[16.9.2011] JKS twitter

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Sunni is my dog. This child is completely funny during hair brushing .Anyone wants to see its photo after beauty care? keke

This child seems to be hungry … ah, I want to cut off my hair like Suni … now in herbivorous man mode… in the midst of reading magazine ….
这孩子好像肚子饿了….啊 我也想像它一样把毛都剃了..现在是草食男模式 杂志阅读中..


Regardless, the magazine I’m reading… kekeke I only look at myself!!!
不管怎样 不过我看的杂志…..呵呵呵 我只看我自己!!!

15 thoughts on “[16.9.2011] JKS twitter”

    • after a month joining twitter, i still clicking the icon here and there to get more familiar, hu..furthermore he always tweet in korean, gone mad..oh prince, my eyes swing already! i still also fail to add you farina..

  1. Cut or uncut his hair or keep the hair longer like MMM, he’s still cute as ever, yeah..i fell in love more in a hairstyle in MMM, how rock and sexy he is even he looks skinny and quite messy that time, doesn’t matter what KHD said ’empty gesture’ but yes he’s still hooked in my mind.. 🙂 might be most of you not agree with me, don’t care, dont care!

  2. I think Keun Suk is hinting to us that he is going to cut his hair for his new drama …
    when is PD Yoon going to announce the female lead, i wonder …

  3. he really is a genius storyteller, admire him! KHD always open his mouth O to hear his story. Lucky he only has sunni in the family, can’t imagine if he has bros and sis, all of them will laugh until fall asleep or the other alternative he will be poked by them because disturbing them by his long and long funny story!! LOL 😀

  4. Oh thanks I find this blog, almost gave up reading his tweet all in korean, I hope he post some english tweets in his new account.. Nice share admin 🙂


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