[02.9.2011] Tree-J twitter and Weibo

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[Tree-J twitter]

Here in Busan again … what am I and my photographer beside me photographing? Haha



Do you know “protection money”? Hoho, look at the three who seem to have just robbed the passers-by
삥 뜯는다는 말 알려나? 지나가는 이의 돈을 강탈하는듯한 3인 ㅋㅋ

8 thoughts on “[02.9.2011] Tree-J twitter and Weibo”

  1. He seems in a good mood. 😀 I’m a little bit worried about him after reading all the posts about him feeling down and sad. So glad to see him back to his frank mood again. 😀

  2. sigh… went on a holiday without internet connection and now I’m behind in the news.. any kind souls can tell me y jks was feeling down? what happened? TQ!

  3. Suk was down coz of too much work…no time to rest…then he had to finish his YMP filming..then there were also not so good news about him….i would assume its a combination of everything…

    Yeah, he’s back with his playful and happy mood again…i just wish he could actually take some time off..he’s gonna be busy again for the love rain this month..


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