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Hong Kong news, 30 April – Korean star Jang Keun Suk is in Hong Kong recently to prepare for his “2011 Jang Keun Suk The Cri Show HK” to be held tonight. Yesterday, JKS appeared at Kwun Tong for promotion and attracted 800 fans who were there to catch a glimpse of their idol. JKS was very friendly, smiling and waving at fans and blowing them kisses, which made fans scream. During the ice-breaking ceremony, he was mischievous and smashed the ice to bits.

“2011 Jang Keun Suk The Cri Show HK” will be held tonight at Hong Kong International Trade and Conventional Centre. JKS was in Hong Kong two days ago for preparation and promotion, and attended the press conference yesterday at apm Kwun Tong, which attracted 800 fans in support of their idol. In a gray suit and with his hair dyed gold, screams erupted the moment Jang Keun Suk appeared. He greeted fans in Cantonese and also waved at fans on the second and third floor.


The organisers arranged an ice-breaking ceremony for JKS and his agent company to signify his entry to the Chinese market. At first, JKS hit the ice gently and nothing happened. The next second, the ‘A’ in “Asia” fell over and gave him a little scare. It then evoked his playfulness and he hit the other letters off to the floor, even including small bits of ice and thus successfully concluding the ceremony. When he received the new iPad2 given by his company’s senior management, JKS cried out in surprise. Fans prepared a cake for JKS, who executed the same pose as his mini-figurine on the cake for the media to take photographs. In addition, JKS secretly put a letter from the cake into his mouth but maybe because it did not taste nice, so he put it back on the cake again after two licks. It was quite funny. Fans had also contributed HK$15,000 to Red Cross, which made him very touched.


This is JKS’ third time to Hong Kong. He said that last year, due to fans’ extreme enthusiasm, he could only stay in the hotel and not go out sight-seeing, so he hopes that he can see Hong Kong’s night scenery. But he has already had a taste of his favourite dishes. In mid-April, he had officially signed an exclusive contract with HS Media and on Wed 27 April, he has released his single album “Let me cry” which sold 16,000 copies on its first day and surpassed Girls Generation’s new album to top Oricon sales chart that day. JKS said, “Very happy about the good results, and thanks very much to fans’ support. I hope to have more development in the Greater China region.”

The transformation from an actor to a singer has made JKS feel excited and nervous. He feels that being a singer is a big challenge. When asked what message he has for Hong Kong fans, JKS said with a laugh that he always received much warm support from fans when he comes to Hong Kong, and he feels excited when he hears fans call his name. JKS said that tonight is not only a fans meeting, and there will be many special performances but he refuses to divulge more. Fans will have to come for the performance to find out. He will also sing his new song “Let me cry”. The entire press conference lasted 20 minutes and before JKS left, he told fans in English, “Bye bye, see you tomorrow.”

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北京时间4月30日消息,据香港文汇报报道,韩星张根硕日前来港准备今晚举行的《2011张根硕THE CRI SHOW HK》演唱会,他昨天在观塘宣传,吸引八百名Fans到场一睹偶像风采。张根硕非常亲民,不时微笑向Fans挥手,又三度送飞吻,令Fans不停尖叫。他进行破冰仪式时,更把冰雕敲个粉碎,十分顽皮。

《2011张根硕THE CRI SHOW HK》在今晚在九龙湾国际展贸中心汇星举行,张根硕前晚来港准备兼宣传,并于昨天在观塘apm举行发布会,吸引八百多名Fans前来支持偶像。穿着灰色西装、染了金发的张根硕一出场,即惹来Fans尖叫连连,他以广东话向Fans打招呼,他笑说:“大家好,香港,大家好。”又向第二、三层的Fans挥手,非常识做。




这次是张根硕第三次来香港,他笑称去年都有来港开歌迷见面会,但由于Fans太过热情,他只能留在酒店,没有到处游玩,希望这次能看到香港的夜景,但就已经吃过了最喜欢的菠菜。他在四月中正式签约大中华独家经理人公司,并于本周三在日本首先推出第一张个人小碟《Let Me Cry》,碟第一天已卖出16万张,更力压少女时代的新碟夺得Oricon小碟当天排行榜榜首。他称:“很开心成绩很好,非常感谢Fans的支持,希望以后能在大中华地区多些发展。”

从演员转型做歌手,张根硕觉得既兴奋又紧张,觉得做歌手是个很大的挑战。问到他有甚么话想对香港Fans说?他笑称每次来港都得到Fans热情的支持,每次听到Fans叫他的名字都觉得很兴奋,又说今晚的音乐会并非只是Fans meeting,会有很多特别的演出,却不肯透露是什么,只叫Fans进场欣赏,但表示将会首次现场表演其新歌《Let Me Cry》。整个记者会历时约二十分钟,张根硕离开时也不忘以英文和Fans说:“Bye bye,see you tomorrow。”

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  1. He look so nice in this grey suit, so much better than what he wore in Spore. ;p
    Hmmmm…… just feeling curious, aphrael did he give Spore fans any special performances too?

    • no, not really. just that at the SG FM, we were the first to hear him sing “Let me cry” and first to see his pics from his Jplus official photo-book.
      i wonder what surprises he has in store for HKG FM

      • Yup, i am so curious too….. wonder what he has in store for them!
        Seems like the HK event organizer really did a lot of things for him hor…. even their cake look so nice & huge!
        And that ipad2 is really very generous loh! @.@

  2. Regretted that I have not fly over and attend his hk show since we have long weekend. At the same time, I can go shopping over there. Who knows, may be I will bump into our prince when he goes for shopping there ^^

  3. All Singaporean fans do you guys think that he doesn’t really like Singapore fans as much as his other fans from other countries? Please give me a reply on how you feel. Thanks 😀

    • Hi Gabrielle, you feel this way too?
      Actually i sort of have this thinking & feeling as well. Cos from all the videos, photos, news, internet etc etc etc (and also last year Asia Tour pics)…. it seems like JKS is enjoying himself much more in other countries. (based on his facial expression lah) ;p
      But i might be wrong, cos this is just my personal opinions.

      I so much hope that he like Spore fans and knows that we are actually very supportive of him all these while.
      And i hope he knows that Spore is just a tiny dot on the globe, our population is soooooooooo small as compared to the rest of the Asia countries he is visiting.

      Also Spore fans are more shy, more gentle, more polite, more tame and more afraid to hurt/disturb JKS. Hence, we create less ‘OOHs & WOWs’ here. Hehehe! ;p

      In short, our population is really too small lah. And i think it wouldn’t be fair if he compares the degree of support we have for him vs the other countries.
      Cos we really really like him a lot and really support him a lot!! Am i right gals??? ;p
      I believe in terms of support and dedication, we are no where lesser as compared to the rest of the eels in other countries!

      • Hi QQeyes007, thanks for sharing this video. 🙂
        Wow!! So happy to see JKS smiling so happily. The eels really put in a lot of effort for JKS, hope JKS still remembers them and the efforts put in.
        See! We Spore fans are very supportive as well. Hope JKS will remember us Spore and love Spore fans too! ;p

  4. 你好,我是巴西人,我喜歡 JKS,我對他所做的一切都非常支持,我的夢想是在我的國家巴西參加 JKS 表演,他會來嗎? 我對這個夢想沒有多大希望。 我愛你 JKS 謝謝你用我的語言說我愛你


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