[30 April 2011] Autograph & photo-taking session in Hong Kong

Credits: cri-p, KeunSukChina and as tagged
Actually, the programme for almost every stop in the Asia Tour should be about the same, with the autograph and photo-taking sessions happening in each country. The only point of note is that JKS always has a warm smile for every fan … we never get tired of seeing his smile, and always hungry for his every facial expression ….

Some pics below,

JKS hugs child …

Wondering what fan said to JKS to cause such a response from him …

JKS should supposedly only sign on the poster provided, but some fans took the chance to ask him to sign on the album instead, which he did.

7 thoughts on “[30 April 2011] Autograph & photo-taking session in Hong Kong”

  1. camera loves his looks so much…
    maybe a fan asked him something about lovelife?????????
    that’s why he made such facial expression…
    but anyhow…still he’s totally adorable…^_^

  2. Ahhhhhh……….. he’s wearing black suit today!!! Nice!!!!! (^_*)
    And that little boy is so lucky to be hugged by JKS! hehee!

  3. can’t wait for the news of what will happen in HK tonight! so envious of other people cause i’m not there. bet they are so excited lining up to enter. wonder what would be the difference with that in SG? waah.

  4. Read from news, the little boy gave lollipop to JKS and JKS gave the little boy hug hug and took photo with him. So envy the little boy ……


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