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    • yes please.. ^^
      i only had links to dwl for channel v taiwan (taiwan show), usually in bthliang.com/sugoideas
      but china show….i gave up…. where should i find those….? *cry-cry
      apharael, you’re the only hope….. *grin grin

  1. Hi Aphrael,
    I happened to chance upon your website when i was searching for news on JKS – my idol! Hehehe! ;p
    I really really like him alot! What a multi-talented guy he is! And he is really super handsome, charming, mesmerizing, irresistible, handsome, gorgeous, cute, funny….. etc etc etc….. too many to list!! ;p

    I know i am a bit late because i only get to know about him when i was watching the drama You’re Beautiful last year. And from then now, i went to search for all his dramas and movies! hehee!
    Really love all his shows! Superb actor with amazing voice for singer too!

    I think now i am going crazy over JKS! Everyday i must read news about him, know what he is doing, where he is, etc etc…. =)

    I managed to see him in real person at Singapore FM at Marina Square, but was at a far distance away because i didn’t buy any tickets. Main reason being i was alone and have no friends to accompany me to chase after JKS! hahaha!
    But now i think i have found fans that are like me! Lone ranger in chasing after JKS! hahaha!

    Hope i can make some new friends here and also with you Aphrael. =)
    And just wanna say, your blog is wonderful and you really done a great job in updating it so promptly! Thanks! =)

    Btw, besides this blog do you have any facebook account that has JKS news too? ;p

    • crazyoverJKS your so cute I only just watched Your Beautiful early March 2011 and then I found out that he was having a FM in Singapore so I went and really enjoy the show ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wow crazyoverJKS, you should have gone to the FM and all. I too was at both venues alone, think Aphrael knew that, hehe. My hubby and friends all were shocked to hear me attend both events and say I’m quite crazyutter I’m not the sort to attend FM and what more alone. Still I enjoyed myself throughout, mesmerized by his singing, dancing to the songs…. I too hope to meet new friends and can
      go as a group, and probably really have fun ‘chasing’ him the next te he comes to S’pore

    • Aiyahhhh Rong!! Me so wasted hor??
      I really should have known you all earlier! Feeling so lousy now! Booooo! ๐Ÿ™

      Rong, guess what! Same here! Actually Iโ€™m also not a person that will like an actor/singer so much one leh!
      This is the first time an actor got me feeling so crazy all over him! Hahaha!
      And I think JKS will be my one & only man that will really make me go chasing after him! Hahaha! Oh no I sound crazy here! >.<

      But I think I have to wait 1more year before I can see him here lehโ€ฆ. sad sad sad!

      Errrrโ€ฆ. Ask all of you, how to get to know you girls here har? Only through this webpage or can join some fb fan page?
      I already joined a fewโ€ฆ. But not sure if you gals are inside. ;p

      • I dont knw anyone here i have just been following aphrael77 blog since last month and its pretty much up to date… only getting to knw the others nowish!

      • jetstar07, at least you know about aphrael77 blog earlier than me. Hehehe!
        But it’s really nice to know you gals here. =)

      • yup if only you knew earlier than you could of join us at the Singapore FM rocking with JKS ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yaloh, but nevermind, i must think positively!
        If there is another FM next year in Spore, do include me!
        I wanna join you gals! hehehe!

    • Welcome crazyoverJKS, I discover You’re beautiful last year too (while in CHina in August) and though I didn’t understand a single word I knew this drama was good and I had to watch it; and JGS stood out I had to know WHO was that guy!

      I’ve watched MMM and now I’m watching Hong Gil Dong!


      • Hello sweety! And thanks for welcoming me! hehehe! =)
        Yup, i have got to agree with you that JGS really stood out in that show.
        And yes, you must watch his shows! Vey nice. ;p
        I have watched Hwang Jin yi, Hong Gil Dong, Beethoven Virus, Baby & I, The Case of Itaewon Homicide and MMM! Niceeeee!! ;p

  2. Hello jetstar07, hehehe! Yup, i am sooooo addicted to JKS! ;p

    Wow! You went to see him perform in University Cultural Centre? *envy*
    I didn’t buy tickets for both events because i was alone, don’t have any friends to chase JKS with me. Hope i can start to make new friends now. =)

    • ah… what a pity… we could have arranged to meet there… JKS is simply fantastic!!
      Eye candy to look at too … ^^

      • crazyoverJKS yup when i found out he was going to have the FM in Singapore and i knew it was going to be in english i spoke to my husband and said i was going to Singapore whether he was coming or not and i would of been going alone. you should of come i was pretty sure alot of people went alone!

        totally agree aphrael77 beautiful, sexy and handsome eye candy my husband kept rolling his eyes everytime i was screaming for JKS ๐Ÿ™‚ a pity i couldnt catch a cab straight after the show coz we were also planning to go and eat chilli crab at Jumbo too aphrael77 did you go there after the show?

      • Ya, it is really a pity for me. ๐Ÿ™
        Feeling so sad now because I should have known you girls earlier! Arghhh! Wasted leh. Sob sob!

        jetstar07, oh where were you from? Wah, you travel all the way here to Spore to see JKS? *salute leh* Hehehe!

        And horโ€ฆ. Tell you girls somethingโ€ฆ. Pssssโ€ฆ. fyi, Iโ€™m also married but I donโ€™t think my husband will follow me to see his performance loh. Hahaha! (^o^)
        He say very embarrassing for a man to chase after idols! Even though he like JKS too! Hahaha!
        Thatโ€™s why he kept asking me to go find other girls to go with me. Booooโ€ฆ..

      • crazyoverJKS I live in Melbourne Australia yup I went to Singapore to see JKS actually my husband was the one who introduce me to Your Beautiful so now he keeps on telling me that he created a monster ๐Ÿ™‚

        if my husband wasnt coming to Singapore i would of try to get in touch with Aphrael77… actually at the FM i was stussing out the sign but didnt see it until it was on the big screen.

        i dont think i can make it to the KL CRI show (will they be translating into Malaysian? or English?)

      • Oooh wow! You flew all the way from Melbourne to Spore! ๐Ÿ™‚
        And your husband must be regretting now. Hehehe! ;p
        My husband also bought me a few of his dramas and even download his old old movies from the internet.
        And now he say I have got another husband! Hahaha! ^o^

        Hmmmm, I guess the KL Cri show should be in English too right? Cause Malaysia also speaks English, Mandarin, Malay etcโ€ฆ Multi language country like Spore.

      • yup I flew all the way from Melbourne Australia actually my husband had a great time coz he got a holiday out of it! my husband calls Park Si Hoo my second husband and JKS my toyboy LOL

        hmmm if its in English… i might reconsider?!?!?!

      • Hi Maslinda, ya how i wish i knew you gals earlier. What a pity JKS FM in Spore is over and i didn’t get to attend it because i can’t find anyone to go with me. ๐Ÿ™
        But am glad that now i found you all & especially Aphrael’s blog!
        At least now i get updated news about him. Hehe! ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Okie will add u in fb later. See ya!

  3. CrazyoverJKS, it’s a pity we could all hv met! I made new friends from Japan, Msia and Indonesia as well as Spore too. Anybody going to KL Cri show?

    FYI, the audience encompass people from all ages, I spotted a granny of perhaps 60? I saw a Caucasion couple too and yes there were men! I was tickled when I saw a man among the 30 pple taking pix wz JKS at Marina sq. He didnt look local though ๐Ÿ™‚

    • F1968, yaloh! So pity right??? Am feeling so wasted now! Arghhhโ€ฆ.. ๐Ÿ™
      I just know about this KL show, it is in June right? But tickets are already on sale. And worst is my passport expire liao! Less than 6mths!
      Got to renew it asap! You going?

      Wow! Got granny & ang moh too!! JKS really can attract everybody & anybody in this universe leh!!! He is even better than honey loh! Hahaha!
      That man is brave! Hehehe! But hope he is โ€˜straightโ€™ though! ;p

  4. OMG its so funny that most of us a married and addicted to JKS… are we all older than him? coz i heard he likes older women although no so sure about married women lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    • jetstar07 – Hahaha! Guess what! Great mind think alike! =)
      I was also thinking to myself how come all of us gals are all married! hahaha! And we are so crazy over JKS! Hahaha!
      Yup, i also read that he prefer older woman! ;p
      I think he mentioned before he like girls with long hair, nice neck, slim legs, love music etc etc…. oh ya! And wear short skirts! hahaha!

  5. Lollll!!!!! Dream away girls…err…ahjummas..rofl!!

    Once I read abt his mention tt he’s MOST SENSITIVE at the neck! My mind immediately went to a ‘certain’ mode…. No wonder he kept emphasizing that he loves girls wz beautiful necklines, he’s got his own agenda eh?

    And I don’t care, I absolutely REFUSE to accept tt he’s not straight! I won’t won’t won’t!!!

  6. Haha if u all view in YouTube where he was at his 2010 sg Asia tour autograph session at IMM (the day it rained like mad!), in his banter with the 2 guy DJs from radio 100.3 fm, there is one part JKS said after jokingly asked one DJ to ‘kiss his a**’ & when all fans created an uproar (in a nice way), JKS quickly said ‘no worries, just kidding, I’m not a gay, I’m a straight!’ haha that part was quite hilarious & his confirmation made this ajuma (me) very happy ^^

  7. @ crazyoverJKS, …. most of us are crazy over him ^^
    If you wish to, I can email you my FB link

    I don’t think Malaysia Cri Show will have translators to translate into Malay (cos a lot of fans are Chinese) or translate into Chinese (because some fans are Malay), and JKS knows English, so it is possible that English will be used (no guarantee though….) Why not ask Rhythm Land?

    • aphrael77 are you on fb as well? I think I follow you on that too can you send me the link? just in case i am not already?

      i dont need to knw 100% but if you do and i have time i might pop by Malaysia

      also why does JKS come up as Jang Geun Suk? is it K or G?

    • Can you add me on FB? My FB name (real name hehe) Arba’ayah abdullah. Welcome to whoever else interested in befriending me too :)) looking fwd to sharing more zany n witty remarks from everybody!

  8. apharael77, are you the one holding the board with blinking lights which was shown on the projector? I was hoping to see you to congratulate you for this wonderful website that we’ve all been checking out everyday after work hoping for news about jks. you must know, im your fan! haha. thanks so much! ๐Ÿ˜€
    gals, he is so addicting! sometimes I don’t want to work! haha. can’t get enough of him. I was hoping I could attend the cri show in malaysia and much hoping to have an autograph session but only in my dreams yet. so lucky the girls who got VVIP tickets! I hope I can be allowed to have vacation leave again that date! Can’t get enough of him! ๐Ÿ™

  9. Hi, guys, I just knocked off from work, seems no way to catch up his news. Due to our Prince said his price is most expensive, I have to work hard to buy his premium product.

    Pls share your video here! Thanks a lot!

  10. Hi everyone. I’m not exceptional too. Best part is i get to know him during my mc coz operation. All this while i never watch korean drama though my cousins did for last few yrs. I dedicated my time at work & home. Ah! again another ahjumah join in. I watch YAB 1st frm tv in Jan tis yr. Coz so excited i ask my hubby to buy dvd & chased till d end. My hubby & daughters also sd i’m crazy now w JKS. Actually i admit that quietly. He mk me feel young, just hv all kinds of feeling on him. Just dun know why. Besides my hubby & 2 girls, he is d 4th person i must c….of coz not real person lo! But thru my computer screen saver & aphrael blog. I think i’m crazy too till my working place also noticed that. Same as some of u,i’m lone ranger too. I’ve bought VVIP ticket & going alone. Btw i’m in kl. Hope cos of session w him. OMG i hv starts to day dreaming what to do at that moment:-)). Now i know i’m not alone w this crazy feeling & i’m normal. Is true my hubby created a monster & a competitor for him,ha..ha..How old am l. Look at my name:-)

      • Carol lol u make me smile ๐Ÿ™‚ ur not crazy ur normal…

        I m only a few years older than JKS

      • omg carol!! you are so lucky to get a VVIP ticket! so envious of you! you should definitely be excited!!! you will get to shake hands with him and look into his eyes! just have that moment and I will be okay. hehe. that’s my dream. ๐Ÿ™ unfortunately, i only was able to got into the photopass in SG and there was no time for him to look into everyone. haha. I was hoping to buy at least VIP tickets to KL but not sure yet how since i am kinda late and from another country. ๐Ÿ™ waah. it would be fun!! excited excited for you! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Iceyelo,actually i’m not intend to shake hand only but to give him a warm hug…really need the guts to do it la! As Aphrael, he will do it if i request. Hope he won’t reject me;-) If u by VIP ticket,u will end up taking photo also….Hope to c u singapore crazy JKS fans here. Welcome u all:-))

  11. certified jks nuts here. barely one month of discovering jks, marathon watching of M3, YAB, baby and i, doremifasolasido, IMC, beethoven virus….argh! i seriously need a breather. but here i am, checking your site so many times a day. so sad, wasn’t able to see jks last weekend, saw his sched on his last day here and it’s good friday and black sabbath for us catholics. so many church activities. crap! off to hgd now….hubby’s getting mad. lol!

    • Hello wap! hahaha…. there are really alot of ahjummas here hor? ;p
      All going gaga over our precious Prince JKS! hehehe!

      • I practically nodded off after he died…. after that I just kept fast fwdg the drama. Am watching HGD now and also fast fwd those scenes without Sukkie in it

      • I also cried for JKS, coz he was not Yung SuRi choice even being a prince at last & take good k of her. Instead died w Hong Gil Dong. Very emotional type yo!

  12. Wooww… never thought reading comments would be this fun… well gotta salute u all ahjummas,and since iโ€™m not married yet,i just gonna call my self a JKS Noonas :p

  13. u all rocks! i usually know JKS fans are teenage, but when i read all comments i realize that i’m not alone hahaha..Nice 2 know u “girls”.. Yes we are JKS Nonaas n ahjumaas.. ^^ Thanks God, JKS really2 makes my days, oh i can’t imagine how was my days before i knew JKS, since i hv kid n resign from my job i totally hv my days at home, so bored.. Now JKS lift me up, this is the real me.. So sad i can’t attended FM in SG. And i can’t go to KL too ’cause my passport expired.. ๐Ÿ™

    • hi ie2!

      actually I’ve come across more noonas and ahjummas than teenaged girls ^^

      i can’t imagine life without him too!

      • actually, don’t worry about age as I saw a thread in Baidusukbar china that the Chinese eel fans joked that Sukkie ๅคงๅฐ้€šๅƒ!^_^ which means he attracted from children to grandma.. Like my mum is his fan too! LOL..I think now many male eel fans too as they like his music n acting too, I saw many besides me when I was at marina square ^_^

  14. lol! ๐Ÿ™‚ all ajumas here are making friends and the common denominator is JKS.. count me in in ajumas group.. hahaha..

    • Oh god, if all of us are to go by our names to reflect the year we r born, I must say you must be ‘harameonni’ (not sure if it’s correct term or spelling for grandmother) lol! Just joking ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I really want to go to Malaysia! but my friend decided not to go anymore because of some family matters. waah. ‘m afraid I might be lost in KL, right carol? waah. I wanted to see him again. ๐Ÿ™

    • Iceyelo, r u frm s’pore? Then u can joint Aphrael group. Dun worry getting lost in KL. Cap is cheap here…… as long as you can get the ticket & stay somehwhere near town, like Aphrael – Berjaya Time Square.

      • No. I’m not from SG. ๐Ÿ™ I don’t have anyone to go with me. I’m from the Phils. This is actually just a rush decision so I was not prepared and all for a place to stay. ๐Ÿ™ Ok. Il check, then I”ll just ask help for directions from you. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • so sad, I won’t be able to make it in KL. I’m not sure now when and where next can I be. Carol, share your 1-on-1 experience, oki! ๐Ÿ™‚ shanghai is last right? but it’s a lot bigger population, prob more difficult in to acquire tickets? miss him so. :Q

      • iceyelo, definitely will share w you all….. very exciting even now. BTW did you chk w Rhythm Land or you can’t come due to your working schedule

      • carol, its both. i wanted to go with at least a vip ticket but its not available anymore. i hope I can go to one more of his FM or any something with him this year. ๐Ÿ™

  16. @carol, i first noticed jks at hwang jini, but that time he was way too young. lol! it’s like being in the work force and then eyeing a boy from sec school. lol! luckily i watched M3 first than YAB, coz at YAB, it’s like being in the work force and eyeing somebody in his jc or poly….at least in M3 i feel like that we’re both in the working force, it’s a free for all, and age won’t matter. i don’t mind being an ajumma as long as he won’t call me halmuni if i have the chance to see and talk to him. hahaha! call me nuts, but that’s the way it is for me. if i have watched YAB first maybe i’m not as crazy as i am now at jks. can’t help but get my daily dose of jks news here in this site since this is the only english site that’s comprehensive enough, may be not as thourough as the jap or korean site. but this is free! lol! thanks to aphrael and other contributors ๐Ÿ˜€ i may not be as dedicated as them, but i promise to read/visit this site often!

    i really wish i can go to KL, so crappy i missed his SG visit. he’s almost within my reach and i missed it. but the KL visit will be the weekend of my son’s bday and we’re planning a party for him. if i have nothing to do on that weekend i don’t mind a road trip to KL since it’s just 4 hrs away from SG… and it would be nice to meet you ladies of jks ๐Ÿ˜€ maybe someday.

    • Is OK then, even though we are crazy on our shinning STAR, JKS, you still have to put your family as priority 1st. If not your home minister will get mad……. then in trouble, lo! By then can’t even go to his future FM anymore….. V are just his FANs, is ok to just watch him from far far away…….. like Go Min Nam said in YAB :0

  17. โ€ฆ.reading all your comments, felt like I belong. Iโ€™m not alone (โ€œAhjummaโ€) going crazy over JKS.

    โ€ฆ.i envy you all to the experiences you have with him during those FM, photo/autograph session, and other JKSโ€™ activities. Like Go Mi Nam say โ€œHe is my STAR Iโ€™ll be watching from afarโ€ unless he will visit Philippines (wishing and crossing my fingersโ€ฆ)

    โ€ฆ.thanks to you Aphrael, I can reach JKS through your blog.

    ….to all Ahjummas, fighting!!!!!

  18. โ€ฆ.reading all your comments, felt like I really belong. Iโ€™m not alone (โ€œahjummaโ€) going crazy over JKS โ€ฆI envy you all to the experiences you have with JKS during those FM, photo/autograph session and other JKSโ€™ activities. Just like Go Mi Nam and Carol70 say, โ€œJKS is the STAR Iโ€™ll be watching from afarโ€. Unless, he will visit here in the Philippines (wishing and crossing my fingers).
    โ€ฆ.thanks to you Aphrael, I can reach JKS through your blog. 2 thumbs up to youโ€ฆ.
    โ€ฆ.to all Ahjummas, fighting!!!!!


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