[News] Jang Geun-seok earns 40 billion won in Japan

There has been a prospect that Jang Geun-seok will record a sales of more than 3 billion Yen (40 billion won ~ US$40 million).

According to the Japanese evening paper Nitkangendai, “Jang Geun-seok is expected to earn more than 3 billion Yen just this year with commercials, music sales, concert tickets, photo collections, character sales and more”.

“Jang Geun-seok has received eight hundred million won for the Santori Seoul Makgolli commercial and is about to step over Bae Yong-joon. He will get more than a billion won for 1 commercial next year and there are several companies waiting in line to work with him”.

Active in acting, music and other areas, Jang Geun-seok put up a sales of more than a hundred and twenty thousand copies with his single album “Let Me Cry” which was released on the 27th of April and took first place of the Oricon Charts for the first time as a foreigner. Also, his photo collection J Plus which was released on the 27th of June went over five hundred thousand copies in pre-order alone and is getting explosive response. Therefore, Nitkangendai estimates him to earn more than 8 billion won in music and photo sales alone.

Jang Geun-seok will start his Japanese tour in Budokan at the later end of this year. An income of about 17 billion won is estimated for tickets sales, souvenirs and others. Nitkangendai estimated, “Souvenirs alone should make a hundred million Yen”.

Meanwhile, Jang Geun-seok has been chosen to model for the popular Japanese magazine ‘MEN’S NON-NO’ and proved his popularity in Japan. He has also modeled for the Japanese weekly magazine ‘An An’ continuously selling out and making the record of selling more than two hundred and eighty copies.

Source : news.nate.com
Translated by www.hancinema.net
Shared by: Farina

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  1. Congratulations,He brings luck and success for everything he doing……That is small number,He deserves more than that.
    And the thing which he deserved” respect and admiration of the whole world”
    It’s honor to be one of the fans.

  2. Congrats! Congrats! I am so happy for Sukkie. He deserves all this glory and much MORE. He had come a long, long way; his career path was not always a smooth ride. Sukkie had overcome so much adversity (especially in his country) to stand on top of this Korean Wave peak. I will always by your side no matter what.
    Keep up with a good work. Fighting.

    • Dear Farina, thank you so much for posting this video. I have been looking for English sub for this song a long time. I totally love, love this song, such a wonderful up-lifting song- give dreams and hopes to everyone.

      • Dear Kailey & QQ, I’m pleased to hv made your day 🙂 I never tire listening to his voice, his pictures, his videos, his interviews, any tidbit about him is juicy news for me 🙂

    • thanks Farina for the news sharing & the video…
      anyway, 40 billion won in Japan is only estimation, i hope he will achieve more than that and write another golden history in japan! hahaha!
      well, well, J-tree staff must push the sales and create another merchandises in order surpass Nitkangendai’s estimation!

    • Thank you for sharing this. Our Prince sure is beautiful both inside and outside. 😉 Maybe that’s why he is so loved, because he loves first. The love within him makes him radiant.

  3. I am proud to say that i’m a fan of JGS and if i could, i would even like to tell the whole world how proud i am of him. From a mere person like me, to a high, mighty yet so, so humble JGS, i’d sincerely say that i would never leave him ’til end. That’s how much i love him… Thanks aphrael for your blog…

    • Farina, I heard that aphrael was planning to depart for Shanghai on Wed night, so it must be difficult to check and update JKS’ latest news here. But we all are waiting for her fan account of Shanghai Cri Show, so until her coming back, we help each other to check and share his news! 🙂

      • Kaori-chan…..Yup yup yup!!!! Can’t wait for her return! Oh yes, YAB the movie DVD pre-order is out right? Pardon me if I keep repeating myself, is it in Korean or dubbed in Japanese? What about Eng subs?

        Ps: since yesterday I’ve had to keep entering a password before I can post any comment….any of you hv the same request?

      • Farina, I checked the YAB the movie DVD. It was Korean with Japanese subtitles and dubbed in Japanese… I’m sorry but not sure that English subtitle version will be released or not.

      • Oh no…then we won’t get to hear Suk’s deep sexy voice :(( Hope they will hv dual sound and also a choice for Eng subs. Thanks Kaori-chan! Have you seen the jeans Suk is wearing to Shanghai? My mom would have thrown it out the window! Lol!

    • Thanks Sallie 🙂 Actually I do all the postings via my iPhone so I sometimes forget to edit the links. Today i expect more updates as Sukkie’s in Shanghai.

    • Sallie and Farina , thanks for sharing.
      This vid was amazingly beautiful. It’s not just a CM but a literally short film, isn’t it? I don’t understand what JKS said, but his tone of voice and his various expression touched my heart deeply… He is truly talented actor.

      • My pleasure 😉 Farina & Tenshi-san…Yes.. its a CM with a story to tell.. hope that there is an eng sub soon so that we can all understand this further 🙂

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