10 thoughts on “Malaysia Cri Show / Press Con – video 1”

    • there is nothing new in the article – everything has been mentioned in other articles or videos….so I won’t be translating

      • aphrael77, hope u are fully recovered by now as I really need to salute u as u are already not feeling well & still do the translation for these videos…please take care too! ^_^ anyway, THANKS for all the sharing as I always love your personal fan account along with the other eel fans here..very dedicated & sometimes I really hope I can join you all too!!! (too bad I have other commitment..)

      • thanks, am feeling much better today except for some occasional dizziness… was terrible yesterday. Couldn’t even get out of bed to take my meals and medicine … 🙂

  1. Suk ah, take care yourself and save your energy because you need more and more energy to catch your future. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to tell him what to do in his life. I just worry about him.

  2. @1968 : Don’t get upset about these remarks! I have come across these rumours and normally I just ignore these kinds of remarks. Our JKS is a real guy. The topic itself ……. is NOT gay. Sometimes crazy uncivilised people are out of jealousy and nothing else to do. So, we will ignore it and never mentioned about it anymore, okay.
    After all, our JKS has a girlfriend before and now, no. He is eager to get married like other youngster, too.

    • Hi Danielle! Sukkie will be so happy to hv such passionate eels who defend him on any negative remarks 🙂 Don’t worry, I’ve never thought that he is gay. He has his own fashion sense and it’s just his luck he’s born too pretty… I’m proud of him and I would still be his eel no matter what his sexual orientation is. Just love him unconditionally 🙂

      • Bravo!!! To both of you. Way to go. All of us just adore him…his voice, talent, dressing, oh just EVERYTHING……… Most importantly give our no. 1 idol our endless and unconditional support. Thats what he needs.

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