[05.07.11] Tree-J twitter


Tree-J twitter: JKS has completed 22 hours of filming, a tough day for him. Despite the long hours, he’s not tired at all, and gets his energy from teasing staff and making them happy. He needs support from eels! Please look forward to it!


Chinese translation: KeunSukChina

12 thoughts on “[05.07.11] Tree-J twitter”

  1. … after one busy morning of work, I get my strength and happiness from seeing JKS’ pic and twitter update! 🙂

    and very cute hairstyle and shirt too …

  2. … oh… after seeing this pic, i love him more… he’s so, so simple.. can’t describe the feeling, almost make me cry..

  3. 22 hours of filming?! I get tired just thinking about it. Suk is such a hardworking actor!
    Your eels will always support you, Suk! 🙂

  4. He is in 4th of July mood definitely, I hope he got some party time and fireworks, take care of yourself, sukkie. Eels always support you.

  5. he’s a really hardworking guy! I played his song from YAB and MMM in my multimedia slot of my monthly gathering event at my office yesterday, so sweet to hear early morning, however i was not sure whether any of the audience knew his song or not.. anyway thank you JKS to bring me up to the air a while, so happy!!

    • Dear mel2, that’s one of a great ways to indirectly promote and support Sukkie and his songs. You are so sweet. Can I give you a Kiss.Kiss.Kiss.
      It’s OK if not many people know his songs where you are, but if you keep promote him this way, people will get curious and notice him eventually. I’m not Korean, don’t understand the language; I’m happy every time I listen to Sukkie’s songs.

      Yeah, I like seeing Sukkie with all the star attires. Sukkie looks good in White, Blue and Red. Sukkie, you are OUR Brightest Star. Love and support you always. Let promote peace to the world!!!

      • thx kailey for ur comments.. thx for ur kiss too *_* hehe.. yea! today 2 of my colleagues begged me to borrow my yab and mmm CD, so i asked them to buy the cd’s themselves.. 😀 but finally i promise to give them tomorrow! hum, miss u jks..

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