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  1. you’re right aphreal! It’s a fantastic idea. We have more than one Arabic unofficial fan club for sukkie . maybe next time we can join in ^_^

  2. agree.. if we unite we can make it happen.. I am planning to visit Korea next year, hoping that i can see JKS in closer view…
    Aphrael is there any way that we can visit also JKS just like what Japanese and Chinese eels did when they visit YMP filming site. I’m hoping that Tree-J should come up with a thought of having a travel and tour in Tree-J company plus an photograph and autograph signing with JKS for those fans who is unable to attend Cri-show and Fan-meeting just like me-(so pity).”_”.

    • Well, I cannot represent Tree-J in answering this question, so this is just what I think based on my observations and guess ^^

      I believe Tree-J will not be able to entertain individual fan requests of this nature (otherwise they will be swamped with numerous individual fans “requesting” to see JKS on all their individual respective travel dates, and Tree-J and JKS would not be able to get any work done if they accept these requests).

      The possibility of fan visits is higher if:

      – the visit request comes from organised fanclubs;

      – the proposed date range matches JKS’ schedule
      (one may want to visit JKS at his filming site, but that’s provided he’s filming some drama / movie at that time, provided the filming schedule allows it, or if he’s in Korea)

      – the visit is well-organised
      i.e. please look at all the lunch buffet, banner, gifts and various stuff that the fanclubs brought along on their visit!
      Like I said, these fans really set a very high standard!

      In addition, I think one really needs to be able to communicate with Tree-J in Korean, so interested and organised fan-groups should have a higher chance of success if they collaborate with JKS’ official fanclub Cri-J in Korea.

      Again, everything needs lots of communication, organisation and effort.
      I think individual fans can only try their luck and look for JKS if he’s there at the time of your travel date!

      • Hi carol! Not sure if u saw my earlier post today…. Would you by chance be able to get hold of Berita Harian dated 18.6.11? There was a Malay news coverage of Sukkie. If u manage to get hold of it can u fwd e article to me at farina1968@yahoo.co.uk? I wld like to translate it unless yr Bahasa Melayu is good….mine is passable only lah….

  3. Luv this awesome vid….sure our sukkie will feel touch by such devotion shown to him.
    It would be a wonderful idea to have an alliance of every country in this world as can be seen from this blog that it has really gone international. Hats up to you aphrael77 for initiating this blog and all devoted eels for their generous contribution in making us understand and love our prince even more.
    Btw anyone knows who is the singer and the title of this song?

  4. aphrael, I’m just interested in how many countries’ eels visit your site. I’m sure this is the most international JKS’ fan site in the world. So as other eels commented above, We can make a special plan which others can’t do. Just thinking of it makes me excited !!!! 🙂

    • hi everyone! ..i’m from Philippines …though i’m not commenting regularly but i’m reading Aphrael’s blog from time to time (every 30 min in between work.. hehehe) ..started liking JKS after watching HGD ….and this is really a nice blog, good job Aphrael!!! (2 thumbs up for you)

      • hi.. im from the philippines too..im not also commenting regularly here.. but i visit this blog everyday..my gosh.. my day is not complete without visiting aphrael’s blog! hehe..thank you very much aphrael.. i like JKS since in You’re beautiful drama..but im much addicted to him since i watched marry me mary..i hope he visits in my country.. 🙂

      • Hi Tina

        from where are you in the Philippines? hope not far from my place. Nice to know i have “kababayan” here….

        ….thanks again aphrael …through your blog, JKS’ International EELS unite….

      • …from Pangasinan but my husband is from Batangas …San Luis Batangas to be exact …hope to meet you someday

      • wow.. i have relatives in pangasinan at san carlos..i know san luis but i’ve never been there.. i have husband too hehe..and 1 son..but my husband is in saudi arabia he works there.. me too i hope we meet someday..how old are you? 🙂

    • Hi tenshi,

      I just went to check out the info.
      Just a note that it could be just a few visitors further down the list.

      Top 25 countries (based on how many hits or clicks on webpage by that country): Singapore, USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Britain, Hong Kong, Canada, Taiwan, Egypt, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, France, European country (??), Turkey, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Kuwait, Myanmar, Peru

      I welcome any suggestions on group project that we can do … will think about it, cos a large-scale project requires some talented people with whatever skills needed….

      By the way, did you mention before you’re not a member of JKS Japan official website?
      Then are you involved with other Japanese fansite/fanclub or forum? If you are not too busy already and if we do have a project, I’d love for you to join in!

      And of course, anyone else who wants to is most welcome! 🙂

      • aphrael, thanks for checking the TOP 25 countries!! I’m so happy to know that JKS is really famous throughout the world!!!!! 🙂

        Anyway, answering your question, I’m a official member of JKS Japan fanclub. But I don’t join any private forums or fansite formed by Japanese eels. To be honest, I’m a little overwhelmed by some eels’ craziness…. I’m sorry to say that they’re sometimes egocentric and inconsiderate of other eels. On the other hand, the eels here are all so kind and respect each other. I’m so lucky to have found your site and shared our love with you ^^

        So, if you plan to make a special event with all of us, I’d love to join you!!!!! If you need some help such as to contact Japan fanclub, please let me know. I can’t read and speak Korean, but I may contact Tree-J by them.

  5. Perhaps we can identify which country each of us is from by including our nationality on our names posted? I’m curious where each of you are from and how far this blog has reached…. Just a suggestion though 🙂

  6. Aphrael, Actually I have this idea too & commented in JKS very touched at YMP visitors …..is just one of the project i think of after KL Cri show…not sure you will agree with that !!

    • A visit will be a super massive project, something that cannot be done by just a few people. It needs an organised group ….

      On the other hand, if it’s a project, it may be easier …. we just need creative ideas…..

      • Aphrael, of course is difficult to get involves “visiting to his shooting place” or etc… My idea is more on his Cri Show, to support him thru that channel. Most of us are working hence will not able to do like Japan, Korean & Chinese eels did… But for Cri Show, as long as we turn up & support his show being mayb a co-sponsor (international fans) is GREAT enough to touvh his heart

  7. i’m from philippines and i’m an avid fan of sukkie.. almost everyday i’m reading your blog to find news about him and i’m very much happy for your effort and work done here.. i greatly appreciate this blog of yours.. i love this blog.. same as with others here too..

  8. Actually , I have been thinking of sending him a name tag necklace with his name craved on it in Arabic language + a ring inserted in the chain necklace with the words ( you’re NO 1 artist in our heart ) that was going to be from me and some other Arab fans.
    If each of us craved his name in their language it will be something nice don’t you think?

    • it would be a nice gift! ^^
      but i think you all need to explain in English that it’s his Arabic name.
      Would that be his birthday present?

      • of course we are going to explain in English that it’s his Arabic name ^_^
        And yes , we wanted to send it for his birthday in August ,but I’m not sure if we can make it because I still don’t know his address.
        I’m traveling for another country soon ( Exams T_T ) and I won’t be back here till September ( two months from now ) which leave me little time to do anything.
        The gift is set and ready , I just need the address.
        anyway , If I can’t sent it for his birthday I will sent it later for support ^_^

      • Tonight, I will email HS Media to confirm Tree-J’s address, I’ll let you know after I sent the email.
        if you don’t hear from me, it means i must have forgotten (sorry!), then please remind me again? thanks!

      • hi, I have sent the email to HS Media.
        They may be a bit slow in replying. Will let you know when there is a reply from them.

    • Cri-j, I think it’s a lovely idea to welcome him into the Arab world! But as Aphrael said, you shld accompany it w a note of explanation or maybe break down the Arabic alphabets & give the Roman equivalent 🙂

      • Glad you all think it’s nice idea ^_^ I will make sure to explain everything to him in English. ^_^

  9. Hi Aphrael, your blog has indeed become international within such a short period of time. Congratulations! I think if JKS stumbles upon this blog, he’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that he has so many international eels who simply adore and support him.

  10. Hi CRI~!
    WOW……JKS is a superstar among children too. I guess SKY IS THE LIMIT for this man.
    Love love him………

    P.S I’m Lao (originally from LAOS, currently live in US, Bay Area, California)

  11. Hi Cri~!
    I’ve read all posting and it’s really nice to know that all of you are welcoming each other…I’m so damn lucky to found your blog eventhough I will not regularly visiting this blog..so that this blogs is really infomative for me..bunchs of thanks for Aphrael and others..all of you sharing alots in here..



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