19 thoughts on “[06.07.11] Tree-J twitter”

    • I’m sure his new movie “you’re my pet” is going to make many more ladies “mero mero” again as his offscreen daily still shots already making us “mero mero” ^_^

  1. I wonder what words on that Logo? Does anyone know? Very nice logo. He is cute, i bet he loves that chair very much.

    • It is the logo of JKS’ official fan club, Cri-J. It has two color versions. Red one is for Korean logo, and blue one for Japaneses. The color stands for the uniform of the national football team. Because he is a big fan of Korean football team 🙂 The chair above is a present from Japanese eels.

      • I really wish that people would stop comparing this two men. What more are there to prove? JKS is the BEST of the best. He is definitely a “PRINCE of ASIA.”

        Please all Eels show your support for OUR PRINCE Sukkie. Cast your vote. Fighting….Fighting….

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