9 thoughts on “[Jap magazine] More pics from Korea Star – August 2011 issue”

  1. Hi all
    this is a fan magazine which produced by the admins team of these two arab fan pages on face book and they are as follows
    jang geun suk Arab fan club
    our angel jang geun suk
    this magazine was written in Arabic and English
    so please do us a favor and publish it with proper credit in your great site to support us and support Arab fans and of course our prince
    I’d like to thank my team who produces this fan magazine
    Sarab Emraah
    and me Dina potter
    I’m proud of them and myself

    this is the link to download the magazine
    Thank you all


    All rights reserved to JANG GEUN SUK Arab fan club & out angel Jang Geun Suk

      • dear farina
        my team and I produced this fan magazine for our prince
        so please download it and tell us what do u think 🙂
        the link is in my first message

    • Hi Dina,

      Thanks for sharing this with us.
      I think the Arabic fans are doing a great job in supporting JKS with all these videos etc, and promoting JKS in the Arabic world!

      …um, unfortunately, I’m not that IT-savvy and having a problem in downloading that online magazine.
      I keep clicking “Download Now”, it always says to wait for 325 seconds, and after waiting, nothing happens.
      So I’m still struggling with the download …. 🙁

  2. dear aphrael

    thanks for ur supporting
    first refresh ur browser
    you can click on the pink icon on ur lift side called download now
    and wait for 29 sec. and then click on ( start ur download )
    try this and tell me what’s going on plz 🙂


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