10 thoughts on “KBS World Arabic Interview – Part 3”

  1. Aphrael,

    Good news, Tree J Company just open Twitter and in these few hours already update 2 his photos. this the twitter @treeJ_company . you can follow him now :).. *dies of happy now*

    • …. thanks for informing …. but it’s going to keep us all very busy looking out for JKS news …

      now besides following the Chinese fanclubs on Sina, Facebook, I also need to open a twitter account?
      i’ve not used twitter before …. so now, i’ve got to be even more addicted to the internet?? …. how am i going to survive …. all my spare time (not that there is much) is going to be spent online! T.T

      • Aphrael,

        I see… i don’t have Sina fansclub, i have facebook and twitter. honestly say that he will rarely update twitter like his Japan twitter (but if he in Japan he will update once at least but now he has company twitter, so afraid he will use it more often :D). i think don’t worry Chinese eels is the fastest eels update about him :). so sooner or later you will know his news too. Maybe i can help you by send you email of his update in twitter (if he has an update). how do you think?

      • My bills never touch $40 on my mobile data plan with Singtel and I’m a HEAVY user as you can see from the frequency of my visits to yr site and the video steaming & surfing that I do. And all around Spore there are so many wifi hotspots that you will never exceed the 12 gb cap. The trick is not to make outgoing calls whenever you hv an option to use a land line 🙂

      • My M1 bill was $42, and on top of that, Youtube watching was very slow. Basically any webpage loading is slow, and I cannot do anything (much) on my mobile that I do on my PC.
        Cos I have PC/internet access at work and home, I thought it doesn’t matter if I go without a few hours of internet when travelling outside (also to force myself off internet addiction ^^)

        And WIFI is slow too, plus always requiring a log-in ID and password which I never remember …. haiz, too troublesome for me! 🙂

      • Hmmm….are you using iPhone? Cos there’s this app Singtel@connect that logs you on automatically whenever you are within a hotspot range. Only need one time registration. There’s another app also by Singtel that shows your bill & how much data usage. YouTube loads up fine for me…. There’s another app that I hv taught Crazyoverjks where you can download & store hundreds of vids in yr phone 🙂 it costs usd 1.99 though but it’s worth it!

      • Not iPhone, but HTC smartphone … and I’m not with SingTel. Would love to switch to SingTel but the costs and trouble of changing always deter me …
        Will ask you for advice when I need to! Thanks! ^^

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