9 thoughts on “Cute Sukkie wallpapers”

  1. sharing here another cute creation by Vietnamese eels, enjoy!!
    Cheer up all Precious of Sukkie as I know some may be feeling down for some recent event… I just read an announcement from BaiduSukbar top thread today, will share this news tomorrow, good to see that Chinese eels there have already picked up & united to move on with more power ^_^

  2. Thank you Aphrael, thank you Tenshi, thank you QQeyes007 and all other eels who contribute to this blogs. We will continue, nonstop, endless support and love our Sukkie. Sukkie fighting! eels fighting! It’s gonna be a beautiful day tomorrow. πŸ™‚ (Thinking of Sukkie’s charming smile.) I appreciate the protection of him here too. You guys are super eels.

  3. Today is Sukkie real birthday, 04.08 of Chinese calender. Wishing him all the best and dream come true soon. η”Ÿζ—₯快乐,马到功成!

  4. Dear eels, I would like to share this news though initially disappointed but I see the positive side & glad that many eels have also. I would like to share what I see after this in BaiduSukbar & it will definitely applies to this blog or another blog with precious eels of Sukkie ^_^
    Here is a link on the results which is announced on 31st Aug’2011
    I believe some of you may know of the results of the SDA awards already yesterday as many are very involved in the voting exercise resulted in panda eyes, some even day & night like those in BaiduSukbar. Many are very disappointed with the outcome as those certain categories are voted number 1 but only MMM got the best drama award. After watching the vids on Sukkie’s popularity by Japan TV program, many also believe there are some “hidden rules” in Korean entertainment industry which I think no point for eels to pursue the matter with the organiser as it may not reflect good on Sukkie also. In fact, many of the eels strongly believe that Sukkie’s popularity need not be endorsed by this internet voting as we can see from the projects he has undertaken. As there are many internet voting by big & small organisers, BaiduSukbar has set up new rule for voting related to Sukkie. The significant voting will be those year-end annual drama awards SBS/KBS/MBC & Baesang Movie awards – all related to drama/acting awards, any other popularity awards voting in the web, BaiduSukbar admin team will assess & inform the eels in the bar whether to participate or not… Many eels supported this move which I feel it is positive move & some even suggested to the Bar admin to be pro-active to inform the eel in time for any significant voting. I’m glad to see all the eels are taking it well positively & moving forward despite initial disappointment. Many are worried of Sukkie but I think if Sukkie can move on (remember the vid on Japan TV program, when he was voted 2nd though even the teacher was surprised, he mentioned it doesn’t matter to him…) we must be like the Japanese old lady, she also doesn’t feel affected as to her, Sukkie is already #1 in our heart ^_^

    • QQ, i totally agreed with you that i am not going to simply vote in the web anymore after seeing the SDA result….

      I also hope all eels will work & vote together along with BaiduSukbar’s decision……do inform us by then, we will be a strong Sukkie team. Yeah!!


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