[14.9.2011] JKS twitter

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Follow me always!!!! I am Korean Jang Keun Suk!!!! Right… sorry, how many fans do I have…..??


Is this the world of Twitter where sending one tweet can be on the news? I’m not “empty gestures’ anymore. It’s all right to send a tweet, bow bow ㅠㅠ
这里就是发一条推特就上新闻的推特的世界吗?我不再虚势了 发个推特总可以吧 鞠躬鞠躬ㅠㅠ

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  1. dear Sukkie has started his own Twitter account: AsiaPrince_jks

    …. looks like i got to go create twitter account too …
    may not be able to catch up with all his tweets!

  2. I m in twitter because of him..but need to translate…since he posted in korean…I think is thime for me to decide and make up my mind to learn Korean …before this still have not make up my mind should I or shouldnt I…hmmm…

  3. aphrael & meggy, u galz should register twitter n weibo account… ^^
    it’s refreshing to read everyday updates of him
    don’t worry, there’s some eels translate it to english once he update his twitter/weibo account… you could follow @JKSSeOULsisters, @SUK_BaiduBar or @shiro401 for eng-translation. And for indonesian eels, you could follow @CriJIndo

    and these u must follow (so u could reply his tweet):

    quick..quick aphrael, i will follow u too!

    galz, please add mine too, ok ^^ @cajuputte

    • cajuputte , yes I am in already…:) but dont really know how it function…i been in JKS, Tree J, bing brother and SUK_BaiduBar for a while…just a silent reader…felt so suddent become too advance evry through these all because of JKS….

      • hi meggy, welcome to the twitter world…
        me too, just a silence reader… but will be extremely active with other eels to trending the word. Last time we successfully trending #HBDJKS in Indonesia, now we’re trending #ShuffleKingJKS
        it was really fun!

  4. Me too just created a twitter account, so I can have an updated news about Sukkie but
    have to depend on the translation.
    Anyway its worth waiting.
    Come on eels lets join Sukkie in twitter.

  5. Hi gals, I also don’t know well about twitter. Actually I don’t twit for myself. Bur I can tell you a good tool to follow JKS! If you own iPhone, I recommend you to use “HootSuite for iPhone” app. Only push a button, it will translate Korean to about 50 languages! So it’s very easy to read what JKS twits. I’m sorry it doesn’t seem that “HootSuite for Web” have the same function… 🙁

    • thanks tenshi 🙂 I tried hootsuite and the translations are much better:)
      this is what I love about this blog…. everybody are so helpful!!!
      Thank u very much 😉

    • Yes Hootsuite is good, been using ever since I own a twitter account. Can link to facebook etc as well. For weibo, can use Weico, for there are nice & easy to use functions.

    • Kaori-chan, I can only find ‘Hootsuite for Twitter’ not ‘Hootsuite for iphone’… It allowed me to link to Twitter & FB but I don’t see any translation buttons?

  6. im so excited with his twitter account.. it like that you are talking with him for real.. 🙂 i like the second picture its so JKS face..


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