[Schedule] JKS on MBC’s “Knee-drop Guru” on 14 Sep

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JKS: For the naggy ahjummas, I’ve been to the guru at “Secrets Revealed” to pour out everything…!! Direct break-through and honorary response!! When is it airing? Hu hu…!! Don’t nag at me anymore…..!!
为了老是唠叨的大婶们,到天机泄露 啪啪 道士那里全部倾泻了。。!!正面突破和名誉回复!!究竟播放是?呼呼。。!!千万不要再唠叨了。。。。!!

Background Note

What this means is that on 31 August 2011, JKS has attended the recording of an MBC programme “Golden Fishery – The Knee-drop Guru” (황금어장 – 무릎팍 도사), which lasted from 1 pm to 2 am of the next day. The recording process was tough but JKS attended the recording happily and did not show any sign of exhaustion. In answering the questions, his speaking talent, his high level of cooperation, and his detailed and frank answers earned the compliments from the working team. This programme will be aired in the mid-autumn feature on 14 September.

Great! Another fantastic TV programme to look forward to!


29 thoughts on “[Schedule] JKS on MBC’s “Knee-drop Guru” on 14 Sep”

  1. probably a lot of messages from the eels that he find somewhat a nag, Poor Suk~

    who is he referring to as naggy ahjummas? any idea…

    hope to see this show..

  2. I feel like he’s personally addressing me!!!! Lol!!!! I certainly fall in that age group and yes I do nag….a lot too(according to my daughter)

  3. haha..i think that message was quite double-sided, eh?..=) one side, maybe it’s just another not-so-serious joke..the other, yeah, maybe he’s referring to us, eels, who were really concerned about his recent sentiments (but i’m also guilty of that!)..whose loving messages almost sounded like nagging. haha. that’s how deep our support is, keun-suk. gonna wait for that airing!

  4. i think i’m guilty as well as sending so much messages to him during his ’emo’ time 🙂

    …i do hope that it was somewhat a double message from him haha…now its not eels but ahjummas! oh that is literally > cri! hahaha…

  5. I can’t wait to see this program. I’m not surprised about all the nagging. His fandom must be bursting with the nagging motherly type. I’m a worrier too but I remind myself that he has a mother, he dosent need thousands more, lol.

  6. Understand this was recorded on 31st Aug’11 & same night as SDA award ceremony, isn’t it better for Sukkie to attend this recording for mid-autumn which we can see & laugh with him for 1 hour throughout in the show & for more to know about him as he is going to “complain” about nagging from eels ^_^ I believe many have nagged him on smoking, clubbing etc.. which I believe his mum don’t LOL…

    • Hey buddy…hahaha i believe by opening weibo acc and twitter acc, the number of nagging ahjummas had increased, wkwkwk…yes. i notice it’s the same day as SDA award ceremony. ^^, i can’t wait to watch the show!!

  7. This program must be a precious one that shows real Sukkie^^ I hope he really enjoyed this shooting and many viewers will understand what and who he really is.
    By the way, what does “ahjummas” mean? Is it English?

    • In Japan we call them “おばさん(oba-san or oba-chan).” If she is our parents’ elder sister, we write it by using Chinese character, “伯母さん.” Instead, if she is our parents’ younger sister, we write it, “叔母さん.” If she is not related by birth, I mean just a middle-aged woman, we write it, “小母さん.” But especially the latter, when we call them おばさん, they don’t have a good feeling about it. So sometimes we call them “young lady or sisters” like not madame but mademoiselle to please them. LOL.

    • By joke maybe. Lol. But in Korea, as long as the person is older than you, you should use sort of respectful way to call them. So even the lady is maybe only around 30s, but a teen see her and would still call her “ahjumma” Anties is the English translation for ahjummas. In Korea, it is not respectful if you call anyone who is older than you by name unless you call them as in work environment by titles.

  8. is a normal way to call a married middle age woman in Korea I think. Like you meet an lady who is older than you and she is married, but you don’t know her name, so you call her “ahjumma”. Somebody can correct me if this is not accurate explanation.


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