[30 Apr 2011] Hong Kong FM – in progress Part 1

Credits: cherryplanet @ Sina

I am now torturing myself imagining what it would be like if I were at the Hong Kong FM experiencing JKS’ stage charisma and the sheer pleasure of seeing him and listening to him live, instead of sitting at home and refreshing the website for his FM updates …. T.T

Ah!!!! JKS reveals news that he is planning to have a fan-meeting in Macau next year!!

I want to go!!!! Someone, save me!

For more pics,

Looks like a much bigger venue!

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    • … …. is anyone thinking of going to Taiwan FM?

      Tickets sell out very fast in Taiwan, but I’ll try my luck to buy ticket online … if anyone is interested to go with me, let me know!

    • Sat 25 June.

      IF (a big IF) I’m super lucky to get a ticket, I will plan to go on Fri 24 Jun and fly back on Sun 26 Jun.
      of cos, we don’t need to synchronise our flights ….

      • When will the ticket start to sell? I have some leave to clear by end of June….so can consider to go Taiwan for short holiday and attend his show there…..My hubby is going to say I am crazy liao…..

  1. after going for Sukkie’s CRI show in S’pore, I understand why the eel fans follow him around to other FMs also… we really cannot have enough of him as he is really “addictive” oh dear….LOL.. I really want to join all of you but due to my work, I can’t commit the schedule this time…

  2. No fair!!! The screen in Hong Kong is much clearer and brighter than the one in Singapore!!! The stage is brighter and bigger too!!!!!!!! No fair!!! 🙁

    • sigh …. i can only say that although University Cultural Centre looks grand …. the stage is not really a good performing stage.
      so many people have commented it looks more like a school stage 🙁

    • Wow!! The FM in Hong Kong really look like some professional concert!
      The stage, the lights, the screen etc etc etc….. really look like some concert loh!
      And look at the number fans!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!
      Really envy all these HK fans! >.<

  3. I would hv like to follow sukkie around the world too! If not for the $ & time contraints booo 😐 must say Taiwan sounds very attractive–sukkie & food galore! Hehe

  4. aphrael77, I have a few vids to share with you & the rest in this blog (some u might have seen before)…I really miss Sukkie after his Cri-show & these vids will serve as a “therapy” (the term my buddy, number1eel used…) aphrael77, i was hesitant to share vid#5 – #7 initiatlly bec of the reason given on why camera is not allowed for Cri-show & i really didn’t bring my camera & take any picture that day, just like u…but as u also mentioned, somehow we can see vids on Youtube of the Cri-show later which is why vid#5 to #7 appeared… this will serve 2 purpose for eels “miss Sukkie’s therapy” & “eager to attend more Sukkie’s FMs”LOL… anyway, sweet memories for eels..
    (1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuCzzY2vkEw&feature=related
    (2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuCzzY2vkEw&feature=autoplay&list=ULfMGASEdlbNY&index=16&playnext=1
    (3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb4jrmxR6Vo&feature=player_embedded
    (4) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSCDAFXDvIo&feature=player_embedded
    (5) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viU5h5rjm3s&NR=1
    (6) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wemUz7y2Pzs&NR=1
    (7) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwhtRBuR3cQ&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

  5. Aphrael i think u really need to resign frm yr current work & b full time JKS’s fan follower. Ah! If not join HS Media, better still with income & get close to him… I thums up to u coz i won’t able to do that. My work & family. … u know la my home minister will stranggle me by then. After spore,kl & now taiwan. Hope u can get d ticket 🙂 By d way yr boss knows where u go during yr leave….chasing after yr shinning star

    • ya…. i totally agree with you …. i want to follow JKS full-time! …. the only thing that’s keeping me in my job is the $$$ so that I can go chase Sukkie …. 😀

      * daydreams * maybe after a few years of learning Korean, I can go and be Sukkie’s Korean-English-Chinese translator …. HAHA ……

      eh, i cannot let my boss or my office know 🙁
      not appropriate where my office culture is concerned ….

      • Actually I am admiring your current job, don’t mention income level, but at least between your work you have time to trace JKS’ news, seems no difficulty to get leave, and support you travel expenses, so try to content yourself with 2 to 3 FM a year. We promise to love him forever, that’s why we need to keep our job, our income to support our Prince!

        When I saw the video in Hong Kong airport, Suk was much happy in Singapore, and received more polite treatment, that’s why I believe Singapore will be always one of his stop.

        Do’t you appreciate we sat so close to him during FM? With Taiwan so big population, there’s high chance much far away to him although VIP ticket.

        Try to enjoy your Malaysia FM! A lot of chance will wait for you.

      • Yes, learning Korean. Still at the basic, basic stage. It’ll really take a few years to be fully conversational

      • i started out with a class at Cambridge, but the tutor is not very good.
        then a friend recommended her one-to-one tutor to me (he can do small group tutoring too), he’s really good!
        And he’s good in English, and can use English to explain well!

        but at the first lesson, I realised that the teaching materials he uses are the same as what Cambridge uses…. so for the 1st couple of lessons, I had to repeat what I already know.
        I took it as reinforcement and also for the tutor to know my standard. One-to-one tuition is really better, cos I get undivided attention, get to practise speaking more and I learn at my own pace …..

        best thing is, rate is affordable!
        $160 for four 1.5 hr lessons …..

      • Same here, I am also having one-to-one tuition (also 1.5 hr per session). Will we having the same tutor??? Are you using material from Seoul National University Language Institute?

  6. Aphrael i agreed HK stage is really like concert. Mayb they hv many hall for their sibgers concert,so more professional. I’m worried now dun know KLCc hall will turn out like spore effects as u mention….coz i only can attend KL lol!

  7. So envy. Wish could go HK for the concert too. Too bad my trip’s week later.. Anyway, saw some blogs, the photos they posted were real awesome, clear and handsome. And he looked so stressfree with all smiles on his face. Think he’s totally enjoying his every moment on stage 

  8. waah we all totally think alike! so addicted! can’t really get enough of him. you really think guys it was so good in HK? well, at least we saw him closer in SG.. I think. haha. Does going to Taiwan needs visa? would like to go too!!! Maybe I can go there instead in KL. I thought it was in JUne 28?

    • Nope, it’s Saturday 25 June.

      I’ve been to Taiwan once and didn’t need any visa.
      Let’s wait for ticketing details update!

      • aphrael, pls update us… maybe my work schedule could allow me to go there! thank you so much! 🙂

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