[15.9.2011] JKS twitter

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On the way to work this morning, I was searching twitter and reading comments. Not only want me to go to Kneedrop Guru but also “Martian Virus”, I laughed like mad, haha. Although there is no problem in going, but what kind of theme is good..? … Give some suggestions
早上上班路上搜索推特,从头到尾看一下,让我不要只去膝盖道士,再去一下火星人病毒,看得我笑死了,呵呵 虽然去没有问题,但是以什么主题好呢 。。?。。推荐一下吧

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  1. were all the theme contain “any virus” ?
    as for me, his “beethoven virus” is already infected me with him…and then i got infected with “sukkie virus”, can’t get proper sleep if i don’t see him for a day..haha..
    for him, maybe he is infected with “shuffle virus?”, this is the time to infect all with “shuffle virus”

  2. I think Sukkie misses us, his Jang Eos very much. The same we look forward to the daily news about him, he is also looking forward to our comments, too. I remember he enjoys very much in Asia Tour 2011, especially in the limelights where he likes being adored and loved by his fans, he feels `high’. He’s happy when he sees our comments just the same way we surf for news about him. I’m so glad that our superstar loves us just the way and as much we love him. I just hope he’s putting on more weight….. Guess he will be back to normal schedule when he starts acting later again….

  3. Do you know what “Martian Virus” is? Frau staff explained that it was a Korean TV program on which those who are strange and unique like a Martian appear. So the staff told us JKS has the qualification of it…! ha ha… LOL.

  4. OMG! Thank God for this blog. I’m in Beijing now and so so behind JKS news. I cannot logon to Twitter, YouTube nor Facebook. I miss his videos and updates. I wanna go back fast so I can follow him on his new Twitter account. Miss him so much.

    Thanks Aphrael for the update. I can’t see the videos, I need to catch up when I’m back.


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