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Writer Zo Sun Hi!!!! Don’t put on a fake laugh!!! Don’t make your mouth triangular!!!! Said that to me many times!!!! Hahaha
조선희 작가님!!!! 억지 웃음 짓지 말라니까!!! 입 삼각 만들지 말라고!!!! 나한테 몇번을 말했어!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋ

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      • Yes, I did ^^ In the drama he played the role as Sukkie himself.
        He realized soon that Mio (Japanese version of Ko-minamu) pretended a boy but he approached her closely. So I felt jealous… -_-
        By the way, did you know that Sukkie alter his lines from “My favorite food is sushi” to “My favorite food is grilled eels”? He gave us eels a special present! 🙂

      • yes, I read about about that as my buddy here also mentioned ^_^
        I read also in BaiduSukbar that Mio (sorry..can’t remember actress name) actually commented in an interview that she “nose bleed” when she sees Sukkie appearing in the show as he is so handsome & has strong stage presence.. and also Sukkie did not want to have a hairstyle that he had in YAB as he don’t wish to steal the limelight of Ren (Japanese ver of HTK).. very considerate Sukkie..

  1. Now I remember his photographer’s name, Zo Sun Hi, yeah, she is the one who gave him the very exclusive interview with Sukkie that we all like it. Which was more like a friend’s talk. I wonder now if she is his personal photographer because she seems goes everywhere with him. The overseas photo shoot was with her too. The Code Combine shoot was her too. I think she is great. It’s so nice that he has a long time photographer that knows him so well so can catch the moment and every bit specialty of our special Sukkie. The photos Sukkie upload are always funny, I wonder who is pulling Gunsama’s shirt in the first one… hahaha. Something is in wonder land to me about Sukkie, how come he can looks so good in all most every single picture. I mean he has that gene that in front of camera, he can give the best at every click. That’s something.


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