[04.07.11] Tree-J twitter

Tree-J twitter: JKS and Big Brother of Team H!! But what are we doing in this place??

【tree-j】推特更新:(翻译:颖)张根硕君和big brother的Team h!!不过要在这个地方干嘛呢??

Chinese translation: Sukbar

10 thoughts on “[04.07.11] Tree-J twitter”

  1. AN AN AN AAAAAAA!!!I’m not comfortable !!!!!!! What this place?HAAHAHAH,I guess,may be it’s related to the Chinese album!!!! may be.I feelit will be a surprise……….
    Just wait……….. And we will know soon……

  2. According to Big Brother’s twitter, they shot their MV “gotta getcha” today!?
    I’m not sure this pic was taken as the MV…. but I’m so curious to know where it was and what for they put such costumes.

      • Oh yes Aphrael, you better learn how to shuffle by the time you attend the Shanghai Cri show. Sukkie’s n BB has been twitting abt the shuffle dance practice often and the eels are all practicing. I’ve a feeling he will ask all of you to shuffle on that day! Soooo exciting!

  3. oh they’re in Operating Room!!!!what does it means???? JKS is the patient and BB is the surgeon???? And look, JKS is very serious maybe its about sukkie’s injured right big toe.. Im thinking maybe right after JKS got injured the staff immediately rush him to the hospital for first aid..

  4. His serious expression just cracked me up. 🙂 How can someone be so cute and funny even with such a serious expression? OMG…


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