[News] JKS very touched by YMP visit by Korean, Japanese and Chinese fans

Korean, Chinese and Japanese fans of actor Jang Keun Suk paid a sincere visit to JKS at “You’re my Pet” (YMP) filming venue, which made JKS feel very touched.

On 21 June, with the arrangement of Tree-J, Korean, Chinese and Japanese fans prepared many gifts, refreshments and support for JKS, and the atmostphere was very heart-warming.

Under the lead of JKS’ official Korean fanclub Cri-J, together with “DCinsideJKS Gallery” and JangKeunSuk.net, fans visited the YMP filming site, and the heartwarming and encouraging support the fans offered made the actors and crew feel touched.

JKS’ fans provided delicious food to all the actors and crew at the filming site, and of course prepared tables, gifts that conveyed their love as well as banner and cake that conveyed their best wishes for the success of the movie.

JKS expressed his thanks to every fan who was there, which made the fans feel touched too. He greeted the Japanese fans in Japanese, and demonstrating his considerate nature, he autographed for them in Japanese too.

JKS said, “Since the movie filming started, many, many, many local and overseas fans travelled all the way to support me and encourage me, I am very touched. Because of everyone, this period of filming is full of meaning to all the movie crew. Everyone’s support makes me feel very touched. I will work harder to thank everyone.”

In YMP, JKS is taking on the role of the male lead, Momo-Kang Yunho (rough translation of name).


Chinese translation: KeunSukChina 挚爱小帅-张根硕全球中文网
翻译:蓉, 校对 / 制图:瓶子
English translation: Aphrael77


19 thoughts on “[News] JKS very touched by YMP visit by Korean, Japanese and Chinese fans”

  1. awwwwwwwww! that’s so touching T_T I wish I could be there too to show my support!
    more power to our prince JKS and his amazing eels every where!
    the whole crew is touched by what you are doing! truly amazing! An amazing person with amazing fans ^_^

    • I am one of his eels , but I’m not amazing at all! I still can’t do much …
      but you , aphreal , tenshi and carol are amazing. Thanks for keeping us updated by sacrificing a lot of you’re time. Just want you to know your efforts are truly appreciated. ^__^

      • yup..agree with you. this is the most updated blog i think..
        lots of hugs for aphrael77 who always be the best translator..(^^)

    • Hi dear All, dun feel bad if we have not done even 1/8 of the Japanese, Korean & Chinese fans…. But we can form an international fan club here too under the name of Aphrael’s blog (actually I hv this thought after the Kl Cri Show). Not sure Aphrael will agree on this project ! This will be an international fan club for Sukkie where most of us are from each different country 🙂 Should he be coming next year to KL, i thought to hv this international fan club to support his show here… Hope you all eels could participate and support not only mentally, physically but sure also “financially” lo by then!

      As I said earlier in this blog, JKS’s eels “can only look at him” as they hv spend most of their $$$, time & energy on him…. hence the results are fabulous !!!

      Why I choose KL (not bcoz of my homeground) but due to currency exchange issue & costs are definitely cheaper here… we can mk full use of the financial to support his show & mk it a great one….. JKS can speaks English (international language) quite well and this is the stop where everyone can understand his message & enjoy his show more instead of other language!!! (which some languages are alien to me & others too) Besides that, we can do tailing again hahaha!

      • Carol,

        OMG, I’m absolutely flabbergasted by the scale of your suggestion!!!
        To clarify, you’re suggesting that we set up an international fanclub??
        Are you volunteering to be President / Vice-President etc? 😀
        I don’t know whether something like this on such a big scale can be implemented or not! A lot of work!!

        I proposed the idea of setting up an official Siingapore fanclub (FC) to the group of lettuce-dance dancers.
        It’s always better to have a united FC rather than individuals, because support efforts can be concentrated and it’s a more economical way of doing things.
        And that group of fans, i think, are more passionate and active in S’pore, but I don’t know whether this idea was followed up …

        Malaysia has a very active FC.
        …. Is it really necessary to set up an international one? …
        The amount of work involved can be enormous, u know …..

        Maybe we can start with a cross-country project first, look at how much response we get and whether the first project is successful, before we attempt anything so large-scale ….

      • Aphrael, Carol is really amazing ya? ;p
        She also shared with me her amazing idea a couple of days back. And i readily agreed bcoz as long as we can show JKS our love & support to him, seriously i don’t mind joining & helping you gals with anything as long it is within my means. 🙂
        Be it an international fanclub or just a small scale fanclub, i am all for it! 🙂
        As long as it is for JKS, i will go crazy over him! hahah! Just like my name! Hohohoho! 😀

      • crazyoverJKS, thanks for yr support…. Whether my idea will be on or not doesn’t matter. But I like your JKS spirit….. be an international or small scale, u r in ! hihihi

  2. And the French fans who go corée there to see it that do not get(touch) him(it) the fans French as me who gleam sending of the presents of France (postal charges 43 euro) that does not get(touch) her(it) he would have a just day once to think of his fans outside l, Asia because he has it a lot… France, Spain, russie.nous let us let us be there we exist I t ‘ like very much all the same sukkie

    • Hi Nora,

      … … sorry, I may not understand some parts of your English well, so I just want to clarify…. Do you mean that you or some French fans went to Korea or sent presents to JKS in Korea, to his company Tree-J? And JKS did not mention or say anything about it? …. and you don’t feel happy about it? ….

      …. first, I am really happy for JKS because he really has fans in many, many countries …. please continue to support him if you like him ….

      …. second, if I may say so, I think sometimes, those of us in countries outside Japan and Korea have these feelings too ….
      I mean, we read about all those Korean and Japanese fans who are so crazy over JKS and do so many things for him, give him so many things, but he rarely talks about fans in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and as far away as Europe, USA and Middle East … I still recall, before JKS officially entered the Chinese market this year, the Chinese fans were also quite jealous / envious of the attention he’s lavishing on the Korean and Jap fans …

      We may be fans in countries far away from JKS. Because of this, we cannot do anything much for him (except maybe buy his stuff …. 😀 )
      and he may not “see” our support or even our presence … so sometimes I really wish JKS knows that he has fans in many countries worldwide who really support him …I think he’ll really be surprised at the number of countries his fans are spread all over in …. BUT, if we continue to support him (or buy his stuff …. LOL), I think he feels the strength of the support we give him … the good results for his debut single in Japan is not solely due to Japanese fans alone; it’s all of us from all over the world who bought his album from Japan too (the Chinese fans bought cartons and cartons of his albums!). Our support is reflected in his sales volume. He’ll definitely feel our support if we continue to be there for him! 🙂

      that’s why I hope JKS can go star in a Hollywood movie soon or in a few years’ time, then perhaps it will be a big boost to his career and he can visit many other countries to promote his works! Let’s stay positive… hopefully one day, fans in other countries will get to see him in person! 🙂


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