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  1. I feel so touch with his sentimental word “This stage is considered quite small but I have no idea how fun I had.. I think you guys made the show bigger”
    Aphareal agree with you, dont doubt him in any way, trust own judgement and continue support him.

  2. Thanks for the latest post been checking everyday feeling lost without any updates of JKS!

    Aphrael hope you get well soon, I m abit like you just getting a really bad sore throat 🙁

  3. omg.he is a great man. that’s why i like him ,and you aphrael i respect you so much and proud of you ,because you do what you want.thank you and good bye because in Egypt it’s my work time. I don’t want to be late bye bye ……..xoxo

  4. Aphrael, take good care & rest. Actually I’m also having body and knee aching due to long standing during the fansigning, our JKS tailing and lots of activities within short time, Sat (4/6) & Sun (5/6). Oh! beside that I’m still in the dreaming JKS mood, really miss him especially after our exclusive + final chance of seeing him went off on Sun nite. Really really miss him. However, we make it happen ….. GAMBATEH

    • Aphrael, do rest more & take care k.
      Carol, same here! My arms are aching from the extreme long hours of making sure our camera is constantly held up so that we won’t miss out any minute or any second that we might have of JKS.
      My back & my legs (from upper thigh to lower thigh to my feet & sole) are all aching like mad! From all the long standing from Sat (4/6) to Sun (5/6)!!! 2days in a row! My goodness!

      And i am missing JKS sooooooooooooo badly now!!!! Actually right after the cri-show i was already in a ‘dreamy-state’…. first thing on Sun (5/6) morning when i woke up in JWM, i was already whining and asking Aphrael & ChickenLittle where is my Star JKS! hahahaha! I am in terrible JKS withdrawal syndrome now!!! Arrrghhh…….
      Hahahaha! Someone please help me!

      • crazyoverjks, that’s why we r searching our star on sunday
        (5/6) again….finally we able to get him at B5 JWM

      • CrazyoverJKS and Carol, reading your comments really make me laugh and remember our “crazy chasing after him” experience….I am also in dreamy state since he left JWM B5……

  5. thank you so much for your update post…
    me too, i also got fever, sore throat n flu… but it’s getting better now…
    so..get well soon aphrael…!

  6. Thanks Aphrael for another informative blog about our Sukkie,,
    You take care and rest for a while,, to have enough energy for JKS..

    Regarding the issue about some people doubting JKS if he is genuine or not..
    As to what I experience in Singapore during the autograph session~ the security staff has been harsh to some eels during the autograph session even pulling the sleeves of some eels after JKS signs the poster.. JKS saw what the security is doing, he talked to his manager and asked the security to stop doing it..since i was in front i heard him say “No, no, don’t do that” then the staff including Jason went to the back and gave way to what his eels wants to do, and that is simply to hold his hands..

    He is a very passionate man,, sometimes mischievous in his own way since he is very young,, but looking at some of this mischievous acts it tends to become so funny that he becomes a child again.. We must remember that JKS started when he was 5 yrs old and during his teen years he is already acting,, and in some way it could be that his childhood was not realized fully..

    But then now,, since he is young whatever he does whether it becomes successful or he fails,, still both is a learning experience for him..it is a part of growing up…

    And since we are his eels,, we are here to support him, and still understand that he is a human being that could do the best and sometimes have pitfalls,, he is just human.. let us also support him that during his private time,, let us make him be himself, do whatever he wants to do..

    For me Aphrael,, JKS is a genuine man,, we are his loyal eels, and we can feel his passion,, right? His passion is for us his eels… ^_^

    Fighting CRI! ~ ow BTW.. no other celebrity has named his/her fans only JKS has his Eels and Cri~ ^_^

  7. thank you so much for sharing!!!! i felt like crying when i have to cancel my plan to go to the cri show in msia! it was his first and now that i know how much fun you had and how sincere he was. i’ll be sure to go to the next show! sincerely thank you very much!

  8. hi aphrael! i’m from malaysia and I have been a silent reader here for some time.. I wanted to say thank you for all your updates on JKS.. through your posts, videos and updates.. we truly appreciate JKS even more for who he is.. hope you feel better soon and glad you had a great time in KL..

  9. Thank you Apharael77! This why we love this man. Even if I haven’t meet him personally I never doubted his love & sincerity towards his fans. Hope someday I can attend one of his Fan Meets or even Lounge H and got a taste of what you have experience. 🙂

  10. Aphrael, thank you so much for your effort in trying to capture every moment of the event. Love reading your updates… felt so close to him before he came to Malaysia and was glad that I can meet him face to face and shook his hand. What I appreciate most is the video you capture during the autograph session, which I happen to be in the videos… it was so precious as I now can see clearly his expression during my conversation with him (It was so vague during auto session as it happened so fast). Hope you’ll have a good rest and thank you once again for your updates! Take Care

    • hi Winnie,

      you’re lucky! I did not video every single person, what a coincidence I got u on film!
      it must be a very precious souvenir for u! 🙂

      • Yes, very precious moment as it happen so fast. I’m the one who gave him the necklace… ;P I saw you standing at the back of the crowd recording, holding your camera high up. It must be very tiring to do that… appreciate all that you did for him and his eels… but, please do take care of yourself, okay?

      • ah…. actually I was quite surprised when JKS allowed you to put the necklace on him… all the eels squealed when u did that. so nice of him to appreciate your necklace!

      • I was trying my luck, I asked for his permission and he said “you can do anything” *faint* (lucky I did not froze when I heard him say that)…

      • Oh then I can give him mouth to mouth resuscitation? Wahahaha!!!! Girls, take heed from a married woman here…all the tricks up my sleeves…

    • OMG Winnie!!! You’re SO LUCKY!!! wah…must learn from your experiences; hmmm…wonder if I present him a pair of briefs??? Lol!!!

    • Winnie, u r really lucky coz Aphrael able to take your vid. I did ask chicken little to take pic of me frm the side but most of it being covered by the security and/or a lady (believed is RL staff) butts! When I’m up the stage, JKS greeted me 1st and sd “Hi” with a smiling face! I melted with his voice and beautiful + sexylook. I could just replied “Welcome to Msia”. He signed on the poster, but I stopped him, instead asked him to sign on my h/p. He saw my hp is Samsung brand & asked “U bought a Samsung!”…I replied “Yes, I bght this cos of U”. He laughed quite loud! Then he focused to sign on my hp coz the space is smaller than poster.

      I just can’t speak coz my mind is blank! Whatever I wanted to say, nothing came out (luckily never faint). Then I handed over my gift to him & he cont’ w the conversation & asked is it a scrapbook. Wow! Now I hv more time w him  I explained is a stamp (2 rows of M’sia stamp + a row of JKS pic stamp in b/w & framed) I up the frame for him to see & tell him the message – “hope he can be liked the stamps, able to travel (being free) and well known to the whole world too!” – of course the words came out not really as fluent coz my heartbeat was extremely fast

      He smiled & sd TQ & told me enjoy his show… ended with a hand shake. I’m so happy, just like dreaming *^o^* though didn’t get a hug frm him (my ori plan)

  11. Aphrael! Thanks for your effort in writing and translating the events of Crishow Msia! Srsly, we love this guy as he’s one very sweet and sincere guy. He love his eels very much. can see from his actions at the various cri show. its always the security that play rough on the eels when eels are trying to pass him gifts or to let suk sign on other items. However, suk always didnt mind, he gladly receive the gifts n sign on other items though the management alr say its not allowed.
    So, how can we not love this guy? he’s always trying his best to put up best performances for the eels and trying his best in his filming though its tiring. and i do not doubt him. seeing what he’ve done so far, he’s a sincere guy that does things with all his heart. ^^
    kudos to Sukkie. i really love him! 😀 hopefully one day i will be able to join you eels to his FM and see him upclose!!!

  12. this cri article made me cry..sob2, how soft this guy 2 us, doubt or no doubt jz let it go, can say terima kasih n tudung, its a gift 4 me, but 4 sure no regret n i enjoy knowing u jks!!

  13. He honours what he says….so far he has never gone back on his promise(as far as I know, which is like 9 mths since I hv followed his news)… Because of this, I hv never questioned his integrity. He’s been so gallant and he’s transparent about his faults too. That is what makes me cherish him because he makes me feel that he is real…

    • totally agreed! ^_^ I have been following him since a year ago & he always tries his best & like the song “I will promise you” (he keeps his promise each time & committed to his fans…) I especially like him being honest about making mistakes or wrong decision but he strives to learn & improve in the process…very humble & down to earth!

  14. The show was f***ing amazing! Now I understand why you didn’t stop at your first Cri Show in Singapore!!!! 🙂 His Lounge H performance was a bomb! There was so much energy from him and Big Brother, as well as from eels present! His sincere expression of his feelings & thoughts also allowed eels to see the sensitive side of him. Truly memorable event!

    Get well soon and enjoy your next Cri Show @ Shanghai!

    Btw, who was the third person he brought to stage after Jason?

  15. though am not there but I’m touch by what he said.. He’s such a great singer and actor.. all my life I never been so crazy bout it.. this is the first time.

  16. all s abt suddnly 2 u JGS..suddnly felt 2 turn on d chnnel 391 astro, 10.10pm, sudly wtch M3 on dec 2010, then sudnly saw him v rough but so atrctvely btfl! then i like, luv, crzy, suddnly digging d dvd thru shop n strymx, n suddnly crzy abt YAB, sudnly heard tht he came to mlysia, n sadly to sudden, he left b4 we met, dissapearred suddnly like eel..sad, vvv sudnly missss him much! but no regret 2 suddnly knowing him, suddly bright up my sorrw life.. thx GOD to suddnly intrdcing him 2 me..is it suddnly a dream? go3, jgs, fighting! hey suddnly now in chnel tv3 malay drama, they turnd on d still YAB instrmntl..what a shinee sudnly day! 🙂

  17. aphrael, you’re in bed now? Hope you’ll get well soon..
    Anyway, thanks for your good edited translation, I totally enjoy your Cri-Show in KL as if I were you. And I’m happy to know that his 45 short movie will be enter the film for a movie festival 🙂
    Above all, thanks for sharing ‘What JKS said before singing “My Precious”’ , I was so surprised to know that he thought just as the same as I did after seeing the photos of KL Cri-Show!!!! Just as the same as JKS said, at first I thought that the hall was rather smaller than other ones, but it reminded me of his first FM in Japan(unfortunately I didn’t attend it, just watched it on YouTube).
    As you all know, he’s become much bigger than a few months before, and this craze makes even him overwhelmed, I think…
    JKS once promised Japanese eels that he planned to be held his show this year at rather small venues in local regions of Japan because he wanted to feel close to eels… But after his decision of a tour in the provinces, the big earthquake occured in Japan, so this promise had to be broken… His fan club staff revealed recently that JKS was worried about what he might change in himself(his personality) after his big show to celebrate his debut in Japan, because the expected number of audiences is more than 20,000. But according to the staff, he did say that he wouldn’t change himself that he wanted to be close to his eels… after I read his comment, I cried a lot…
    As the same as all eels here, I will believe and love him “FOREVER”.

    • hi Tenshi,

      thanks, was really sick yesterday. couldn’t even get up from bed to take my meal and medicine.

      but am better today. still resting at home to get a complete recovery.

    • hi Tenshi-san, I live in Rome (half-Italian and half-Japanese). Because of his colorful clothing (red/pink), dyed hair and a face full of makeup, Europeans may think of him differently. European men tend to dress quite casually offwork, at work with a suit, and face with beard stubs. We love the sun and look quite tanned also. We rarely see man (like JKS) taking photos in public with that kind of image. I like JKS a lot because I think he is very special.

      • Hi-cri iceprincess, you live in Rome!? Wow, this site is very international, isn’t it? Anyway, thanks for your explanation, I see why JKS was seemed as a gay ^^ As you know, on one hand he is more beautiful than even women, on the other hand he is so sexy and manly. JKS has many faces at every moment, so it’s difficult to define what his charms are 🙂

        P.S. You can understand Japanese, Italian and English?

  18. Felt very touched by his words. Not a single doubt about his sincerity towards his eels.
    My feeling tells me he is a great guy full of passion, love, adorable and cute.
    Sukkie dont worry we eels will always support you no matter what others might
    bad mouth about you. We can feel and see your sincerity…and that matters the most to us. We will always be by your side and join you in your CRI show.
    May God Bless You with success and good health.

    • Bull’s-eye!!! Every cri was high and enjoying tremendously on that most precious Saturday nite with JKS…. i was screaming my lungs out, singing and dancing (which i have never done b4) and my throat sore till todate. Feeling satisfy being able to be there, to be with his other beloved eels to make the cri show in Malaysia a success, making our prince felt welcome and loved. Loyal Eels, pls support him and just love him as he is, a warm hearted fellow…..enjoy his presence. Why all the fuss about him being genuine or not !!!!!!

  19. i have so much to say after reading this, but after i plowed everybody’s comments, i went blank.

    all i can say now is this:
    i have not put on much effort as everybody of you here has, but in my heart, he had made a big difference in my life, and for that i will be one loyal eel forever.

      • Lol!! You are sooooo sweet! And guess what? My friend from California has mailed me a set of Warm Vanilla Sugar! Expecting it to arrive in July!

      • farina, i couldve sent u one too! let me know if u ran out ok,, im using it now, and i love walking around knowing i smell like sukkie hahahaha

      • No lah…I wouldn’t want to impose on you…next time I can order online from amazon cos that’s what my friend did 🙂 She said it was my long overdue birthday present 🙂 Thanks though, I really appreciate your thoughts 🙂

  20. Hi! Thank you for your hard work . You made me know Asian fans and their reactions and try to understand them .Now I came to respect your efforts and appreciate them. I’m astonished about what a young person have realized in quite a short time .I wish he’ll be healthy and lucky to fulfill his dream. He’s really amazing! Thank you again.See you!


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