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Wah, going crazy, hahahaha, why is brother Joong Ki by my side??? After Chocoball after-party ended….. Ah! We are absolutely not gay …. -_- ;;; wake up!!!!
哇 疯了 呵呵呵呵呵 为什么钟基哥在我旁边???巧克力球after party结束后……啊!我们绝对不是gay哦….-_-;;;wake up!!!!

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  1. I think this is really funny and cute, but seems Sukkie didn’t like it. He has deleted this one from twitter. Well, poor Sukkie, too bad, everything you post on twitter or weibo, the next second it is spread to everywhere in eels world. hahahha.

  2. I like Song Joong Ki, he was really good in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. And this picture actually just make me think of the drama. That Micky Yoochun, Yoon Ah in and Park Min Young were sharing the same room. Sukkie, as always, he is such a playful and lovable boy. My question to this picture is what the hell (forgive me) is chocolate ball party? hahahha.

      • Thank you so much QQ, you’re great! I came back from a party, it was already past midnight here, but then I keep reading all the posts and news feed about Sukkie, of course also watching those videos, now I don’t think I can ever go to bed before the dawn coming, hahaha. Hee Chui is going to Army next week. Wonder Sukkie and friends will have a goodbye party for him. I believe they are very good friends since they have done lots of program together.

      • omo, i was dum, this was the party for Hee Chui’s departing to Army. They must had blast at party. Wish we could see more picture from that. I love SJ.

  3. Sukkie deleted this photo in Twitter and posted in iPhone apps – saying this photo is for his eels only (cos scared reporters write something weird).

      • hey rose, do you notice that he posted that kind of pic 7 times in his twitpic? wakakaa…it’s another crazy tweet day for him i suppose (remember the day he tweet about kanjani8 yokohama yuu?, he tweeted like crazy, it’s not his usual habit, T v T), whuzzup with him?, i’m worried T v T….i think he stepped into another craziness level, kkkk…love you my prince!!

    • yes…his eyes & eyebrow are really so beautiful.. Sukkie looks like a baby when he is not having makeup or smiling and so natural… and he looks so different when he is not smiling or having makeup…can’t describe why he has such unique facial feature for a man…

      • hey buddy (*v*)…yes, i can’t describe him if he is more into “beautiful”, “cute”, or “handsome”, because he has them all. his eyes and smile, they seem to cheer us and tell us that everything will be all right. maybe that’s why people around him since his childhood years are really fond of him.

  4. I wonder if Joong Ki knows that Suk is taking a photo?hehe..he’s also cute and also have a beautiful smile like our prince..even while sleeping..(^_^) Suk your eels will never misunderstand u…and if those creepy reporters will spread a false rumor from the photo,then they have to be ready to battle with the kingdom of eels..hehe.. 😀

  5. Hi all, can anyone of you tell me is there any translation in Sukkie’s iphone apps? so nice of everone here to translate for Sukkie and we can get the info ASAP…so nice to have a united eels like you’ll, really looking forward to attend his party along with you’ll….

  6. I’m glad to see he repost on Twitter of the picture. I know he doesn’t care to show his real party style to public but it is true, sometime media can twist to report it something against him, but we all know the truth.

    I wish I could be part of his world. So many, see how he works, be with his friends, really inspiring and make you feel we should love the life as it’s beautiful.

  7. Our Sukkie is absolutely not gay!!! He says so. Why can people just believe him and leave his personal life alone. I’m always upset when people call him gay. Refer to the twitter picture, I see nothing wrong or obscene with the picture, just 2 good guy friends bunk-up together.

    PS. What is wrong with people being gays? Gay people are human too. Eel friends, I apologize for being too sensitive and emotional about this issue.


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