[20 June 2011] Shocking words from JKS: He wants to be super star & takes script into his coffin

Source: Jap magazine, AERA Mook article
English Translation: tenshi_akuma & Aphrael77
Chinese translated source


Tengxun Entertainment News – JKS is undisputedly the most popular Hallyu star in Japan today. Whenever he appears on the cover, the magazines are sold out; his first album topped the Oricon weekly chart upon its release. His latest drama “Marry Me, Mary(M3)” has just been broadcast on TBS, Japanese TV station. In April, the journalists from magazine “Hallyu STAR AERA Mook” flew to Seoul specially to interview the “little old man” (JKS’ nickname), JKS’ unique take on acting since he had started in showbiz at the age of 5.

While waiting for him at the interview room, we felt uneasy with a mixture of expectation and anxiety. At any rate, he’s a super star of the day. It was our first time meeting him. So no matter that we’ve heard a lot about him, we couldn’t help wondering what he’s really like. However, as soon as we saw his affable smile like a puppy as he entered the room, our worries disappeared. He’s as adorable as Mu-gyul and so cuddly even though he’s tall. Thanks for his sexy voice, JKS performs the role of “bossy” character such as Hwang Tae-kyung better. His exterior beauty takes down all of one’s defenses, and later as he relates his theory of acting in his deep baritone voice, it makes one feel deeply that pretty boys can be so in-depth too. Having played a character in M3 who lives his own life, JKS’ acting skills is also improving. He possesses the endearing child-like quality that makes people love him and virile charm of an actor.

To date, Kang Mu-gyul is the character most similar to JKS

Ikeman (dashing) actor captures the hearts of many female fans through acting in romantic idol dramas. After gaining steady popularity and becoming a star and then acting in other drama genres – this is the trend for Hallyu actors who become popular. Having been a child actor, JKS understands this reason, “I think romance can provide a beautiful fantasy for the audience.”

During the interview, JKS said frankly that the role of Kang Mu-gyul is, to date, the character most similar to his own personality in real life.

JKS’ thinking when it comes to script selection also appears to be different from other actors. He does not have the concept of particularly placing emphasis on the drama genre or theme. “I don’t select the genre intentionally. As for me, the genre isn’t so important. I’d rather select what I think I can perform well, but in case of Mu-gyul, M3, has a lot in common with me. In that sense, performing Mu-gyul has both an easy and a difficult side.”

I must make “JKS” vanish in the drama
After I finish acting, I will carry out self reflection.

Regardless of who one is, we tend to be attracted to his looks, but he also has built a reputation as a good actor since his career from a child star. As an actor, JKS often puts the idea of “I am an actor” in his consciousness. “Whenever I act, I must make “Jang Keun Suk” vanish completely (i.e. complete integration into the character).”

To turn into the character completely – this is the existence value of an actor. With this belief, JKS often takes note to hide the real him, “I am still trying hard to find a way to make myself invisible.” Specifically, when he takes the script, he will focus on it and complete reading it. “Before the camera rolls, I’ll familarize myself with the production objective and script, then internalizing the character is very important. After that, from the character’s daily habits and hobbies, completely transform myself into the character. For example, I wonder about the posture of the character when he drinks water, or which he picks up the spoon or chopsticks first when he eats, I’ll completely analyse such sequences.” This was the case for M3 too. Including his attire and little props, JKS would convey his ideas to the image consultant and then make a decision after discussion with the director. “It will appear more coordinated and smooth when all these important factors are combined.”

“A drama usually changes rapidly in the middle of the shooting. My own life and the time I can control become zero. Hence, sufficient preparation needs to be made beforehand. From the mid-way part of drama filming to the end, maintaining the character’s style becomes critical.” JKS reveals that when his drama is airing, he “would not watch, but would consider opinions from the people around him such as his manager and use it as a way of monitoring his acting performance. After that, I will do a self-reflection on my acting skill.”

After his drama ends its run on television, he will spend a few days, by himself, to watch the DVD repeatedly. “The person who understands Jang Keun Suk the most is still me. As I watch the DVD, I will inspect my own acting. Is it better to act this part in another way? Did JKS’ mannerisms and actions accidentally spill out? I will pen down these inadequacies as a record, and then in the next drama, remind myself not to make the same mistakes. To me, self reflection is to assess myself with a broad and relaxed mindset, to review my acting and from it, a chance to discover new points about acting. After filming ‘You are Beautiful’, I also cultivated another habit.”

After filming starts, I don’t look into the mirror and will rather spend more time on revising the script

The new habit that JKS is referring to is, after the filming starts, he will not look into the mirror. “Even if I’m having my make-up done in the car, I will not look at the mirror. Rather than using the time to check myself in the mirror, I would rather spend the time on reading the script.” The reason why he swears off mirror is “If I look at the mirror, my attention will be on trivial image issues such as how is my hairstyle now, will the result look good on screen. I would not be able to focus on moulding the character. My priority now should be on analysing the script and acting details such as how to improve my voice/tone, and not on my appearance.”

Once a vain “frivolous” guy, now more focused on cultivating self

JKS says honestly that in the past, he cared very much about how others looked at him. “But I understand that there are not only actors in this world, there are also many Ikeman and beautiful people. Rather than waste time and efforts on how to stand out in a crowd of beautiful people, I should be focusing on my actor identity and consider how to act better.” However, this does not mean that JKS will abandon efforts to enhance his looks. He laughs, “On my image, I will give the professional hairstylist and image consultant authority to do what they want, but if after that I find out that they make me look terrible, I’ll half kill them. Hahaha”


I want to be a super star on the acting scene, and also a child who never grows up

Just like that, in between jokes and laughter, JKS answered the journalist’s questions seriously. Counting the years since his childhood debut, JKS has been in showbiz for nearly 20 years – he’s really a veteran. The journalist concludes, “In fiercely competitive Korean showbiz where newcomers abound, can JKS persevere in his own style? During the interview, I saw JKS’ unhurried calmness. Perhaps this is the first and foremost requisite in the face of competition. In such a cruelly competitive world, how does JKS stand out?”

JKS said, “I still have to depend on the cultivation of my skill, and most importantly, how to maintain this competitive edge in the long run. What kind of clothes to wear, what kind of hairstyle, what kind of accessories … of course these are also things to consider, and perhaps also something not to be overlooked. But compared to this, the sense of presence that emanates from my inner self is more important. And this is not something that can be done by others. This is something that I have to create.”

On 27 April, JKS released his debut single “Let me cry” in Japan and realised his dream of being a singer, also setting the unprecedented record of a foreign singer’s debut single topping the Oricon weekly chart in its first week of release. Having acted a singer in many of his dramas, JKS’ entry into music scene has been much anticipated, but getting such good results is something that JKS did not expect. When asked how he balances his roles as an actor and singer, JKS laughs, “I often get asked this question and was thinking of how to avoid being asked this by you [laughs]. I think Mu-gyul in M3 is an excellent challenge to me. No matter how much I worry over it, there is only one answer.” JKS does not hide his ambition in the area of acting; he claims he wants to become the super star in the drama world. “Whether as an actor or singer, it is a way of expressing feelings; this is the prerogative of an artiste. Hence, rather than consider ‘should I select acting or singing to convey my feelings’, I want to focus on how to express my inner feelings and bring more moving, heartfelt (performances) to more people. I want to become this kind of artiste.”


After some serious deliberation, JKS reveals his playful and humorous side. When asked what is the most important thing in his busy life, his answer made the journalist laugh and realise that actually, JKS is only a young man not yet 24 years old who has the same playful nature as his peers. JKS said that he loves cars. “No matter how old I am, I hope that cars will continue to be a cherished ‘toy’.” He said he bought a beige Porsche 2 years ago. “Until I become an old man, I don’t want to sell it.”

“Why?” The journalist asked in curiosity.

“Because I will maintain it well, and want to maintain this interest even as I grow older. I want to live happily with my car. As I get older, I will treat it as a symbol of my ‘success’, I want to become a dashing oh-ji-san (uncle).”

At a tender 23 years, JKS has already planned his life-ending ideal?!

“I want to bring the last script I read into my coffin. Rather than be a ‘star’, I want to become a ‘star actor’ (a super star amongst actors).”

At the end of the interview, JKS expressed his ambition once again, and expressed his passion for acting.



张根硕语出惊人:想成为巨星 把剧本带入棺材

腾讯娱乐讯(Mango/文)说张根硕是如今日本韩流中人气最旺的男星恐怕没有人有异论。作为封面人物的杂志迅速售罄,出的第一张CD在公信榜初登场即登上周榜销量冠军的位置……4月,杂志《现在想见你!韩流 STAR AERA Mook》的记者专门飞赴首尔,倾听了这位5岁就开始在演艺圈打拼的“小老头儿”(张根硕绰号)对于演技的一番独特看法。
我必须令作品中的“张根硕”消失 每次演完后会一个人开“反省会”
我在进入拍摄后不会照镜子 宁愿多一秒时间温习剧本

曾经是很爱美的“轻浮男” 现在更注重内在涵养的修炼
张根硕坦言过去很在意别人如此看自己,“但是我明白这个世上不仅是演员,还有很多IKEMAN和漂亮的人,与其把时间浪费在挖空心思想如何能在一群‘美人’中脱颖而出,不如正视自己演员的身份,考虑如何把戏演得更好”。话虽如此,这并不意味着张根硕会放弃对外形的精益求精,他笑称:“在造型上,我会把权力留给专业的发型师和造型师(任由他们发挥),但如果事后发现被他们整得很糟糕的话,我会half kill他们。哈哈哈”。

我想在戏剧界成为一名巨星 也是一个永远长不大的孩子
4月27日,张根硕在日本发行了自己的首张单曲《Let me try》,实现了歌手出道,并且创造了出道单曲登公信榜周榜冠军这一海外歌手史无前人的纪录。在多部作品中演绎了歌手的张根硕进军歌坛是众望所归的事情,但获得这么好的成绩就是他本人也没有料到。“你是如何考虑保持演员和歌手这两个身份的平衡性的?”记者问,张根硕笑道“这个问题最近经常会被问到,我也在烦恼如何才能避免被你们问起这个(笑)。《玛丽》中的武玦对于我来说是一个出色的挑战,我想。但是不管我怎么烦恼,答案恐怕都只有这一个”,张根硕毫不讳言自己在演技方面的野心,称想成为戏剧界的巨星“不管是演员还是歌手,都是表达感情的一种方式,这也是艺人的特权。为此,比起考虑‘是选择表演还是歌唱来表达’,我更想成为专注考虑‘如何把自己内心的感情表现出来,给更多的人带去感动’,我想成为这样的艺人”。


34 thoughts on “[20 June 2011] Shocking words from JKS: He wants to be super star & takes script into his coffin”

  1. First, I really want to thank tenshi_akuma for her translation part that she contributed. I can only say, after reading her translation, I can “retire” from my translation job and just let her do it. I think her command of English vocabulary and her personal style of phrasing the sentence is often better and more succinct than mine, so I incorporated most of her translation in the first part of the article. Tenshi, your translation is really good! Gambateh! And thanks so much!! ^^

    Again, just a translator’s note that Tenshi translated from the original article while I did it from the Chinese translation, so in the editing process to ensure the smoothness of the text when fusing both parts together, I hope I did not deviate much from the original article.

    On a personal level, this translated article really came at the right time for me. I happened to marathon “Secret Garden” (SG) over last weekend. SG is fantastic and I assume got high ratings in Korea too? If my memory serves me correctly, this is one of the dramas that JKS rejected and he chose M3 instead. I was rather disappointed that JKS gave up “Secret Garden” for M3 – it seemed to be such a waste. Perhaps SG would have given him more fame in Korea. SG’s male lead character seems to be something very different from JKS’ characters so far, and I thought it would be a challenge for JKS. Then again, no matter how hard I try, I simply cannot visualize JKS as the male lead of SG.

    Through this interview, I recall why I like JKS so much in the first place. What attracted me was not his looks … (based on his image in YAB, my first impression of JKS was, er, why did this guy look like that? As in, not my initial definition of handsome, lol…), but his professionalism and his love for acting, his dramas, his acting skills really shone. And this interview also answered my doubts on how JKS selects his scripts. Conclusion? JKS really knows himself best; he knows which character would be most beneficial to him and which would suit him the most. So I shouldn’t worry so much about how he chooses his script!

    JKS words: Whenever I act, I must make “Jang Keun Suk” vanish completely

    – This is why I’m so fascinated with JKS’ acting! The fact that I can hardly find a trace of the real JKS in the characters he portrayed, that JKS is able to breathe life into a character and make it completely original and unique – it’s too amazing!!

    • Same impression of mine.. 1st time I watched YAB I didnt flow in love with him, same feeling… but slowly I can accept it & love it. The more you read him the more you will love him in his professionalism and hardworking and serious toward his career. It is hardly for me to love Idol, once I love I will loyalty to him….haha

    • While I’m reading this article I can’t remove the smile in my face ^_^ (while doing thumb(nail)sucking-my bad habit when I’m concentrating or when I feel glad to other person). I felt like I am in front of JKS while this interview is taking place (only in my dreams-how I wish). Thank you for your good translation (Aphrael and tenshi). We are so lucky having you gals making easy for us to get in touch to our sukkie. JKS is amazing on how he answered the question and expresses himself the most out of it. This makes me so crazy over him and until I become old as him, I will still be his die-hard fan.
      Aphrael I was a bit surprised regarding your confession that JKS rejected Secret Garden. Before I became a fan of JKS I was so addicted to SG and I watch it five times and repeatedly watching those thrilling scenes. Moreover, I cannot imagine now if JKS was the lead actor in SG. (Absolutely from that time, I will start to like him). Perhaps if he accepted the role he became more popular in Korea. Nevertheless, what can we do it is his fate and only God and himself knows what is better for him.

    • Wow wow wow! I was so busy with work these 2 days that I didn’t have time to visit JKSforever every hourly and now I got so many news & comments to follow up! Hahaha! 😀 Special thanks to Aphrael & Tenshi for the wonderful translation.

      To all the amazing eels here, I really got to say a big THANK YOU to Aphrael! It is all because of her blog that I get to know so much about JKS and also to know all the nice & wonderful eels here. After reading all your comments, I really find that all of us here are so similar in the sense that most of us got to know JKS this person through YAB.
      I also know about JKS through YAB, initially when my friend introduced me to YAB I was like ‘Huh why is this guy so weird? Wearing all the weird colored clothes, weird hairstyle, weird actions, gesture and EXPRESSIONs!” hahahah!

      But after watching the first 2 episodes, I tell myself why not give this drama another chance. So I went to buy the dvd (initially was watching via online) and re-watched it from the start. Putting my full attention and zero expectations into the show. And slowly or rather I don’t know it started from which episode, I too deeply engrossed in the show! I just can’t bear to stop once each episode ends and have to continue watching the next episode! Hahaha! 😀
      And from there I know I can’t get myself out of that show anymore, and I start to wonder why am I so attracted to this show?
      So I slowly analyze all the possible reasons,
      – is it because of Shin Woo (Jung Yong Hwa) coz he is handsome & boyish & pitiful in the sense that he couldn’t win Go Mi Nam’s heart?
      – or is it because of Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki) coz he is so cute & adorable especially when he thought he has fallen for a GUY?
      – or is it because of Jang Keun Suk (Hwang Tae Kyung) coz his (arrogant but irresistibly cute) behavior and words are really too weird that everyone will tend to divert their attention to him instead?

      I have the exact same feelings as Aphrael in the initial stage too, coz I don’t find JKS handsome at first. (coz no my usual definition of handsome for Korean stars lah, hahaha!)
      But as I go along with the drama, this super slim & tall guy here really makes me wanna look at him non-stop! And suddenly I don’t find Shin Woo handsome anymore & I don’t find Jeremy as cute anymore. (no offence to both actors coz I still like the both of them, just my own feelings at that point lah. Hahaa!)
      Instead I just wanna see more of JKS in every episode, I wanna hear more of his voice, I wanna see more of his amazingly expressive looks! (the part where he ate sour food really make me laugh non-stop!)

      Instantly I know that this charming guy here has stole my heart away! Hahaha! 😀 And from that day onwards, I started to surf the net for info about JKS! Read about him everyday, watched every dramas & movies he acted in, watched every possible YouTube videos that I can find and saved every photo of his in my laptop! Hahahaa! 😀
      I was so glad that I came across Aphrael’s blog! Coz it is really the BEST avenue for me to get all the latest news about JKS! And best part is everything is in English here! 🙂
      Korean, Jap, Chinese, etc etc etc are all alien to me! And I was extremely happy when I found her page!

      And to tell you gals the truth, this is really my 1st time being so crazy over someone! (Not even my husband I suppose! Hahaa!) So crazy until I wanna travel overseas to attend his cri-shows and to chase after him!! Hahaha!
      I was extremely sad & disappointed when I didn’t get to attend his Spore cri-show coz I was alone and didn’t know anybody back then. So I took up the courage to leave a comment in Aphrael’s blog and slowly I start to chat & got to know a few of eels here. Everyone here is so kind & friendly, and hence making my 1st virgin star-chase trip in KL so successful! Hahaha! 😀
      I would say the KL cri-show is definitely one of my BEST experience in this lifetime!! Really got to thank Aphrael for asking me if I am interested to go KL with her, if not I think I will regret it for life! And from here, I got to know so many wonderful friends who are as crazy as me over JKS! Thanks to Aphrael, ChickenLittle (daydreaming), Carol, Gingercake & Sophie. Without you gals, my KL trip wouldn’t have been so fun! 🙂

      Ooops! So so sorry for my extremely long comment here. Sorry Aphrael for taking up so much space on your blog. (do feel free to delete it if it’s too big okie?)

      Just wanna to end my comments here by saying, I can see that JKS is really a very talented guy and he is very serious and hardworking when it comes to acting, singing, modeling, hosting, and everything else that relates to his job as an artist. I have no doubts in whatever he do or choose coz I know he will excel in everything and will not wanna disappoint his fans and he always put his very best (200% effort) in all that he has decided to do.
      His unique charms (the eyes, the hair and especially the ‘to-die-for smile’), multi talents, professionalism, forever hardworking attitude, sincere & best fans service, and his super in-depth thoughts at this young age which I presume no other similar age actors will have really attracted me to him like a magnet!! Hahaha! 🙂
      And there is no way I am giving up on this amazing actor! He will have my full support forever! 😀

      • crazyoverJKS, really really long story 😉 I know how crazy you are over JKS more than yr hubby hahaha….Not only u, but also “virgin star chase” for the whole WTA XXXX Paparazzi team. Nice to know u too and got to know I’m not alone being crazy over JKS after seeing YAB ! I definitely will wait for you gals here if JKS comes again to KL …..

      • Hahahaa! Shsssssss…… don’t tell my hubby okie? It’s our secret here! Hahaha! 😀

        Yup, i am so happy to know you too and you are really one super fan that is so informative, super efficient & quick in getting first hand secret info for us during our star-chase. Hahaha! ;p
        Geee…… i really miss those times and our WTAxxxx paparazzi team!! *pouts*

        Hope to see you soon ya! 🙂

      • crazyoverJKS, you really describe the feeling shared by many of us.. I actually watched BV and HGD before YAB, recommended by my sis & friends & I really find the 2nd lead actor very unique in his acting (very naturally GOOD!) but only glance the actor’s name on the DVD covers & not register in my mind, so when I watch the 2 DVDs, I didn’t know the 2nd lead is same Sukkie ^_^ It is only when I watched YAB after seeing promotion on cable TV…after 1st episode, I just want to continue to next & next… I cannot stop laughing or feeling warm at heart at the scenes with Sukkie as it never occurs before in any dramas.. I only started to create Youtube & google account for his purpose…now, I have seen almost all Sukkie’s dramas & movies, he is really a good & versatile actor.. I have not seen before in my drama (Korea/Japan/HK/Taiwan) life…and that voice of his, talking or singing…so special!

      • Hi QQeyes007, same here! I actually watched Hwang Jin Yi way before YAB. And like you i didn’t even know that Sukkie was in the drama! It was until YAB that i actually realized Sukkie was acting in HJY when i wiki his name! hahaha! 😀

        Actually i myself didn’t even remember buying the HJY dvd few years back! Hahaa! So after watching YAB, i re-watched HJY again. And this time i started to appreciate Sukkie’s great acting skills. Although he was just a young boy back then acting in HJY, i was really impressed with his acting skills and to tell you the truth i was crying like mad at the part where he died…. 🙁

        And from there now, i watched all his dramas, movies, short videos and more…. 🙂
        Ahhhhh my 1st Youtube account & nickname created here is also bcoz of Sukkie! Hehee! 🙂

        And YES!!! His deep & sexy voice is something i can never find in another actor! And i need to listen to his songs everyday at work to keep me going!! hehehe! ;p

      • ok girls since you have already shared, i feel the urge to share mine too! i used to just watch whatever interesting drama that shows on KBS tv, (like BOF, i just saw it on tv and that was it, no craziness happened after) so last december i saw MMM pilot episode on tv and its kinda looks cute,

        so i started watching it and i saw JKS got hit by mary’s car, my first impression was “wow he looks like a girl” so girly to me, flawless skin, perfect face.. not my kind of guy.. (i used to want a ruggedly handsome kind of guy like colin farrel or brad pitt lol) but when he started speaking i melted, literally. so i continued watching him and when i saw that infamous alley kiss i DIED. i thought gosh this pretty guy can kiss LOL

        so yeah, i started talking about him with my sis in law who kills for kim hyun joong (coz of BOF) and she laughs so hard thinking i fell for the same kdrama trap, which she never imagined me to be in..

        she told me to watch YAB, so it grew even deeper, my fascination for him made me set a google alert for all of his news stuff to go to my email and i set it to email it to me everyday.. until i finally found this blog in March, and the rest was history. i am now a certified crazy jks eel. LOLOL

      • ooh, stvcri, is the google alert updated on JKS news? how does one set a google alert?
        I’ll like to try that too!

      • and yes that smile! how can i forget…. i dedicated the song “because of you” by ne-yo to sukkie coz because of him i was able to do a lot of things i cannot imagine myself to do… song goes like this:

        “and i know this much is true,
        you have become my addiction,
        im so strung out on you, and i like it
        and its all because of you. “

      • Aphrael, when i googled him there was a prompt the popped up if i want to set a google alert for it, and i get to choose the frequency.. so i set it up for Jang Keun Suk AND Jang Geun Suk hahaha

        try to search google alerts on google, maybe it will take you there..

      • crazyoverJKS all the feeling you wrote above is how I feel about JKS too I flew all the way to Singapore from Australia just to see the Cri Show & had only watch YAB the month before, I myself dont know why I was like that but through this blog I realised that I wasnt alone all other eels here are like me flying across the countries to see our Prince 🙂

        my conclusion is that JKS has pulling powers we all love his voice, looks, charm etc etc

    • Oh … he shud have taken up SG rather than M3… the role is so fun…. he wud have made it even more comical!!! hahhaha seriously i forced myself to watch M3 cuz of only him…

  2. Way to go, Sukkie, be a serious actor first then a star, he will have a long life for acting, I believe in him.

    • Yes.. he always said he want to have a mindset of “new actor” instead of a Superstar now so that he will work hard & continue to strive for higher, this is a self motivation quote from a 23 yr old “little old man” ^_^ With this mindset, he surely can be a SUPERSTAR when he is ready to go to another world with the scripts in his hand many many many years later ^_^ (sorry, don’t want to use those words like coffin heee…)

      • I don’t want to use “coffin” too!! 🙁

        but that is the word in Chinese, so I can’t really amend it 🙁

        but he will be a super star in this world!! ^^

  3. By the way, people are always talking about YAB related him, which is mostly popular then his other works. I know M3 is pretty good too, will like YAB, people will always mention it about it, but if you like him, go watch his other works. I watched Bethoven Virus, Baby and Me, Hong Gi Dong, he has done lots of great job on acting. It always amazed me, not only him how young the Korean actor came out for the leading role and they did great job. But definitely even in that high competition enviornment, he is one of the best in young actors.

  4. GREAT translation from both of you.. THANK YOU!!! I would like to say specially to Tenshi san (sorry I prefer to use “angel part” of your name ^_^) FIGHTING!!! Really appreciate the effort & your English is really good, better than me for sure!!!
    Actually aphrael77, I don’t know why I feel like you.. I like Sukkie first for his acting…but his inner beauty & unique personality & multi-talent (really I have to say wow wow wow each time.. and I would ask myself anymore surprise Sukkie?) makes him such a charming man that not even the greatest physical look can match!!! Like what the Japanese TV shows… his acting & smiles really warm & calm the heart…that is the special feeling that I never experience before…

  5. Thanks Aphrael & Tenshi for a job well done! Both of u hv great writing skills!

    Yes, I agree w u Aphrael; as much as I wld love Sukkie to challenge himself, I can’t imagine him taking up Hyun Bin’s character in SG. I loved the first 3 quarter part of the drama but the ending was anti climactic I wld say….(which I hv also forgotten).

    I always love reading Sukkie’s interviews….there always seem to be a new dimension to him that makes us feel that he has so many layers to his person. I just hope he finds a way to maintain himself and not get saturated and forgotten as newcomers come to join the competition….

  6. First, I would like to sincerely thank both of you “tenshi” and “aphreal” . The translation is simply amazing , and don’t worry aphreal , the flow was not disturbed at all!

    JKS, This is one of his best interviews so far. This guy really has what it takes to be a worldwide super star. He truly amazed me with his answers … truly different from a lot of other starts I used to like. In my eyes, he now outshines them all.
    He does not only work on his skills, but also on his personality. He constantly improves himself inside and out.He has the qualities of a mature person ,yet he is so honest about his child like side. He balances both sides incredibly!

    @ aphreal:

    I totally agree with you on the “Secret Garden” topic. “Secret Garden” did get high ratings in korea and the male lead “hyun bin” benefited a lot from this role, but JKS is truly the only one most capable of choosing the role that would be best for him.
    I do believe in his ability to do what’s best.

  7. Hi cri, girls!
    Thanks for your heartwarming comment (T_T) and I’m rather embarrassed…
    As you know, I’m an English learner, so it takes some time to complete my translation…
    But I’ll try to continue translating because I want to share JKS’ opinions and news issued in Japan with you ^^

    Your English translation is always quite helpful to me. You’re a good teacher of writing an English essay for me. I really like reading your post. It’s so interesting that I envy your writing skill which fascinates us here a lot! 🙂

    Anyway, I think this article is great!!!!
    I think this JKS’s word : Whenever I act, I must make “Jang Keun Suk” vanish completely, shows well what he is and the reason why I like JKS.
    I like both his devotion to the role (not the role itself) and real JKS ^^

  8. Thank you so much for this translation, it help us to know and love more to him, I am really fascinate whit him, I am one of his eels from Latin America, follow him is sometimes a sadness work because I wonder if sometime i will meet him, but everytime i read this kind of enterview i think that follow him is the best way to spend my time because he is sweet and honest person, blogs like your help me alot. really thank you

  9. Again, TQ God 2 bring us this amazing guy! What a wondrful world if all of us hving great enthusiasm n full of charm like him! so let’s accepting him as d one who make us hppy, smile n alwys look young! ;p luv u jks!!

  10. he’s a really deep actor.. i love how he chooses the script base on how he can perform it well and not how it will make him famous. because if this was the case, he would have done BOF over beethoven virus which to me is a really shallow drama, its more like a feel good/young love drama and would have been famous for him but would not be able to showcase what a great actor he is than how he did in beethoven virus..

    now it also have answered my question why he picks weird/out of this world roles like a conductor, and now a ballet dancer as a pet.

  11. Thanks so much Tenshi & Aphrael, for the translation! 🙂 love this article as the interviewers incorporated their thoughts on interaction with JKS during the interview, really ga e us more insight into JKS! I started liking him for his acting & look in YAB as hwangTG & after that reading more abt the person JKS, came to admire this young man for his depth of thinking as well, he’s really a complete package and more!  

    Ahprael, I din know he rejected SG! I marathoned SG before too as i like Hyun Bin (since his MNIKSS days). Both leads in SG acted really well,  drama beautifully shot, love the ost,   but i disconnected with the story midway, simply felt there’s more form over heart, leading me to wonder ‘what’s the point of this?’ a few times (just my personal opinion only). Whether wld like JKS to take up SG? Hv to agree with u, the popularity of SG in korea is really an attractive point!! But then, am also glad JKS did not (becos of my personal view of SG story). Whether a gd choice over M3? hmmm not sure, just that I feel JKS may look too young for this SG role, time is on his side & perhaps he can consider such roles when he’s older 🙂  (BUT I can totally see JKS in MNIKSS lead role! *drool* ^^)    

      • Agree w both of u! I loved MNIKSS!! I fell for Hyun Bin then but he didn’t affect me like Sukkie does… What a coincidence that they were both from Nonstop 4. They remain good buddies though. And yes, I think Sukkie wld b perfect for that role! Can so picture him in it!

        I am glad too that Sukkie chose BV over BOF… shall I repeat that I never got past episode 7 of BOF? seriously, I can’t see what the hype was all about… I felt it was too nonsensical. On the other hand, BV managed to showcase his acting talents better though nobody can overshadow Kim Myung Min’s acting. I don’t like the female lead…

      • actually I tried to do my “internal casting” test for Sukkie in some of the roles of male lead in Kim Sam Soon & SG (and other drama which are popular) …. all the time, I find Sukkie can pass my casting test but when I tried to cast others into Sukkie’s roles in BV/HGD/YAB/MMM, it just doesn’t work.. I always have this feeling that Sukkie may be rejecting some of these dramas may be 2 reasons, he wants to challenge himself in new role & 2nd reason, he may want to give opportunity for other actors to do well in the roles which they can perform well (as he is also a considerate guy…thinking in many aspect as many of the actors are his friends & colleagues too)

  12. Dear Aphrael,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful Blog. I’m your silent reader for a long time. I just cannot stay silent any longer. I read your Blog almost everday. hehehe! In my life, I have never known so many people, from so many countries, have common purposes, to love and support an idol star JKS. And along the way, all Eels in this Blog become like a family…….. that is truly Amazing. I have to admit that I’m new to Korean Drama/Movie world, and JKS’s world. I watched YAB and got curious about JKS so I searched Internet and found your Blog, then I got HOOK…..read and watched everythings about JKS.

    By the way, I’m from US, Bay Area, CA.

    • wow Kailey,

      Thanks for your note, and nice to get to know you! ^^
      and thanks to all the friends here, it’s because of all your comments that we get to know one another, talk about JKS together and share many things too! 🙂

      You’re new to Korean drama? did your friends introduce you to some dramas?
      any of your friends like any Korean stars too? ^^

      • Hi Aphrael,
        Thank you for reply back to me. You are so sweet.
        Answer your question…Yes, my friend introduced me to watch Korean drama and I love it. I love YAB so much I watched it in two days straight. Of course, I also watched another Korean dramas, beside YAB. Since I read your Blog all the times, I’m more addictive to JKS’ dramas and movies.

        P.S. I’m Lao (originally came from Laos, all of my relatives still live there)

  13. look like everyone have same feeling toward JKS…..
    i went Cri show alone, it is my 1st time go concern alone, really a big step for me, but lucky i knew some friends there…
    we all gather in this blog due to we have common interest – all are love JKS.


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