’s place, Dad has gone travelling with friends, cri…. I’m alone at home for 3 days, kekekekekekekekek
机会啊…!!妈妈去姨母那了 爸爸跟朋友去旅行cri..三天我一个人在家 呵呵呵呵呵呵呵呵呵呵



Oh, I almost forgot~weibo~show you a submerged pig~KK
吼~ 差点忘记了…微博…扔一头浸到水里的猪 呵呵
张根硕:헛 잊고 있었다…웨이보… 물에 빠진 뒈지 투척 ㅋㅋ



Hi Chinese eels, kekekeke
你好 中国鳗鱼们啊 呵呵呵呵
@张根硕:안능 중국장어들 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Looking left and right, hululu
左顾右盼 呼噜噜


Live reporting, 3 men drinking at home… ridiculous… but I met sister Lim Soo-jung at the cafe..!! haha, heart full of excitement… pounding, pounding – goddess~~~~ ah, owner Ha-neul would not be seeing this right — scar
现场报道 三个男人在家里喝酒像话嘛..不过我在咖啡店里碰到林秀晶姐姐。。!!啊啊 激动的心 扑通扑通-女神~~~~啊 荷娜主人应该不会看到这个吧–伤痕

The main point is … sister Lim Soo-jung seems to have fallen into my trap … she watched Kneedrop Guru… — keke
说到重点..林秀晶姐姐好像也掉进我的陷阱了..有收看膝盖道士哦…- -呵呵

18 thoughts on “[16.9.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter and Weibo”

  1. the guy in the 1st pic is Lee Hong-ki…. I had to take a closer look, cos at first glance, he looks like JKS!! maybe it’s similar hairstyle?

  2. i just only can wait for english sub kneedrop guru ep 2 on 14 sep, cannot do anything..must beg you guys to make it fast and will give u a muah muah present!

  3. hello fellow EELS! i wanna follow all of you on twitter…we are all like family anyway since we all love Sukkie…what is everyone’s username? please follow me as well..@kate_vee

    And thank you so much for the english subs! I go to this website like at least 50 times a day checking for updates about Sukkie 🙂

  4. i’ll also follow you on twitter,guys.. mine is @iamme0713…it’s almost a month since i visit this site again..i missed all your posts…

  5. Sukkie teased us with a slight glimpse of his new hair….not much diff from what I can see… what I’m wondering is how does he survive with such little sleep?!!


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