[18.08.2011] Tree-J twitter

JKS: I am now in the midst of the performance. Why is the passageway here so long!!! But~ believe me!!!!
张根硕贴吧官方微博:【110818treeJ推特】我现在在公演中 这里为什么这里的通道这么长 咳咳!!!!但是~相信我!!!!(翻译:雪儿

3 thoughts on “[18.08.2011] Tree-J twitter”

    • cri-J,

      This website voting seems …. unique.
      It’s not the usual awards cermony kind of voting.
      I’m asking KSC for the background to this website.

      but basically it seems like a kind of voting website, for every single thing that can be voted on, so besides celebrities, even various products etc have their own ranking.
      and netizens can start their own ranking board / contest, as well as nominate more options for a ranking board.

      as for the deadline, there are voting boards with no deadline at all (i.e. on-going forever, especially for product ranking).
      And there are boards with a voting deadline. The voting deadline will appear on the voting page itself one month before the voting deadline.
      I don’t see any deadline on that page, so it means the deadline has not yet come.


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