[18.08.2011] “Marry me Mary” concert at Budokan – spoilers

Credit: satsukiei

Pic credits: as tagged / various eels

I cannot believe it!!! Mu-gyul’s mother took the chance to kiss him!!

Budokan, Tokyo

For more pics,
The tickets….. I want one …..

List of actors today

Very cute Japanese handwriting!
Message says:

Japan! Hi cri! Long time no see. Very thankful to everyone for waiting to see me once again on stage! And thanks for so many people coming. You can only look at me!!! I’m coming!!
日本!Hi cri! 好久不见。大家再一次的在为舞台见面而等我很感谢!也感谢大家来了那么多。(张总日语有点生硬,但是很可爱)“只准看我一个人!!!”(黄泰京的台词,日本女的很喜欢这种S型的)大爷我来了!!

Did I say I hate queueing? ….

Merchandise on sale!

Venue was full-house with 10,500 fans!
And there’s the playground on the stage!

The show started with re-enactment of wedding scene from M3!
Sounds so exciting! Wish I was there!

Acting improvised scene from M3?

24 thoughts on “[18.08.2011] “Marry me Mary” concert at Budokan – spoilers”

    • MMM FM looks like a live musical, interesting… I guess Sukkie may be sweating a lot indoors as the air-conditioned temperature must be higher due to energy saving effort in Japan & also still it is hot summer now…

  1. I could just imagine how awesome the show was. It really looks like a musical 🙂 I’m glad that ten thousand fans were there to witness it. I know that JKS and MGY are very happy right now. More power to the whole cast of MMM! I wonder if they will hold a show on other Asian countries as well.

  2. I wish I was there, Mu Kyul is my favorite role he played so far. I watched most of all his dramas and movies. Just love him so much! He is the soul of the show I can tell. All the 10500 people went to the show for him I guess. What a big pond of eels, I feel the air is hot there. I love the wardrobe of Mu Kyul and the hair… nomonomo chuwaaeyo. 🙂

    • SukkiefanNC, I just love any drama or movie with Sukkie in it (even he is not the lead actor like in BV & HGD), he really makes the role he is playing become a role he creates himself, not a role from reading the script.. In MMM, there are many scenes which are so unique, be it funny/comedy, romantic, sad or heart warming.. he can display all emotion so well.. I remember the scene when he yawn when taking the Christmas jingles with 2nd lead actress in the studio, it is really like a real yawn (lol..may be 2 hours of sleep then)
      If I’m not wrong, today is the 1st show, there are 3 more shows in Japan for MMM FM.. I understand 64,000 tickets sold out for MMM FM..

      • QQeyes007, Yes, I love him in all the works he played. BV and HGD. Have you watched his 2010 Asia Tour 1-10? They put on youtube. is like almost 4 hours video, but I love every minutes of them. Some scenes are so funny and too cute.

      • yes, I saw all the Asia Tour series.. that is real him in BTS & I laugh hard many times and also the part when he & his managers were playing a game before crossing the road in Japan, whoever loses, must dance when crossing the road.. now he can’t do that as almost everyone in Japan knows him already unless he disguises ^_^ Oh yes, have u seen a scene in YAB? I didn’t know he actually slept until I saw the BTS, he had a drip at hospital a day before the scene for flu or exhaustion..so the director just let him slept through on the bed while filming PSH falling over him after getting the electric gun.. the BTS is so funny as PSH was teasing with Sukkie’s lips as he slept so soundly.. LOL

      • I did see that too, so funny. I love the Asia Tour, when he was signing the posters and singing with Mr. Kim, that was really funny.

      • That was my favourite part too! Never seen an artiste so high when autographing posters in the hotel room 😀

      • LOL.. yah mgr and him singing hard together… when signing autographs… and he even said mgr off-tune… hilarous

  3. Hi ladies! I’m a huge fan of him, but only a beginner. I just recently start liking him. I’m so glad that I found this site! ^_^
    Anyways, I don’t understand the “marry me mary” concert. Are they just singing the songs? Or Like a musical? Or are they doing the whole series on that state?

  4. oh… I wish I was there !!! love Keun suk’s hair. but he will cut his hair soon right 🙁 I will miss his hair huhuhu T_T


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