[Pics] Sina updates

JKS says: “Together with a pig”

For more pics,

Last night at dinner after Cri Show

Eating food bought by eels before Cri Show started

[9 July, 15:09 hrs] Jason Jang encouraged replies from fans in English, Japanese or Korean because JKS wanted to read the replies for himself.

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    • yup aphrael.. can you sub it for us if you still have time.. 🙂
      i just seen that vid on fb and watched it.. as time goes by JKS live performances is getting and getting better.. “OH MY DARLING” what a catchy song.. love it so much 😀

    • Ren121, give me yr email. I downloaded it but it’s not a YouTube link n I don’t know how to copy & paste it here from my downloaded file…. It’s when he sang My Precious. If you guys have FB account, you may want to add Cri-j indonesia, Dream & Live with Jang Keun Suk, I love Jang Keun Suk, EelsUSA, We are the Mighty Seoulsisters etc…. You will get plenty of updates and vids 🙂

  1. I saw this super cute video, this was Sukkie making one of the song in his Let my Cry album, Bye bye bye. He sings so well and also he was playing with the dog, not Sunnie, but super cute. Just love it. Enjoy!


    In this song, hie voice is so passionate and gentleness, just like the ocean breeze, make you feel so beautiful.


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