[News] Media feel unfair that JKS became target of anti-Hallyu influences

Sohu Korean Entertainment News – Korean star Jang Keun Suk held a “Marry me Mary” (M3) fan-meeting on 18 August at Budokan. This drama had favourable reviews when it was aired on KBS in May this year. On 18 August, JKS and Moon Geun Young re-enacted classic scenes from the drama, and also performed OST such as “Take Care, my Bus”.

In the talk segment, JKS continued his sudden streaks of cuteness. When asked which scene he liked best in M3, he answered directly, “the kissing scene, because we’ve had lots of practice”, which almost made all the eels in the audience faint. He then added that he was “joking, Michael Jordan (pronunciation of Jordan and ‘joking’ in Japanese is close)!” Every time that JKS visits Japan, he would exhibit the results of his Japanese language learning and the new phrases he learns.

Korean stars face difficulty on entering Japan
JKS passes Customs smoothly

On 17 August when JKS reached Haneda airport, around 800 fans were waiting for him. Upon seeing many reporters at the arrival hall, JKS waved and greeted them saying “long time no see”. When he saw eels, he pushed down his sunglasses and blew kisses, which earned praises from reporters that JKS was as intimate with his fans as before. Just like when he arrived at Haneda in June, relevant parties said to media that 800 fans were present, although certain airport personnel claimed that the actual number was 600. No matter which side is saying the truth, it is obvious that the situation (at the airport) was no different from the last time, and JKS’ popularity in Japan is top-class amongst Hallyu stars today.

Towards the end of July, Aoi Miyazaki’s husband Takaoka Sōsuke criticized Fuji TV on twitter for being favourable towards Hallyu, which sparked off a chain series of anti-Hallyu activities. The day before JKS arrived in Japan, K-pop stars such as BEAST and F.CUZ was refused entry by Customs which found out that their information submission was incomplete. The agencies of these artistes expressed that they had already completed all entry procedures and were puzzled at why they had been refused entry. The unspoken reason was clear, and it caused some worry as to whether JKS would face the same situation. Luckily, JKS had officially applied for a performance visa and was successful in clearing Customs.

Even so, in comparison to other Hallyu stars, the anti-Hallyu wave targeted at JKS was even more obvious.

Attacked by anti-Hallyu wave
Agency refutes rumour and states innocence

On 27 June when JKS came to Japan to promote his first official photo-book, rumours spread that “fans” had been paid to turn up and create a false impression of his popularity. The “recruitment” advertisement was circulated on the internet, offering 2,000 yen to women aged between junior high school to 49 years old and including meals and gift. The organiser on the advertisement was said to be JKS’ Japanese agency.

Other Korean stars had, in the past, also resorted to this method of recruiting fans, so JKS’ Japanese agency’s denial was not able to erase all doubt. As a result, on 17 Aug, besides being there to interview JKS, the media also tried to investigate the truth. Reporters at the scene interviewed more than 50 fans, who all said that they have heard about “fans recruitment” but have never seen any “fans” amongst the welcome contingent who have come as a result of the “advertisement”.

JKS’ Japanese agency which was thought to be the mastermind of the “fans recruitment” incident clarified to reporters that they have never done this sort of thing before, and say that this is the work of people who want to slander JKS.

A certain newspaper reporter pointed out that in Japanese showbiz, there are forces who aim to obstruct all Hallyu activities completely. As the symbolic representative of the new Hallyu wave, JKS is very unfortunately the target of slander by some people. Also, there are some Korean stars who wanted to get more compensation which was not provided for in their contract, and thus offending certain influential people in Japanese showbiz who then blocked their performance opportunities. JKS’ Japanese agency said that this is the first time that JKS has been wrongfully accused, and expressed puzzlement at this situation. JKS has a clear conscience that he has not done anything against anyone that might have resulted in such elaborate attempts to slander him.


Source: Korea Sohu

 搜狐韩娱讯 (舍人/采访、文)韩国男星张根硕8月18日在日本武道馆举行了所主演的电视剧《玛丽外宿中》的粉丝见面会,该剧今年5月在TBS播放后获得不错的口碑。当天张根硕和文根英等人再现了剧中的经典场景,并演绎了《拜托了 My Bus!》等两首OST。
  17日,张根硕到达羽田机场时,有约800名粉丝“接驾”。在到达厅见到众多等候的媒体时,根硕挥手寒暄道:“很久不见”,而见到鳗鱼时则摘下墨镜,派出飞吻,这一细节令诸多记者赞他对粉丝的贴心一如既往。和6月下旬抵达羽田机场一样,相关方面向媒体公布的是“800粉丝”,某机场人员则称“实际人数是600人才对”。不管如何哪一方的说法才是事实,“的确和前一次无异,根硕在日本的人气依旧是当今韩流明星中的top – class”。
  被反韩流势力袭击 事务所辟谣称其清者自清
  6月27日为宣传首部官方写真访日的张根硕传出“花钱聘请‘粉丝托儿’,制造人气假象”的说法,“招聘启事”也在网络上曝光:“参加资格 高中生-49岁的女性 人数多多益善 有礼金2000日元”,并承诺会包饭及附送礼品,这一活动的主办方是“张根硕的日本事务所”。“聘请‘粉丝托儿’这一做法,过去某韩星的确使用过,所以这次张根硕事务所亦传出此疑惑时,外界半信半疑”。因此,17日在羽田机场,媒体除了采访张根硕,也试图验证这一说法的真假。记者在现场采访了超过50名以上的粉丝,她们都表示“我们都听说过‘粉丝托儿’这件事,但就从未真的见拿着这张所谓的‘招聘启事’在欢迎队伍中滥竽充数的人”。

28 thoughts on “[News] Media feel unfair that JKS became target of anti-Hallyu influences”

    • Mindy, don’t worry as Sukkie’s real eel fans will remain as his eels forever ^_^ I believe the many real life scenes of seeing eels so happy to see him at airport and enjoying his dramas & his show to the point of crying & touched..the TV polling or internet polling may not reflect the accurate information as may be that channel is not popular channel with his fans (I think Kaori-chan can tell us more ^_^). Just like recent voting on internet, antis are everywhere to spread news on cheating by eels but in actual fact, the organiser has announced yesterday no cheating is found (which I know it is not possible with code input/validation as even naked eyes have problem seeing the code ^_^, how a program can see it!)

      • QQeyes007, Thanks so much for you’re always reminding everyone of Eels’ good faiths and royalties for our Prince. Some times, I cannot help myself not to feel pain or hurt when I read negative News and hate comments about JKS. Sukkie would never intentionally do some things that would hurt people. Sukkie repeatedly say he loves and will protect his Eels. All I know that our Sukkie is a warm and kind-hearted person. Why can other people see that? Fine!! If they don’t like him as an Artist, but why can just be professional and neutral about our Prince Sukkie.

        As for the Voting incident, I just don’t understand why people just can respect other’s choices of their stars. Win or Lose….no need to spread bad and hate comments around the World about other nominees. I remembered read some things awhile back about Voting System malfunction. At that time the other GUY was way far in the lead, his fans still accused that Eels crashing the system to prevent them from voting. If the other party could not vote, We eels could not vote too. Why would Eels do that when our star was a runner up? No sense what so ever……… I just hope that the announcement from the Voting Committee and organizer will stop the humor from further damage our Prince’s reputation.

        Love him to death.

      • Mindy, QQ, and other eels here,
        I posted the comment about it.

        But I received a painful news that Sukkie watched the news. He always check his news or articles (I hope he checks here!) and he accidentally encountered this malicious TV program. After he posted how he felt on twitter and his Japanese FC, Japanese eels have apologized to him… He knows that there were some anti-Sukkie, but even if he understand many eels support him, his feeling must be hurt… (;_;)

      • Kaori-chan, yes.. thanks I saw your reply.. and also knows Sukkie has commented “I’m angry” in Weibo.. but I actually I feel better now that I can “hear” him talking about his feeling on things every now & then then keep in silence or withdrawal.. and all his eels feel with him each time.. I was also imagining if Sukkie is saying that with HTK’s tone as we can see later he is playing with eel balloon already ^_^ (is he trying to tell us we’re giving him energy so don’t worry?)

    • When i saw the vid and translated all the people’s comments in google translate, seems that all are negative comments.. 🙁 , so please translate that vid. Definitely kaori chan will help us! Can ya? I also very curious to know what they said about our jks.. but i’s sure after 2 or 3 times they commented, saw him and knew the biograph of our prince, they will slowly or definitely turn their heart to love or at least like him.. i bet, don’t lie with your heart dear! 🙂

      • ren121, many eels saw this vid & comments, many knew all these are antis… did you realise in the internet many antis’ remarks these period when Sukkie is in Japan? I read in BaiduSukbar a thread discussing on this vid also, many eels believe the TV channel is making used of Sukkie’s popularity to increase rating instead by attracting antis… which is quite a possibility ^_^ I think we can try to ignore this vid & comment.. better look at things which make us smiles… better for our eyes , mind & heart.. LOL

  1. There is a saying in Chinese the bullet will hit the first bird. It is normal when a star gets so popular then there will be always some negative reports come out. That’s also the media world how they works. Anything no matter what, good or bad, if you put JKS’s name on it, it will attract people want to know about it. Whenever the negative reports come out, eels, the true supporter for Sukkie, need to stay calm, let the media deal with the things in the professional way, we know in heart, who is our true Sukkie, we believe in him and we love unconditionally.

  2. Whatever happens, we all know that JKS really has lots and tons of loyal fans and supporters and no Anti-Hallyu people can break that loyalty to him! 🙂 I will still keep supporting Sukkie all the way 😀 I hope that those Anti-hallyu would realize what a great person he is! ^_^ I hope Sukkie will still continue visiting his fans despite the things like rumors and issues such as this one ..^_^

    • mishka_dee, I agreed with you totally.. in fact I noticed that after each attack by antis, Sukkie now gain more eel fans as many are smart enough to tell the truth from rumour and existing eels will support him even more after getting to know of his inner beauty & charming personalities..

  3. This only shows how popular sukkie is now…. co’s some people really take their time to make those remarks…
    I agree with everybody totally!!!

  4. I can’t help but feel hurt and pain when I heard negative news about JKS. But at the same time, thanks to these bad news that I’ve seen the good side of him more. Every time he came out to protect and care for the feelings of Eels without hesitation. It makes me feel confident in him and want to support him more every day. I believe that his sincerity and his love for Eels will always remain the same as that Eels will love him forever.

  5. yesterday I saw in BaiduSukbar all the eels are cheering for Sukkie when Sukkie commented in Japan MMM FM (what he said is posted in Weibo too) that he knows the eels have gone through a hardtime defending him & themselves for some rumours.. he said he understands & tell his eels, “master” will protect you all…
    Many are so touched that he really mentioned this.. this could be related in response to recent antis acton (on internet, voting etc..)
    Remember this vid shared which were shared here by Farina earlier.. a touching vid of what Sukkie said on stage as he really announces his love for his eels knowing the support given to me..

    • I would like to share what I see in BaiduSukbar during this year & last year voting… really, those who understand Chinese & are submerged eels (view with no comment) in the thread, can see what the eels have been through in dedicated voting day & night (I believe many of the panda eyes in this blog too ^_^) .. mama & senior eels coaching new & younger eels the rightful way & ignore antis.. and when there are argument broke out in the thread when antis come into the thread, the bar admin trash & delete the thread immediately.. I was in some thread with argument when eels are defending with very nasty antis’ provoking remarks.. I read some of the remarks too as these antis came to the thread intentionally…most eels are cool enough to bypass but a few can’t take it & argue back with antis.. so bar admin laid the rules at the top of the bar, if any thread found inviting antis & argument, delete straight away! And in past 2 voting, I notice also Tree-J actually announced on the officially website and advise the eels not to say anything bad about the idols of other fans (Sukkie ever mentioned before he dislikes “internet demon” a lot & this applies to anyone including his own eels ^_^), this has become an unwritten house rules for the eels…

      • really appreciate Chinese eels & eels over Asia for supporting our Little Prince. Thank you so much, QQeyes007 <3

  6. Previously i ever ask Tenshi about demonstration from anti halyu in jpn few days ago before MMM FM im so worried it gonna give bad impact with SUK event at jpn,Tenshi admitted it was true but it was done by some few people who dont know anything about halyu just provoked by jpn actor twitter,in the fact we indeed saw the SUK event successful..since that even i heard bad rumours about SUK i always keep telling my self to calm down and saw everyhing from positive side.. like IND proverb said the higher of the tree the wind blow it more strong..
    QQ, thanks 4 your info ^o^ for the begining i believe SUK never let anyone hurt his eels,for him eels like his own family…thats way no matter what i’ll always support him 🙂

    • Cherry & Quyen, don’t mention as it seems like we will automatically defend Sukkie.. I started to comment in Youtube because I want to defend Sukkie & sharing the correct information as I saw many antis spreading wrong info of Sukkie & eels.. if not I will stay as a submerged eel forever & won’t have the chance to know many eels here in aphrael’s blog ^_^ reason I came here also because I saw aphrael is such a dedicated eel fan who sacrifice her time & effort always translating to share with more eels.. we are doing for the same purpose..and glad so many eels with love in this pond, just like in BaiduSukbar, many eels feel so at home in the pond, like a big family.. here we are international eels who come with different countries, cultural background, personalities, time zone & yet it is a cozy family ^_^

  7. previously i ever ask Tenshi about demonstrasion from anti hallyu at jpn few days ago before MMM FM ,im so worried it gonna have bad impact for SUK event at jpn..Tenshi admitted its true but it was doing by some few people who doesnt know anything about hallyu just only provoked by jpn actor twiteer and jpn eels no influenced at all..indeed we all see the event is successful..since that everytime i heard unpleasant rumours about SUK i always keep telling my self to calm down& see everything from positive side, like IND proverb said more higher the tree,the wind was blow more strong
    QQ, thanks 4 your info ^o^ from the begining i believe that SUK never ever let anyone hurt his eels,for him eels like his own family, thats way no matter what i”ll always support him

  8. No matter what negative talks on the internet nor news about our Sukkie, we eels
    are ever ready to protect him.
    Those antis makes us international eels all over the world more closer and the
    bond between us stronger – all for the sake of our Prince J.
    Please let us all pray for Sukkie May God protect and shield him from all the adverse
    remarks. We know truly from the bottom of our heart who Sukkie is in reality.
    The bond he has with his eels is truly sincere and that makes him connect between
    the two.
    Knowing his character, he will never ever do anything to provoke or hurt anyone .
    Love him for what he is and will always be on his side.

  9. 日本語でコメントすること お許しください

      • The translation is below.
        I’m sorry to put the comment here in Japanese.
        Reading this article, I’m shamed as a Japanese citizen. It’s true that there are anti-Hanlyu stars in Japan. But it is unforgivable to twist the truth and broadcast it wrongly. I’m extremely sorry about that. Sukkie watched the malicious TV program obviously. Many Japanese eels including me have sent him a messaget to cheer him up. He is such a delicate person that my heart aches just thinking of how much it hurt his feeling. Again, I don’t know how to apologize to his loyal eels.

    • Thanks so much, tenshi!

      Hi nagisa,

      Just sharing my thoughts (and sorry I don’t know Japanese) ….

      So long as JKS has the support and encouragement of Japanese eels (and the rest of us), I think he will feel comforted. So really thanks to all the Japanese eels who continue to stand by his side and support him.

      All of your continued strong support shows Japan and the rest of the world that the “fan recruitment” incident and that TV programme are really just the work of anti-Hallyu people, and JKS has done nothing to deserve it. He is innocent!

      We cannot expect everyone to embrace Korean culture; there will definitely be people who don’t like other cultural influences. Everyone is entitled to their own personal feelings, which is fine, but like what you say, it is unforgivable to twist the truth and do wrong deeds against innocent people….

      The Japanese people are famed in the world for being very considerate (you too~! ^^) I think there is no need for you to apologize, because you are not the one in the wrong. The people who slander JKS should be the ones to apologize for their action, but I don’t expect them to because they have such obstinate thinking already …. so there is no need for you to say sorry to us ^^

      Thanks for your comment!
      Gambateh! Love JKS~! mero mero~! 🙂


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