[11.07.11] Behind-the-scenes: “I love memorizing lyrics” TV recording

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“I love memorizing lyrics” TV recording today seems to be a tremendous success. JKS’ sense of humour and liveliness undoubtedly brought much fun and laughter to the programme, and some even commented that the atmosphere at this programme was even higher than the Cri Show! It’s a show not to be missed!

For more snippets on what happened at the recording today,

JKS and Zhu Dan re-enacting a classical crying scene from “You are Beautiful” (YAB). Zhu Dan shed genuine tears and JKS was so absorbed in the acting that the gentleness emanating from his face melted the hearts of eels …


Talking about possible collaboration with Chinese actresses … ???


JKS was shy when talking about kissing scene




JKS imitating Hwang Tae-kyung’s expression. Other contestants on the show also imitated. Lots of fun … JKS laughed like mad


JKS sang a song from YAB! It was great! Not a pre-recording but live recording! Very natural and smooth-flowing! Very touching scene…


JKS listened to all the fans singing a song from YAB!


JKS was surprised by 2 contestants competing in Korean dance!


Some questions asked during the show:

JKS was asked what he thinks his strength and weakness are. He said his strength is that he does not have weaknesses, and his weakness is that every time he likes to say that he has no weakness. What he likes to do during KTV is to dance as he sings… and play games. JKS demonstrated a game that he plays in the nightclub, and danced a bit of “bo peep bo peep”.

The emcee asked JKS who he will choose between Shu Qi and Zhu Dan. JKS considered the question for a long time, and said that Shu Qi is his senior. Then he asked playfully, is Zhu Dan the only choice amongst all at the scene? JKS added that from today onwards, he will change his ideal girl type to Zhu Dan. The emcee was surprised and asked, are dark-skinned girls fashionable in Korea too? JKS broke out into his trademark guffaw.

If he can travel back in time, JKS would choose to go to the time when he was 4 or 5 years old, because then he could hold his mother’s hands and enter the (women’s) public bath together…

Besides his Lounge H new album, JKS said that he wants to release another new album called “Is there ice-cream?” [joking], because he can eat up to 8 ice-creams in a day and he likes to eat mapo tofu. The last question, does JKS know how to sing Chinese song? JKS then sang the romantic “You’re going to marry me today”, and all the eels sang it together with him.

@黄瓜瓜瓜瓜瓜Cri:领唱问他最喜欢在KTV唱的歌是什么,他说自己会边唱边跳…玩玩游戏,Show了下他会在夜店玩的游戏,跳了下bo peep bo peep
@Zegda正大 :主持人问舒琪和朱丹选哪一个…考虑半天…他说舒琪是他尊敬的前辈,(调皮回答)现场好像只能选朱丹噢?哈哈…
@Zegda正大 :最后问题,会不会唱中文歌吗?他很浪漫的唱了《今天你要嫁给我》!全场鳗鱼一起唱










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  1. Wow! He looks so terrific!!!! I really like this kind of style ^^
    Needless to say, I really wanna watch the program. I can’t wait!

      • When is it gonna be broadcast??? Can’t miss this for the world!! Someone better upload this show on YT or I’m gonna bang my head against the wall!

      • I cant wait for the show. I wanna watch it. Aprael, I will patiently wait for your update on this.

        Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m an eel from Malaysia. I have been following this blog for some time, but didnt post much comments until recently. I really hope we can be friends. Sukkie really have united all his eels. I’m so so glad to be one of his eels. Will support him forever.

    • Farina, you have amazingly both quick ears and good eyes!!! Thanks for sharing so soon! 🙂 I think it wasn’t broadcasted yet officially, right? Still, I’m happy to have a glimpse of JKS’ performance.

      • The rest of my links are awaiting moderation 🙂 you guys just follow the uploader links. There are about 8-10 vids…

    • Wow Wow Wow! Farina, you are amazingly quick!!! Thanks for the videos! 🙂

      Btw, what was JKS doing at 1:48 in the 2nd video? I wonder what kind of expression he made that actually scare off that lady host? hehee! ;p

      • I think he was playing a prank & act as if he was gonna kiss her…. what a waste of opportunity!! I wld hv grabbed him n given him a lip-lock till he turns blue! LOLOLOL!!!!!!

  2. i’m so happy he could appear in a game show…! just read the article, i could imagine all his adorable action… really a must seen show !
    thx Farina for the video!

  3. Hey guys, I’m just happy to be able to share our love for Suk… You can imagine how free I am at work…. hehehe!! People around me don’t understand my craze for this kid; I tend to wonder the same! Never before was I ever in this state; even when I was working at the airport and sometimes had the chance to meet celebs, I wouldn’t bother to get autographs or go out of my way to see them.

    I’m really grateful to meet all of you here on Aphrael’s blog cos we speak the same language 🙂 Thanks Aphrael for having this wonderful blog!! MUAAHHHHH!!!!!!

    • Hello to all Eels, I miss you all.
      I have been gone away last few days for family camping trip where I don’t have the Internet access. I miss reading news about Sukkie sooooo bad. While at the wilderness, I was so anxious to come home, to my computer, to Sukkie. I don’t understand myself why I behave this way toward an idol whom I have never met before in person. I am TOTALLY crazeey over him. Every day, I have to have at least one of Sukkie’s Vitamins so I can be energized and happy ~ Vitamins such listening to his songs or looking at his pictures or watching his many variety videos from Youtube or from my personal collections or reading anything and everything related to JKS. Geeeeeze……the list is endless

      • Kailey, We’re all alike… 🙂
        I think “vitamin” is a good metaphor for JKS. Just as vitamin has a lot of kinds and effects, he has a lot of charms! And also our life without JKS leads to be unhealthy as well as vitamin!

      • kailey, welcome to the club ^^

        i totally understand the JKS (and internet) addiction.
        When my internet failed again last night, i was literally pulling my hair out, cos there were videos I couldn’t subtitle and upload. so instead of piggy-backing on my brother’s internet connection, now I have to go and apply for my own, which will hopefully be more stable ….

        anyway, hope your camping trip has been fun (even without JKS, haha~)

    • Farina, i really envy ur job, because I’m getting busier, which means less time for JKS! 🙁
      i will continue to work hard … : )

  4. wkwkwk… i think all of us here has same background,i guess most of us never craziest with idol star before we’re meet suk right 🙂 initially i feel awkward with my self how i become suk addicted.. LOL..now i feel happy and excited especially since i found aphrael’s blog…thank sooooooooo much aphrael 🙂 🙂

  5. All of us here are at same boat. My friends around me knowing Im crazy with him. Search his news whenever Im free or sometimes stop my work and read his update news to release stress.
    Some of them dont understand my feeling, I have no way to share it. Lucky from here we can share the feeling and exchange views …because we have same interest and important we all love him much! Right?
    Happy to know you all. …sincerely
    I didnt comment does not mean I didnt read this blog, just recently very busy on work…but everyday will read his update news thru here…

    • yeah,we really are in just one boat,..lol,.and during my break and lunch, i always access this site to know the latest news about our PrinceJ..and actually, even if im on work mode, im always accessing the website,..and hope not to be caught by my boss,.. ;p

  6. Haha me too – looks like sinking in the same boat will all of you.
    Back at my office – we (me and another two friends) even created a cosy corner for our Prince J.
    Photos of him hanging on the wall and also on our desk, even our computer
    screen , where ever we turn – we will see him smiling.
    His song will serenade us for 8 hours daily – that is our energy booster to keep
    us alert and working hard.
    Just wonder a minute without his voice – HE IS REALLY AMAZING.
    Thanks Aphrael because of you we Sukkie’s eels can relate our feelings in this blog.

  7. Why is it all about YAB, not that im complaining hehehe…..I love it, i love it….I love YAB
    ( my fave among his works). Still he knows the lines after 2 years ,amazing. Anyway i already watched some vids a few days ago … but still waiting for the whole interview with eng sub.


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