[17.9.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

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I like people who know how to dress. People who only wear branded clothes are materialistic fools who don’t know how to spend money! To bring out charm by wearing sports attire or average brands is the really, dashing people! — looking for me? Brother??


Ah… when transforming into carnivorous man in the dressing room, I’m on stormy twitter … I’m a mysterious man so I need to conceal my whereabouts now. Very very fun~ bye cri~~
啊。。在美容室里变身肉食男的时候上暴风推特了。。我是个神秘的男人所以现在要隐藏行踪了。好好玩~bye cri~~

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  1. he’s been replying since yesterday…i guess bored too much…and yeah addicted to twitter maybe? well, thats how it is the first few months if you are new in twitter 🙂 i hope he keeps his addiction..i feel that he wanted to share everything and reply to everyone..lol


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