Cri Show in Seoul !

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“JKS Cri Show in Seoul” will be held on 7 August at Olympics Hall. As the final stop in the Asia Tour, hope that eels will take note of this.

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@张根硕贴吧官方微博:treej推特更新:<张根硕亚洲巡演 Cri Show in 首尔>将于2011年8月7日在奥林匹克Hall举行。作为亚洲巡演的压轴场,希望各位鳗鱼对首尔Cri Show多多关注!!^^Ticket Linking – yes24

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    • Hi Nita,
      Here is the link with Eng related to the vid, it is ok as with this incident, we can see that Sukkie & his managers really took in advice from senior actors.. this is one thing I like about Sukkie & his managers, they respect the seniors & take in advice to improve… I see this as a positive news ^_^’s-manager-is-determined-to-better-support-jang-when-a-senior-actor-gives-him-a-well-pointed-advice/

      • It’s 3 years ago . and JKS apologized to the elder actor in public at that time. and the elder actor accepted JKS’s apology 3 years ago. And that incident was in Ex-managemnet office. After that incident JKS came out ex-management office. at that time JKS had many work to do. and Ex-office’s management is not good. It was not actually JKS’fault, but JKS himself apologized to the elder actor 3 years ago. It’s the end. I am very angry for that elder actor to attract attention of public to say about the end event. JKS is hot in Korea right now. so so many people talk about JKS to attract attention of public.
        It’s the elder actor’s fault. I’m very doubt about the elder actor’s intention. but Korean think young people might oblige to elder people. so I and eels restrain to comment about this news.
        Please It’s not JKS’ fault. and I don’t want to spread this kind of news with bad intention.(I’m korean). we are worried about spreading this kind of news with bad intention all over the world.

      • CuteCute, thanks for the explanation.. It’s nice to hear from Korean eel fan here on the actual situation back in Korea. I read many articles & sharing by Chinese eels from BaiduSukbar about Sukkie’s tough time during BV… Understand that even in modern Korea’s society, giving respect to seniors plays an important part in the society.. I fully understand Sukkie’s position in handling this matter, don’t worry, we eels will support him forever ^_

      • cute cute at last i found a korean eel. R u frm Seoul? Do u mine if i get yr email add frm Aphrael as i will b going to yr country this oct. Hope to get some info from u 😉

      • thanks girls ^^ for your clearly i said even before i watch the video which i didn’t understand Korean Language I THOUGHT our Jang Keun Suk must take a positive thinking about that comment or advise for the senior, i even respect him… so if there some people would try to make BAD IMPACT wit blow up this news, it’s not work with us or JKS’s Eels because we know him. He even apologized and i thought about this before ^^ I LOVE JANG KEUN SUK MORE AND MORE !!! *hug*

      • cutecute, thanks for your comment! It’s very helpful to understand the background of the news. Thanks again! 🙂

      • cutecute, thanks for your clarification. I will always support Sukkie now matter what.
        Are you from Seoul? I am planning to go for his CRI show in Aug. Do you mind giving me your contact details so I can ask you more about the show? I checked the ticketing information, but it’s in Hangul – Unfortunately, my hangul is very limited. Would really appreciate your help.

    • welcome to seoul Rose
      Before start ticketting of cri-show, let you know how you could buy the ticket on this site. and then if you need more my help indivisually, we could discuss how i give my e-mail address.

      • Thank you very much for your help cutecute! Really appreciate your kindness. Will follow for the updated ticketing information on this site. I have got my Seoul airtickets. I’m so so so excited 🙂

  1. Oh no! why not in Oct 2011 *crying* I will be at Korea ….. the poster also different from most of other country Cri Show, another side of JKS

  2. i’ve just finished watching BV. Suddenly this news came accross. His appearance was totally different from yab n mmm. Wonderful! This script wanted him to always say ‘no’ but finally will become a yes man guy.. pity him, i also cried when the scene he cried because he was abandoned by his so called girlfriend.. So, how sad when that senior commented on him, but he could learn more to get better in his life, Fighting JKS!!

    • Me too ‘ren’ ,I finished it two weeks ago, but I got some side effects.hahahahahyyyy..
      I was suffering from fever,may be it was A SUKII’S fever ……..haahahy..
      I’m just kidding…………….
      That he is more of a wonderful series I’ve seen,But it’s really this series”BV” affected in my life so much…..I love it so much..

    • BV is one of the best drama I have seen, besides the storyline & production, I’m just too impressed with Sukkie’s acting there (but I don’t know he is actually JKS then as normally I don’t bother to remember the actor name but his acting leaves a lasting impression then for me ^_^), I also watched about the same time the drama HGD & again I’m impressed by the 2nd lead actor…who is also JKS (also I didn’t bother to to remember the actor name & didn’t know he is same as the actor in BV ^_^)….then comes YAB…I start to notice the actor looks familiar & so much impressed with this actor who can act so well with very original expression & a beautiful voice talking & singing… that really make me find more about him…that is more than 1 year ago & I’m still caught with JKS virus since BV…

  3. QQeyes007, I also got the so called JKS virus but that is after watching One Missed Call Final. And im so impressed with him in BV and also in The Case of Itaewon Homicide where he had to speak english. He’s really amazing!!

  4. Hi cutecute, I will be going to CRI show in Seoul. May I have your contacts so I can ask for your help?

    I’m so happy that the CRI show in Seoul is during the time when I planned my visit to Korea!!!

  5. Thank you very much for your help cutecute! Really appreciate your kindness. Will follow for the updated ticketing information on this site. I have got my Seoul airtickets. I’m so so so excited 🙂


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