[11.07.11] JKS at TV show recording in Zhe-jiang

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11 July 2011 – First-generation Zegda product embassador, Korean star JKS has reached Zhe-jiang School of Mass Media today at around 3.10 pm to participate in the recording of a television programme called “I love to memorize lyrics”. This is the first time JKS is attending a China TV programme.

Zegda正大 2011年7月11日正大第一代品牌代言人韩国巨星张根硕将登陆浙江卫视《我爱记歌词》,这也是张根硕第一次登陆中国内地节目。目前正大工作人员已抵达节目录制现场浙江传媒学院!

Fruits and snacks prepared by TV station

Fans waiting to welcome him

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  1. hai gals.. i read from FB that suk fan give him extravagant gift such as a porsche.. is it true..??wouww.. i bet she must be loyal & wealthy eel 🙂 but that article doesn’t mention wich country that fan from..

    • Hi balqis,
      I read the article n the comments too from allkpop or something. I think they were mistaken; the Spore fans arranged for Suk a limousine ESCORTED by 4 Porsches…. If Suk was presented a Porsche, it wld hv hit the news by now. But, this is just my assumption. So if it’s true that he was indeed given a Porsche, Aphrael, please make a HUGE announcement so that I won’t miss it!

      • hi ladies, actually the news on the S’pore fan providing the convoy of limousine & 4 Porsche appeared on local Chinese newspapers (wan bao) during his Cri-show in S’pore, I saw that as his news appeared consecutive for few days in April, including this news.. the reporter mentioned that the sponsor has been a fan of Sukkie for a few years & she prefers to keep low profile & anonymous ^_^

  2. Hi aphrael77

    I want to send a e-mail to you.
    Could you give me a e-mail to me. (I think you may see my e-mail address)

  3. farina & QQeyes007.. thanks 4 both of you detailed clarification..i heard about the limousin not 4 porsche 🙂 2 thumbs up for all of you gals(s’pore,hk,twn,bkk,malay,chn,jpn eels) you gals envied me.. hope soon suk will have show in my country indonesia.. 🙂


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