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  1. thanks a lot for sharing.. i know its hard for due to many difficulties but still you made it. your such a great eel.

    nice to hear those words from JKS that he wants to become the Prince of Asia and he hopes that all of us will be with him till the day he achieves his dream.. Absolutely we will be at his back forever, no matter what happens we will never let him down..^_^

  2. aphrael, what a hard trip, isn’t it!? I also have severe cramps, so I can imagine your situation easily… 
    Well, now that we can get a lot of JKS’ latest news including his Cri Show through different sources, but we can feel more real experience through your fan account. Including your personal experience, we can feel as if I were you. This fan account is a real behind-the-scene of an eel’s Cri Show!!!!  aphrael, thanks so much for sharing even if you must be so tired… And I hope before the show you enjoyed your personal trip with daydreaming ^^ 

  3. thanks for sharing the experience with us..:)
    i was actually quite shocked to see such a large group of standing area.. and tot it muz be quite uncomfortable to be have squeezed together like that.. but for sukkie.. think eels will still do it..:)

  4. Hi Aphrael, welcome home! Poor you having to go thru all the inconveniences…. Really grateful for all the updates and as Kaori-chan said, reading your personal account gave us a glimpse of what the atmosphere was like there…

    Would like to know though what you felt when Suk cried on stage?

  5. Aphrael though is a tough trip for SH show, at least u can still hear his voice & get to see him 🙂 Is fine, another experience in your life abt China rules & regulation. Envy you can get lots of merchandises. I like the bag too, with his singature too 😉 ….. Thx for your write-up & photos.

    Take a good rest is the most important thing now. Hope he will be back to KL next year and get a good & comfortable seating…

  6. oh aphrael i understand your situation.. me either can’t stand on crowded places ‘coz its suffocates me.. but anyway another first hand experience as an eel to reminisce.. thanks for the account and sharing these experiences.. 🙂

  7. Dear Aphrael. Hope you are recovering well from the SH trip. I totally understand the pain you went through because I have severe cramps too, sometimes to an extend of vomiting and such. Having said that, I think you are a very tough Eel. I’m proud of you. I’m very happy to read your fans account. As what Kaori-chan said, really feels like I’m phycically there, experiencing what you experienced. The SH CRI show is really very good. JKS seems very high. And yes, I will be there for him til the day he become Prince of Asia. Whatever it is, I will always be there for him.

  8. Thank you for sharing your experience and photos. It gives us a glimpse of what happened. I’m also curious what the eels felt when they heard our Prince cried on the stage. He has come a long way. My admiration for him grew because he has such a tender heart and persevering spirit. His success is certainly not a coinsidence. He deserves it!

  9. Thanks Aphrael, love the bag, sorry for the pain you went through. It makes all the posts of you even more precious. You’re like Sukkie, a tough eel, fighting. I hope the model of Japanese eels can spread all over other areas and countries for eels to learn to respect rules and order, since eels will get benefits from that and Sukkie will love it too. Hope you have a safe trip back home and take a good rest before you head back to work. Thanks again, Gangsangmida!

  10. ahhhhhhhh thanks so much for your awesome account, im sorry that you had to go through so much but im also so jealous that you at least got to hear him live….i wanted to go too but maybe i will have better luck next time, i hope you get more rest and feel better =D

  11. Aphrael welcome home & thank you so much for sharing with us your personal experiences. Reading this article makes me feel like as if i am there with you gals! 🙂

    But oh gosh! Feel so sorry hearing all the pain you went through & the extreme long hours you & Daydreaming got to endure! Both of you must be extremely worn out at the end of the day! But i guess it is all worth it right?!
    Being able to hear JKS voice again, hear him sing live, see him performed & danced and being so happy that the last cri-show in Asia is a success, all your pain & hard-work are definitely worth it!!

    And YES we will definitely support JKS wherever he go and however long it takes!! Cos we eels will always be with him throughout!!! 😀

    Aphrael, do have a good rest & take care okie. Btw love your new bag with HTK cartoon character on it! It is sooooo cute! Maybe you should look at your new & cute purchases to chase the pain away? hehe! ;p
    JKS is a multi-purpose medicine that can help you chase away all pain. 😀

    • Totally agree wit you crazyoverJKS 🙂

      Aphrael so sorry to hear that the Shanghai Experience wasnt great but on the bright sight you still got to see our prince!

  12. Aphrael, do have a good rest & take care. And thanks so much for the pic.. Well, you still got to hear his voice live…

  13. Welcome back aphrael77!!! many of us miss u here… something is missing when we don’t hear from u ^_^ I can imagine what u have been through as I saw a few fan accounts from BaiduSukbar for the VIP standing tickets.. and for your situation then was tougher & I’m sure I will faint there & create a scene for sure! (actually.. I fainted a few times for heat, crowd & cramps!) Thanks for sharing the fan account & hope you have a good rest… I’m sure no matter what, you will treasure this one in a lifetime experience with Sukkie ^_^
    Here is one “multi-purpose medicine” (quoted from crazyoverJKS) to make you smiles!!!

  14. Congrats Aphrael, I’m sorry you couldn’t enjoy it as much as the others show, but I feel still you had a good time! I was in CHina for the Shanghai expo 2010 and I queued for hours and hours (it took me 5 hours to visit the japanese pavillon ugh), all I can say is chinese people are used to queue and very good at it lol and those little stools are very convenient!

  15. Thanks, Aphrael, I can’t agree more with the fellow eels here, but I particully like your photo which you was sitting on your stool while you were queuing! so cute! After somedays, you will feel the Shanghai trip was not that bad after all, you have experienced a very truly lifestyle in China. Thanks again for sharing your first hand tour diary!

  16. Thanks Aphrael for the fan account – you are great and one of JKS most faithful eels.
    Its so touched to hear that he cried while singing “your precious” that song must
    have an emotional feeling that really captured his heart.
    Felt joy when JKS said that he wanted to be Prince of Asia. For sure he will be
    very soon and re-assure that all his eels will be behind him till he achieve his
    Once again Aphrael – komawa and have a good rest.

  17. Thanks Aphrael for the fan account – you’re great and one of JKS most faithful and
    hard working eels.
    Its so touched to hear that he cried while singing ‘your precious’ that song must have
    an emotional feeling that really captured his heart.
    Felt joy hearing that Sukkie wanted to be Prince of Asia – very sure he will be very soon and re-assure that all his eels will always be behind him till he achieve his dream.
    Once again – komawa Aphrael and have a good rest.

  18. Hi Ivy,

    I can totally understand your experiences in Shanghai, chinese behaviours (ie rush, push and crowd everywhere) and general lack of adherence to rules and regulations . Surfice to say that after one independent trip to Shanghai and Hangzhou, I swore to myself that I never want to spend my tourist dollars there again, ever! The place really did not leave any positive impression at all, regardless of what others may say and the country growing rapidly into a superpower.

    Compared to the Shanghai FM, it really makes one appreciates the Singapore FM so much more. We got to see so much more of Keun Suk, seated in cool comfort with clear, unobstructed view of him and so, so very near too! Minus the razzmatazz, dazzling lights etc is fine because it is really only him that we wanted to see, hear and feel.

    I still think the best place to watch Keun Suk is in the country where he is likely to be most comfortable in – Japan and Korea. I also think his programs there would be more organised and orderly. So how about planning a trip to SKorea for his concert next year?:)

    • Yup! I also feel that Sukkie feel most comfortable in Korea & Japan as he can communicate with his eels, that is why in these 2 countries, his FM has long interview, even if I don’t understand what he is saying, I enjoy his long talk on stage & the interaction with fans ^_^

  19. wow that was an experience.. im sorry 🙁
    i also heard that some eels were throwing oolong tea and orange soda to his face? :((

  20. sharing here some very clear vids of Sukkie’s LoungeH at Cri-Show Shanghai, saw in BaiduSukbar the news about the young eel fan who splashed soda apologised & many eel fans in the Sukbar are actually very angry with the action but forgive her after she apologised.. I think this young fan get carried away in that kind of “high” atmosphere..

  21. Congratulations!!! you did it. wow. aphrael, for next year’s tour then, which cri show is the best? The singapore cri show is the best for me, you can get to see him clearly.:) do you have any idea which month will his anniversary will be? I hope he can announce it before the year ends so we can schedule it already. haha.


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