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  1. thankss….!
    suk shocked at 03.14 part 1 so cute…. ^^
    i’ve been refreshing the page several time, to see if there’s any update on part 2 !
    at last… ^^ all three part were uploaded!
    i’ll download soon! *big hug to aphrael…

  2. Thanks for the subs ^O^ really really appreciate it ^^

    Oh, just one question… for dailymotion, there’s only 1 resolution, right? We can’t choose like in youtube?

  3. So long as u gals enjoy it ^^
    I did too, when I was subbing…. laughed so hard 😀

    Although most of it was entertaining and funny, there are 2 things about this programme that made me a bit uncomfortable:

    (1) JKS’ comment about SMAP*SMAP programme

    Actually, JKS’ comment is the best there is in that situation. I always admire the fact that he can be so honest and tactful at the same time. When asked to compare a Japanese TV show versus his own home-country show, no matter how you look at it, he definitely has to say something good about his home-country show.

    And the only thing that will not offend the Japanese is to say that as a foreign artiste, he wasn’t 100% at ease on the show (on top of it, he was nervous too cos SMAP is his idol), because it is true that he’s a foreign artiste – no argument with that.

    What I’m slightly uncomfortable with in Part 1 is, I get the impression that JKS is trying too hard to please the Korean audience and he said a few things that put down himself and put down other people like SMAP….

    (1) i don’t like the emcee Kang Ho-dong much.

    Kneedrop Guru may be known for its “sharp wit”, but I think the emcee is plain rude sometimes. When he said he had no use for the gifts, look at JKS’ expression. In part 3 (or 4), when one guy was looking at the stuffed toy of JKS, KHD even said “who will like it”, just look at JKS’ expression – i think JKS looked hurt by this comment, and JKS had to explain why these gifts were meaningful to him ….

    Just think KHD is a bit rude …..

    • JKS couldn’t hide his low face expression when KHD said something that put him down like you said aphrael77, yeah, we can see how frank he is..felt hurt for sure even our prince tried to stay cool and calm, pity him, cry, cry! :'(

    • Sukkie is really a cute & sincere young man & sometimes, I find that his heart is big as ocean and yet as innocence as a little boy.. I remember the paper doll gift he gave to the other 2 MCs is the one he tried to fix during break time in his last Japan trip.. he really tried to fix the paper doll & said it is challenging.. Somehow I feel that he is very proud of his achievements & want to share these very much with his fellow Korean countrymen.. when I see this scene, it reminds me of my little nephew happily telling everyone in the family he has done well for his spelling test, hoping for more encouragement & recognition..

    • aphrael, Thanks again for the hardwork and don’t feel sad as after you see tonight’s Knee-Drop Guru, Sukkie is really fighting back to clarify many past unfavorable rumors & gossips….and his way is really one of a kind in this world!!! ^_^

    • I didn’t like some of the comments of the emcee
      as well… I agree with you that sukkie answered
      the questions professionally. I just can’t help to feel
      sad when the emcee is making fun of his gifts…

    • Hi…aphrael.. thanks alot in the translation of this whole program… gota sae i seriously agree with you on the 2 points… i had commented once i watch the part 1 which u post earlier at youtube, im oso afraid if he wud offend SMAP… but was reminded that SMAP will understand him for saying that… but yah.. i will feel uncomfy too that hes trying hard to please the Koreans.. bt i guess he wans to be recognised in his own country more.. and the 2nd point which i agree is also i dun like the hosts att… i dun understand why they wan to be rude… even sang that hes dashing man bt mus add in as charming WOMAN..

  4. Thanks aphrael for your devotion! I had enjoyed this program even without subtitles, but with your translation I enjoyed it much more!!!! 🙂 I laughed a lot, he’s a natural entertainer, so his personality surpassed other casts. I mean JKS was a guest, but he led this show!
    P.S. I’m sorry but part 1 has been blocked already… 🙁

    • yes, i know…. my YT account is going to be cancelled soon if I post another video infringing some TV station broadcast rights….
      am in the midst of uploading Part 1 to Dailymotion

      • Thank Aphrael for your hardwork…..actually i missed the part 1 since it was blocked

        Can you send to me for viewing under Daily Motion?

        Ya! Actually KHD is a kind of “too frank” MC …he is also the host for 2 Days 1 Nite with Lee Seung Gi (LSG) & others for KBS World. KHD is very close with LSG. I dun understand why LSG is so famous in Korea as compared to Sukkie from outlook appearance, style, acting skill & singing ???

        I can see Sukkie’s expression & how he feel at certain parts of the show…..

    • No, different, the episode tonight is a continuation of the 7 Sep episode.
      The JKS recording was too long, so they had to break it into 2 episodes ^^

  5. Thanks so much aphrael for the eng subs… I really enjoyed watching this… right now I’m watching the second part of it but I cannot understand a word… hope this one too will be posted here… again thank you so much aphrael… nice one!..

    • If you ever want to upload the whole thing on Megaupload, please feel free to use my account ^^ Just holler n I’ll give you the details… ^^
      Thanks again for a job well done… b(^O^)d

      • You mean the entire 45-min video can be uploaded on Megaupload, then people can download from there?
        …. i’ll check it out later…. ^^

      • yes, the entire thing could be uploaded for eels to download. I have premium account, so you could set password for it too if you want. Just let me know if you want to use this ^^

  6. now it’s heechul’s turn on air at MBC, but he doesn’t show his craziness as usual like before..going to be matured this JKS’s friend…

  7. Flash report! Sukkie just started his own twitter!!!!!!!! Please follow @AsiaPrince_JKS
    Then we can’t sleep well tonight…

    • Kaori-chan, I saw in Weibo that after tonight’s Knee-drop Guru, many eels fans pour in with many positive comments at Weibo as Sukkie has finally clarified & revealed many events in the past which he has not openly talked about.. really cannot sleep tonight ^_^

    • I’m afraid Sukkie has many places to put his comment. Official FC site, iPhone app, weibo and twitter… -_-;;;;;; I don’t know how he decides where to put comments. In any case, it’s become much harder work to follow his latest idea and activities.

      • Oh gosh.. now I understand why poked his nose hard in tonight’s Knee-drop Guru show after looking BaiduSukbar’s text translation by eels.. Sukkie is doing this to clear the long time rumor of him having plastic surgery on his nose!!! ^_^ I’m laughing hard at his innocence cute expression though I knew he is 100% natural all the time.. it is sure a cute way to send the message across strong & LOUD! hahaha…

  8. Thank you so much aphrael77 !! You Rock!! These uploaded videos have never fail to make me laugh after a long hard day at work. Sincerely appreciate all your efforts with all the constant updates!!

  9. Many thanks Aphrael for this! As you said, the MC was rather unkind but look at it this way, it just shows them to be ungracious…their loss, not Sukkie’s… Furthermore Sukkie must hv come prepared to be attacked so even though he looked crestfallen, he bounced back in no time and gave them back as good as he got! From QQ’s positive review, can’t wait for tonight’s episode to be subbed….but, take your time 🙂

  10. Hi am an eel from india:) And i really appreciate all the hardwork u have been upto…
    U are my source of information provider abt the prince…and i am touched by your dedication….pls keep up the good work…thank you:)

    • I just followed, even though I have no clue what he is talking about. But whatever, I just want him to have a lot of followers.

  11. i typed a really long comment, and the password thing happened, and my comment disappeared. aigooo

    so yeah, i dont like KHD, the other 2 guys, theyre rude and was bashing him a lot.
    i was laughing so hard on part 1, then part 2,3,4 i felt uneasy.
    they think he was boastful, weird and not making sense., and they kept laughing at all his comments, especially when he told them his problem., he didnt even laugh with them then.. you can see that he meant it, especially when he said ” he thought really hard on it”

    they just dont realize how loneliness have been affecting him lately.. i wish there’s an eel who’s there who can make them understand.

    unfortunately, we, eels, are the only one who sees this.. i guess that’s why in his Phuket picture, the said we are his only treasure…

    cant wait to see part 2 of this, after QQ’s comment… JKS FIGHTING!

    • I agree. I kept cringing whenever they seem to poke fun at Sukkie’s expense. But Sukkie just let it roll off his back. His face might show a second or two of discomfort but his professionalism kicks in and he shows why he is the Prince of Asia.
      I do not like the three MCs. Rude and irritating. Especially when the lead MC jumped at Sukkie, surprising him in the begginning ..what the heck was that??.. if I was in Sukkie position, my knuckle would be down his throat.
      Anyways, overall Sukkie did a wonder job from what we seen so far. Respectful, mature, playful and honest (even though his honesty can be taken for arrogance).
      Keep on truckin, Sukkie!!

      • Yeah, I was like WTF at the beginning. Whenever people do that to me it takes about 30 seconds for the shock to wear off, but JGS took only 1!!!! I’m not sure about the MCs – I think I’d have to watch other episodes of the show in order to see if they are rude like this to everyone. However, JGS said he prepared for the show, so maybe they were snarkier than usual? IDK – I just know that he did a great job! 😀

  12. thank you aphrael! i was really dying to watch this with eng subs – have been watching it over and over. JKS is the sole reason why i’m trying to learn korean now haha! is it possible to download from dailymotion? i forsee many more re-watches.

    can’t wait to see the 14 sep episode too – please sub and upload that too! your work is much appreciated ^^

    • hi mero-mero, u could download it, if you’re using Opera browser.
      it will automatically save the video as temporary file, while you previewing the video.

      just set the cache larger than the file. (eg. the video is 100mb, so u have to set it to 101mb, because if the cache size is smaller than the video size, once it finished load, it will disappeared immediately)

      then, you have to get your temporary file in cache directory (go to Help-about opera, you will see the cache directory path)

      don’t forget to show hidden files from Folder Options menu in windows explorer.

      then short the files by date and file size. the file name was opr00Cxxx, the most current file, the bigger file is the video that you looking for. you have to rename it to filename.flv

      and then you could view it with windows media classic/flv player.

      any version of Opera Browser will do.

      i hope it’s not confusing. ^^

  13. thanks for the upload and english subtitle.. i also laugh so hard with this show but just like you, i felt something not nice of some of the emcees comments too and JKS was just trying to be cool.. i felt his loneliness but he’s really good in handling this kind of situation.. JKS do not be worry ‘coz we your loyal fans will never misunderstand you.. I love you just the way you are! JKS fighting!!!

  14. SO FUNNY when they showed him saying Good Morning to the Japanese passersby and then when he said “I’m popular!!” after they recognized him!! I was almost literally ROFLMAO-ing. <3

  15. Thank you very much Aphrael77 for your hard work and efforts.
    JKS did seem unhappy at some points but he showed us how professional he was during the show, very respectful (even when the MCs were being rude to him), very mature, honest and funny, playful at the same time. I’m so very proud of him:)

  16. Gente, muito obrigada por postar notícias do Suk. Vocês são ótimos.

    Quanto a participação do Geun suk no programa, não sei muito bem de ingles mas achei o Guru meio esnobe na primeira parte da entrevista, principalmente quando Suk entregou os presentes. Foi muito estranha a reação do Guru, cheio de piadinhas de mal gosto. Não é de estranhar que comentaram que o Suk estava meio nervoso no começo. Mas como ele é muito inteligente, conseguiu virar o jogo. Como sempre, ele conseguiu se sair muito bem.

  17. Thanks Aphrael for your amazing devotion and dedication for subing this video. It’s a fun TV show. I had noticed the MC’s mean attitude the first time I watched the video few days ago, but I didn’t want to comment any thing about it then. After reading all eels’ comments here, cann’t help feeling chest-pain. I cannot help but to voice my opinion on this issue also. I don’t understand why can a senor MC at least show some kind pride and proud that one of his country-man is able to establish popularity outside of Korea, promoting more love and attraction to Korea. The MCs acted like everything related to JKS are shameful and useless to them; may be it’s true, but they don’t have to publicize to the whole nation about it. To me, all gifts are PRECIOUS, no matter how big or small, cheap or expensive. The 3 MCs cannot wait to shut JKS down on every honest confession Sukkie made, which to me it’s shameful of them to do that. What’s worst after reading the Dramabeans Recap, I’m totally bumped out. I don’t like some of the comments they made. Thinking to myself what do I see in JKS that other people cannot see. Even my closest friends think differently when it comes to JKS on certain topics. That’s alright!!! People are entitled to their own opinion on things. Honestly, JKS is everything to me as an idol could be. I don’t know how to express how I feel in words, some people might think I’m crazy; OK may be a little crazy. Just to sum it up, I love him just the way he is, his craziness and all.

    • KaileyCA, don’t worry about how others feel about him but how we feel about him only.. I believe eels have special “eyes” & “feelers” to see the inner depth & character of this person beyond his physical appearance.. that is why we are here in this pond.. and I always find it a coincidence that Sukkie has been feeding fishes in the pond owned by his family in the village he stayed during childhood.. some how we are attracted to his baits forever ^_^

  18. Hi, my eels friends, first, again I want to thank you Aphrael for her hard working for translate this show. I just watched the second part. I don’t want to give it away, because I know all of you would enjoy it well when you watch it without knowing the contents advance. Just tell you one thing, I cried in the second one.
    I would like to say something, about MC of Kneww Drop Guru. In my opinion, they were rude. Actually, this is very normal in lots of variety show in China, Taiwan, now I know they are also in Korea. Lots of these shows try very hard to get rating so they come up lots of theme or acting in it. Some of them are not be comfortable for the guest(s) who come to the show. Sometime, they are trying embarrass the guest star, even if you’re celebrate, is like a game. Is really just try to get audience excited. If you come to the show, you have to play along, I think Sukkie did a great job on response their tricks. This show was not made for eels. Was not favor Sukkie. Sukkie agreed to come to the show, he was prepared. He is a very serious person when it comes to his profession. In western word: This kind of show they “roast” the guest. I understand all eels would feel it is not fair for Sukkie they were mean to him as guest. I just would like you know this what this kind of show for. I think Sukkie did excellent job and I believe people whoever watched the show would know him better and understand him better. Wait to watch second part of the show. You will not be surprised about what he become to today’s success and also again he showed me he is such a amazing person which inspired me so much and still do it everytime I put my eyes on him. He has fun and childish side, but when it comes to big thing in life, he made such smart choice and so mature. Another thing, most of you may know already that MC KHD’s tax scandal and he will disappear from show business for a while. Except that, I didn’t really watched his show a lot before, I don’t know if he is bad or good. Here I just want to be from an objective way to let you know these kind of talk show is plot like this way.

    • sukkiefanNC , yes you’re right.. in fact I’m quite used to this kind of show in Taiwanese variety shows which the host are mean & intended to “shoot down” the guest but it really depends on how the guest handles on the spot.. I’m very impressed with how Sukkie actually played along & turn it around each time.. that is why the host & the sidekicks are all impressed with him after the show as he is the first guest who is so witty & entertaining ^_^
      All eels.. be prepared for 2nd part as Sukkie is going to tell his childhood & growing up stories… this is the first time I hear him speaking so much personally & it is very touching though I have known many of the details shared by senior eels in BaiduSukbar.. when I knew about his childhood, I told myself then.. oh my.. this is how Sukkie’s personality is being built up along the way, so different from others around this age… matured, independent, strong, focus, considerate, sincere etc… in one part, he mentioned about modeling (underwear) initially he was shy & refused to take the photos but after a few fast clicks of the camera by the photographer, he started to feel he belongs to appear in front of camera & posed happily… after the photo session, he got paid & realised the amount of money he got is enough to pay for the rent of the apartment for whole year for his family.. (gosh.. little Sukkie has became his family main breadwinner after his parents’ fish pond business run into problem…).. I’m very very touched by this childhood & growing up stories everytime I hear that from senior eels..but this time.. from Sukkie himself is really going to move any eels to tears..

  19. I totally agree that the mcs are mean and rude old men…to think that jks was very gracious to them (bringing them gifts that he himself supervised the preparation)–alack and alas, they have mean bones, really! before watching this, i watched their interview with the ji hoon (playful kiss actor) so i would be able to see how they treat their guests…much to my surprise after watching both episodes, they were quite nice to ji hoon but he looked a bit strained all through out the show while with jks, they poked fun at him, belittling him and his efforts to increase his popularity (that’s every actor’s dream) and putting him down by insinuating he is not that well known in Korea…maybe jks ought to find a talk show that balances everything—from rumor to truth and efforts of actors/actresses who continuously hone their craft to be better at their chosen field…i wonder why he asked to be invited there…anyhow, i was happy that he gamely responded and honestly spoke about things and people, and hopefully gained their respect behind the camera…

    • Just a small tidbit: Actually, from the news, it seems like he was asked to be guest star in this show. He didn’t ask, but he was asked. Keun Suk is well known for making rare appearances in variety shows. When he finally gave his consent on the 29th, the producer made the preparation so fast that the recording took place just two days later ^^

      • hi there. that’s good to know…probably the mc with the red dots on his cheeks tried to impress the viewers that it was jks who wanted to guest in their show…btw, thanks to aphrael for being so meticulous and gracious for uploading the latest news on jks…God bless to all!

  20. Hi, I’m cutecute from Korea.

    The Mc KHD and the other MCs treated JKS as usual, and their reaction help JKS to show himself(JKS) how JKS is smart, witty and cheerful.
    JKS got the all things he wanted to attend this show in korea, so JKS started his private twitter.
    Korean Media reported this program is the show ,”by the JKS, for the JKS, of the JKS”.
    Dont’ worry, and Enjoy this program with JKS.
    Thanks aphrael77.

    • CuteCute, I agreed with the Korean media on the phrase this time ^_^ Actually, I’m happy at the end of the show as my first word to Sukkie is “Sukkie, you have done it this time to clear all the long time misty, foggy air around you & you did it by yourself this time & become even a tougher prince!!! No wonder you tell the eels not to nag at you anymore…keep fighting & there goes any the bad press, gossips & antis!!!”

    • Hi cutecute!

      Thanks for your reassurance… I guess we are all being defensive and protective over our beloved Sukkie is all…

  21. Agreed with all the eels – the MCs are rude, sly and intimidating and how can a professional host like them belittle someone capabilities whats more its JKS.
    They should have realised that JKS is a multi talented actor, singer and entertainer, who
    brings Korean new entertainment era to other parts of the world.
    Just like me, I fallen in love with Korean movies only after watching YAB, he is the
    guy responsible for my Korean craze.
    Thanks Sukkie for knowing YOU. Keep up the excellent work, you’re are not alone,
    your eels are always around to keep you happy.

  22. hi,

    i was able to watch the subbed versions only yesterday (finally) and went around dramabeans’ and the eels’ comments here..

    what i can say is:
    1. it’s a good thing that jks knows very well how to associate himself with other people, with utmost respect and sincerity. i agree that there were parts that were quite uncomfortable for me, as a viewer, let alone an eel. but in fairness, i can also see how MC KHD appreciated jks in most of the parts, i mean i suppose his reactions are also sincere.
    2. here in the philippines, variety show guests also observe giving out their albums / portfolios to the hosts as a sign of gratitude of inviting them to the show..i think that’s also what jks want to imply to them..which, quite disappointingly (i mean, i felt), was not that appreciated by the MCs..i don’t know if it’s just a manly humour, or a straight-forward expression of thier surprise. -_-
    3. actually, i’ve watched one of the MCs there (the member of UV) a couple of times in the “The Beatles Code” and he was quite funny really..but in watching this episode, three things run in my mind while in seeing his reactions / expressions: (a) he’s quite bored (b) he finds jks weird..somewhat in a good way (c) he can’t believe that someone as good looking and a popular as jks can also be “that” witty and out-of-this-world guy.

    but to sum it up, same with you guys, additional bonus points to jks for being professional and “going-with-the-flow” person here.

    thumbs up, again keun suk =)!

  23. Takuya kimura is a very big name in jpn, but i adore more to Yutaka Takenouchi which was also a lead and acted together with takuya, and now JKS replaced him! Lucky they are in different country! the main reason why i love both of them in a first sight is their slightly long hair that make them very rock and sexy! kkkkke (our prince like to tweet like this to laugh, kkkke..hihi 🙂


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