19 thoughts on “[01.07.11] Tree-J Twitter”

    • zhennyberry,

      thanks much for your offer. i guess u are right; the Chinese eels will post Tree-J twitter updates, which will save me from opening a twitter account, whew!
      i check Sina more often than my own email!

      btw, I may have asked u before but forgotten, which country are u from?

      • Aphrael,

        Yeah that’s a better idea ^__^ . I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. i can speak chinese but cann’t write or read chinese (only can write a simple word2) so do not open account in weibo T-T but your update in this web really help :). really thanks and appreciate for your fastest update about him :D. Fighting!!!

  1. He is so sexy. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx to you Sukkie. Thanks for posting the pictures. Aphrael, may I ask where you go follow the sina Jang Geun Suk’s fanclub? Thanks.

  2. Wow…He put the comment on Twitter so often… I also didn’t have a twitter account till yesterday, but today I opened it… I don’t know how to use it well though.
    He put comments on many places now such as iPhone apps and fanclub messages and this Twitter. So it’s quite hard to catch up with all of them, but he tries to be close to us eels even though he lives in a different countries from us. Keep my chin up!

    • Now he only needs to be on FB and we’ll all be glued online 24/7! And panda eyes will be the latest eye-trend!

      • I couldn’t listen to his special online radio for the limited time…(T_T) Because I couldn’t understand Korean at all, so I couldn’t log in the site…

      • I was out!! There is never any advance notice for his online radio …. anyway he talked about some interesting stuff…

      • aphrael, I don’t know what he said exactly, but according to Twitter he talked about the plan to make an album near future…
        Many Japanese eels also couldn’t log in on time, so we asked the staff how to register the online radio site in case of next time (even though he would talk in Korean). I heard that he sometimes did so without previous notice.

      • Yes he only needs to have an official FB page now. He hasn’t been on Twitter lately though =\ I just became a fan recently, and man oh man I’ve been signing up on a whole lot of websites just to find a chance to communicate with him! Also, don’t have an iPhone yet so no JKS app =\

        Any suggestions?

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