[30 Apr 2011] Hong Kong FM – Mysterious gift & stage

Credits: cri-p @ Sina
Now, I absolutely regret not going to the Hong Kong fan-meeting. The package consisting of the various priced tickets and benefits actually varies from country to country. Hong Kong’s price package includes a mysterious gift for VIP ticket-holders, and it is a set of 4 photo cards!!

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Even the stage is better than Singapore’s!

24 thoughts on “[30 Apr 2011] Hong Kong FM – Mysterious gift & stage”

  1. Ya, same here…. Regret not going…. If JKS has Asia tour next year in hk, may be we can arrange and go together….

    • Hi Chicken Little, you went for the Spore FM?
      At least all of u gals here went…. i’m worst off! I didn’t attend the SG FM, only saw JKS (for free) at Marina Square…. but am at a super far distance away cos i didn’t get any tickets as i don’t have friends to go with me. Sob…… 🙁

      I only got to know Aphrael’s blog recently after the FM and i am feeling so regretful that i didn’t get to know this blog earlier!!! If not i would have made some new friends here to go together!! Arghhhhhh!! 🙁 Boo Boo Boo!

      Now i really hope JKS will continue to have his Asia Tour next year so that i can join some of you gals here! *cross fingers, cross toes, cross hair, cross eyes*….. cross everything! hahahaha!

      • @ crazyoverJKS, after u cross yourself in so many places, i’m sure we’ll get to have another FM in Singapore next year! * winks *

      • Hahahaa!!! Aphrael, yaloh must cross whatever i can think of.
        This year i was too late in knowing you gals….. that’s why now i must pray hard that he will still hold his FM Asia tour next year so that i can join you all! 🙂

      • hahaha. crossing over the entire body!! you’re so funny crazyoverjks! hope he comes back in SG next year. will definitely attend! even if it is in a small auditorium, I would still prefer it! just hope we get autograph tickets this time. 🙂

  2. Omg…really envy HK. Was d price more expensive than Spore? Got extra postcards. Anybody know about KL Cri FM? Any mysterious gift?

    • More expensive, I think. VIP ticket at HK$1,285 and normal ticket at HK$585.

      No mystery gift for KL, but I think everyone gets a poster.
      Yay! one more poster to my collection ^^

      • Aphrael HK not that expensive either upon conversion to RM. Is around d same price also. As someone sd,is not fair. R u sure KL will only hv d standard things? As what i mentioned just now (in another updd)go HK next yr. …Since their organiser seems very much better. Agreed? Start saving $$$$

      • YES!! I want to go to his next Hong Kong FM, definitely!!!

        haha, Macau one too! I haven’t been to Macau yet.
        I didn’t like travelling in the past, but if JKS has Asia Tour, World Tour, I wanna globe-trot too! XD

      • Me 3!!! Can I join u gals? 🙂
        *I’m so going to b teased by my colleague whom I teased (before knowing suk) abt going round the world to her k-idol concert/events, talk abt pot calling kettle black now LOL*

    • Gabrielle, i think his performance will be better…. cos with the huge number of fans there, the loud cheers & screams, the super high atmosphere, i think JKS will be super high & even more willing to perform better.

      Geeeeeeeee…………… i think i am really damn jealous! Am i not right in the mind or what???? 🙁

  3. don’t worry…next time Sukkie should be having his FM at the indoor stadium or at the convention centre (at Marina Sands or Sentosa Resort World) right? ^_^ I will regret if I miss his Cri-Show in S’pore this time as I didn’t know about him much one year ago when he was here in early 2010, my sis & I enjoy the Cri-show here & feel that we might have problem attending future Sukkie’s FM if he becomes so popular like in Japan whereby the tickets are sold out within 5 min on sales online…I think I will have problem getting the ticket then…

  4. I soo envy all who attended the show..i really wish next year, i can be able to see him in person too!! :3 and hopefully gain more friends there too.. thanks aphrael for always updating your blog! I really love reading each post hee.. :3


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