[19.08.2011] Tree-J twitter

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JKS: Met Yu Yokoyama in Busan but he appeared on Japan TV yesterday. Had a call saying that we should meet today …. he’s not answering call …. most likely in the midst of filming? It’s like that…. should be very busy …. it can only be like that


JKS: Ka, he called me just now!!!
(翻译:雪)咔 刚才来电话了!!!

JKS: I’m also a questionable character, why do news use strange photographs … please also use prettier photos. Brother reporters …. why do you dislike me only ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
(翻译:雪) 我也是个疑问人物,为什么只用奇怪的照片出新闻呢。。。也请发些漂亮点的照片啊 各位记者大哥呀 。。为什么只讨厌我ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


JKS: My self-taken photo is very good …… hahahaha

JKS: Stop joking~~ hahahaha

JKS: Netizens! Despite this, I’m working very hard to promote Korea and kimchi soup. Be nicer to me. Bow
(翻译:颖)网民们!即使这样还是在很努力的宣传韩国跟泡菜汤 对我好点吧 鞠躬

JKS: Eels, are you ready … sleeping eels, wake up!!!! Prepare to attack!!!!
(翻译:颖)鳗鱼们啊 准备好了。。。睡觉的鳗鱼都给我起来!!!!准备攻击!!!!

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  1. dear Sukkie having a lot of fun today on twitter …. the facial mask photo is a bit shocking though …. he really opens himself up to fans and shares his most real-life pics with us ^^

    … i suppose he’ll reveal later what we are supposed to attack??

      • stvcri, we should ignore such a TV program. It wasn’t broadcast on the major TV station. Honestly, I’ve never watched their TV programs. And the program was broadcast at the time many eels attended M3 event. So I think this program was made by anti-Sukkie. But to be honest, he is one of the international actors. So even if he is so famous among women in Japan, many Japanese (I mean those who don’t watch Korean drama or movie) won’t know him well. If the similar vote is planned with other Japanese stars such as SMAP, I think the result isn’t different so far. It was one of the results Sukkie drew attention from many people.

      • Kaori-chan, your analysis is again proving to all here that Japanese eels are smart & cool ^_^ Actually I was in a thread in BaiduSukbar just now with eels analysing what is the intention of the TV station & most matured eels feel the same way as what you have mentioned.. to attract antis as Sukkie is very popular & also the station to get higher TV rating.. and also like you said, the eels may not watch the channel & please don’t laugh of what I’m going to say next… the eels suspect those who poll are men.. jealous of Sukkie taking away the hearts of women..^_^ (just one analysis which is quite likely as he is so well loved by most ladies)

      • thanks so the comfort… i felt bad seeing him tweet that way, i think he was really bothered, and lately i noticed he’s really been very insecure with Jason at weibo, and now in Japan.. i dont know why, coz i think he doesnt need to be.

        it must be very lonely at the top.. and knowing that, he is still craving for attention. i love this guy too much to see him hurting.

    • no, he partied too much in Busan lol… it was a series of his birthday weekends.. he was there to watch Rain’s concert, whom he was personally invited.

  2. every day that passes by, I am more captivated by Sukkie. He is such a lovely person with an inner child characteristic that let’s you love him even more 😀 He really does enjoy posting in twitter and I hope that he will continue keeping his fans happy. We will always make Sukkie happy too! 😀


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